Story of Black Breeding Wife After Husband Gets Vasectomy

Story of Black Breeding Wife After Husband Gets Vasectomy is a short story of how a Beta Male husband became Forced cuckold watching wife with BBC.

Just a Snip

Walking with her husband to the hospital, Kay was smiling at him. After two kids, he was worried financially, the problem of getting his wife pregnant, and since her last pregnancy, she found that taking her birth control pills made her sick. He loved her so much that it made sense when she suggested a vasectomy and made all the arrangements.
Walking in, she got her phone out.

“Wait, wait, wait!” she said excitedly and got her phone out.
“We need to record this and take some selfies!” She stopped him in front of the clinic, posing with him for a selfie and switching it to her video.

Story of Black Breeding Wife After Husband Gets Vasectomy
Story of Black Breeding Wife After Husband Gets Vasectomy

“Hey, I’m here with hubby!” she said. “He’s getting the snip!” she made scissor-like actions.
“Is that really necessary?” he asked.
“Of course, honey. It’s a moment. And we need to share all these moments!”

Jeff was sat up in bed; slowly, the numbing sensation was returning to his balls, and little discomfort as Kay walked around the corner. She rushed over, kissing him madly and staring down at the covers. She got her phone out again, looking around she smiled.

“Can I see it?” she bit her lip holding her phone up.
“What you want to film, my dick?” he asked.
“Of course!”
Jeff pulled the covers back, and Kay stared at his dick, seeing it a little swollen and red. He was never that big a dick, but it looked so small now.
“Ahhh, honey, look at your little dick!” she squealed, taking pictures.

Somehow his work colleagues knew when he returned after a couple of weeks. He had sympathy cards on his desk, a ring cushion on his chair. He took it in good spirit; His boss was Tyrone, a fit hunk of a black man who welcomed him back, chuckling at the cards and slapping him on the back. He picked his picture up of his sexy-looking wife smiling.
“You know your wife shared it on the company website?”

“Shared what?” Jeff asked. Tyrone gave him the snip signal and smiled. Jeff looked around his office and wondered how many had seen him get a vasectomy. He logged on to the website and watched the film his wife had downloaded, telling them all her little dick husband had had the snip and showing him in all his glory. Jeff cringed at seeing it.

It had been three months, and Jeff noticed a new post on the company website. He clicked on it and found she had downloaded his sperm report confirming him sterile with a picture of her with a packet of his small condoms and the caption ‘Don’t need these anymore, yey!’. He noticed how many views it had, several hundred almost the entire company.

Changes After Vasectomy

Jeff made love to his wife that night; with no condoms, she felt amazing, Her tight pussy squeezing him, he dumped a huge load inside her, but she didn’t cum herself. Their lovemaking went down from several times a week, to once a week. Jeff was having a boner one night, and Kay turned to him smiling.

“Look, honey!” she smiled, placing her hand on his.
“Your an amazing husband and father, and I do love you it’s just, well!”
“Well, what?” he looked worried.
“Honey”, she sighed “, You’re just not doing it for me in the bedroom!” Jeff visibly watched the relief across her face when she said it when she confessed to not being turned on by him anymore.
“It’s not you, it’s me, and ever since you got the snip, then something changed, and it’s not the same!”
“But you suggested it?” he said.
Kay could see the worry and disappointment across his face.
“I know, I know, honey. It may be, only temporary”, she added, smiling, reassuring him and leaving him horny hard.

Over the coming weeks, Jeff noticed a change in Kay. She started dressing differently, buying low-cut tops leaving the buttons undone so you could see her cleavage more. Tighter jeans, wearing heels more often, she seemed happy, so that pleased Jeff.

However, he soon discovered the source of her happiness was her new best friend, Tyrone’s glamourous wife, Giselle. A blonde trophy wife with a killer figure. Jeff found her a little dull. He came home one afternoon to the sound of laughter and giggling. Walking in, Giselle was there, an empty bottle of wine and on the big screen pictures of Jeff’s vasectomy.

Story of Black Breeding Wife After Husband Gets Vasectomy 2
Story of Black Breeding Wife After Husband Gets Vasectomy

Convincing for Cuckoldry

“Hey”, he smiled.
“Hi, Jeff,” said Giselle smiling and stretching her long leg out “ I was just finding out more of your little op!” she giggled. Kay burst into laughter.
“Hey honey, ” she blew him a kiss “, There’s more wine in the kitchen!” Jeff grabbed some wine and a bite to eat. Giselle walked in.

“Kay and I have been talking!” she said, pouring the last of the wine. “Well, sharing mostly.” she walked over to Jeff placing her hand on his arm.
“You love your wife, but she’s not happy, but I have a solution!” she rubbed his arm reassuringly. “It will benefit you both, and you do want your wife to be happy?”

“Well, of course!” said Jeff, not sure what she was thinking.
“That’s good!” she smiled. Her eyes were glinting at something.
“Oh, looks like we are out of wine, be a dear and go and get some!”

It wasn’t a request. Jeff drove down the road, grabbing some bottles from the chiller; he’d only been half an hour at the most. When he returned, his boss’s big SUV was sat on the drive, and Jeff had to park on the road. He walked in carrying the bottles to find Tyrone sat; Kay was next to him, her hand resting on his thigh.

“Hey, what’s going on?” he looked at the three of them. Then, his wife stared at him with that look on her face he’d seen before. Giselle stood up; Tyrone ignored him, looking at Kay.
“Why don’t we get those bottles opened?” she smiled, grabbing his arm and leading him into the kitchen.
“What’s going on?”

“You know I can make Kay happy; well, Tyrone is going to make your wife very happy!” smiled Giselle looking over her shoulder. Jeff could see Kay laughing; her leg was now on top of Tyrone’s thigh.
“You do want Kay to be happy?”
“Of course!” he said, looking at the way she was giggling over Tyrone and the flush over her face as he whispered in her ear.

“Then, this is what is going to happen. You can either stay and watch or leave!” she pointed to his own front door.
Giselle leveled her eyes at Jeff. Her stern look made him realize that whatever was going to happen was going to happen. He poured the wine.

“So what’s it going to be, Jeff?” she looked right at him, hand on hip.
“I’ll stay!” he said softly.
“Good boy,” she smiled, tapping his cheek with her hand “, Now come and sit down!”

The First Cuckolding Session

Jeff walked back into the lounge behind Giselle, nodding to Kay and Tyrone, watching Jeff sit in the chair as Giselle sat next to her husband’s other hand on his thigh. He turned, kissing his wife. Tyrone looked across at Jeff and smirked, seeing him sit meekly, wondering what was going on. He grinned, gave a small chuckle, and turned his attention to Kay. He leaned in Kay’s head, tilted, and he began kissing her; Giselle smiled; she looked at Jeff smirking, placing her hand on top of Kays and dragging it over Tyrone’s obvious cock. He heard his wife moan her tiny hand, squeezing the huge outline in his pants.

Jeff stared in disbelief.
“What did I tell you?” said Giselle smiling at Kay.
“Oh God, he feels huge!” Kay stared down at her hand, fondling him. Giselle giggled unfastened him, tugging the zipper down, and then glancing back at Jeff, she pulled her husband’s huge black cock out.

“Holy fuck!” gasped Kay staring at it. Her eyes were wide, her mouth open. His black cock, erect and hard.
“Touch his cock, go ahead!” said Giselle placing Kay’s hand on his bare rigid dick.
“Oh my God, I’ve never felt anything like it. It’s fucking huge!”

Jeff stared too, watching his wife fondle his boss’s black dick. It was huge, sticking straight up easily double his own length and thick. Giselle kissed her husband and stood up, walking around the back of Jeff, watching them. Tyrone whispered something into her ear. She looked at him, shocked.

“I don’t know if I can get that monster in my mouth!” said Kay.
Tyrone chuckled.
“Sure you can!” he smiled, pushing Kay’s head down to his cock. She offered no resistance, opening her mouth and devoured the head with a moan. Jeff was stunned; her mouth bulged. She had never sucked his cock like that. Her lips wrapped themselves around that dark shaft and gobbled it; the small moans of satisfaction and delight filled the room.
“Listen to that, moan!” said Giselle into the ear of Jeff. “I bet you never made her moan like that!”

Kay sucked more of Tyrone’s cock as he pushed her head down, licking and slurping. Small little moans of lust escaped mixed with the wet sounds.
“There you go, suck my dick!” said Tyrone. He held her head and suddenly fucked her mouth with hard fast thrusts. Giselle walked back to her husband, kissing him, her hand caressing Kay’s body.
“Does she feel good, baby?” smiled Giselle, “I told you I’d get her to fuck you!” Jeff squirmed uncomfortably, but his cock didn’t lie; his little boner was showing.

“Let’s see what she’s got?” smiled Giselle, her hands, caressing her ass before her fingers held her thin pants and ripped them open, revealing his wife’s exposed pussy as she squealed. Giselle caressed her pussy, her manicured fingers playing with it.

“Ohh baby, her pussy is going to feel so good!” she smiled.
“Oh my God!” gasped Kay and sucked Tyrone again.
Giselle unzipped her top, pushing her naked breasts into her husband’s mouth, making him suck her nipples.

“Oh yeah, I’m so turned on watching you!” she said, gasping, his mouth sucking her nipples hard.
Tyrone lifted Kay off his cock, telling her to turn around facing Jeff, smirking at him. She did as she was told. His big black hand pressed down on her back so she would lift her sexy ass in the air. He rubbed his cock up and down her wet married hole. Jeff had a perfect view, watching the aroused glaze in his wife’s eyes as Tyrone’s bare erect cock rubbed up and down her unprotected pussy. She wiggled, arching her back, finding the entrance. Tyrone pushed her back, making her impale herself on his black dick.

Her eyes widened as she let out a long gasp.
“Ahhhhh, fuck it so fucking big!” shouted Kay pressing herself back against him. His cock was splitting her open, filling her insides, making her cry out and moan. She stared open-mouthed at Jeff and smiled as her body trembled.
“Oh, honey, he’s so much bigger than you; he feels amazing!”
She gasped again as he slid deeper, letting out little squeals of joy as he began thrusting. She reached out her hand, Jeff held it.

“Thank you for letting me fuck a big dick, arghhhh; I need it!”
Kay’s pussy throbbed and flooded around his black cock. She looked between her legs, seeing the contrast of black skin fucking her white pussy, stretching her out. It wasn’t really a choice he gave consent to. Giselle slipped to the back of Jeff watching her husband fuck her.

“Doesn’t she look good with his cock inside her?” she whispered in his ear. “You wish you could make her sound like that?”
After fucking her pussy for a few minutes, Tyrone pulled out, his cock glistening with her juices and looking even bigger.
“Clean my cock up?” he demanded.
Kay scurried around, slurping his cock clean. Jeff could see her pussy soaked, gaping slightly. His hand was rubbing his hard-on.
“Get your cock out?” smirked Giselle. “That’s it; pull it out?”

Jeff unzipped himself, letting his little six inches spring upwards into his stroking hand. Giselle wrapped her own hand around his, her large tits pressing against his shoulder, making him stroke faster. Tyrone grabbed Kay’s hair holding her head in place as he suddenly thrust upwards fucking her mouth, pistoning his black dick in and out, making her gargle and moan. Jeff looked worried; seeing his wife’s face turn red, he pulled her mouth off him. She gasped and coughed, the air spit running down her chin.

“Oh fuck Yesss!” she breathed, smiling. “Use me!”
Jeff couldn’t believe the words from her mouth.
Tyrone smirked, looking at Jeff, and slammed his cock in her mouth again.
“Oh yeah, baby, she’s a natural cocksucker!” said Giselle laughing. He fucked her face for several minutes, enjoying dominating both her and Jeff.

Tyrone moved her over on her back, lifting her legs and spreading them wide. Kay looked down, seeing his huge dick swinging near her pussy; it turned her on so much, knowing she was going to be fucked by that enormous cock.
“Fuck me, fuck me, please!” she moaned.
Tyrone held his cock to her hole again and, holding himself with his locked arms, shoved his black dick into her tight white pussy.

There was nothing he liked more than hearing a married slut moaning on his black dick. Her head rolled back over the edge of the cushions looking at Jeff moaning out loudly as he watched her getting her pussy stretched out.
“Ahhhhh fuck!”

Giselle went back to her husband; her hands were caressing his body, kissing him before she grabbed Kay’s breasts, pulling her top down, revealing her naked hard nipples. Giselle smiled and devoured Kay’s right nipple. Sucking and licking it.

“Oh GOD!” said Kay seeing Giselle’s mouth pleasure her body.
Kay’s body flooded with emotions and arousal.
“Oh, God. I’m cumming!” she shouted. Tyrone fucked her pussy. Jeff watched his wife cum, her eyes closed and her body shaking, moaning loudly. He didn’t stop fucking her. Giselle lifted her head smiling and kissing her husband passionately.

Story of Black Breeding Wife After Husband Gets Vasectomy - Orgasms
Story of Black Breeding Wife After Husband Gets Vasectomy – Orgasms

“Can I lick her pussy?” she asked excitedly.
Tyrone chuckled pulled out, pushing his wife’s head down to Kay’s wet pussy.
“Oh fuck!” gasped Kay reaching her hand out to Jeff, gripping it tighter as Giselle slurped at her pussy.
“You like that?” said Giselle smiling at her. “You like my tongue licking your pussy?”
“Oh God, yes!” moaned Kay.
“You like women?”

“You are…ah, you’re my first!” gasped Kay making Giselle lick her more. Tyrone got behind his wife and started fucking her as she licked Kay. Jeff was pleased, but it didn’t last long. He shoved himself back into Kay with the help of Giselle, who aimed his black cock into her. His thrusts were harder this time, and more hurried. Jeff began to panic a little, watching her get pounded by his bare black cock glistening in and out of her his wife’s pussy.
“Maybe you should cum in her mouth?” Jeff spoke up.

“His cock feels so good!” shouted Kay.
Tyrone had no intention not to fuck her pussy.
“But, but honey, he’s fucking you bare!” said Jeff, concerned.
“He can fuck me anytime; I don’t care, just give it to me!” she screamed, moaning hard.

Tyrone looked at Jeff and smiled as Giselle whispered in his ear.
“Maybe I should pull out?” he said, still thrusting.
“Don’t you fucking dare!” said Kay locking her legs behind his back.
“But Kay!” said Jeff, concerned and worried.

“Tell Tyrone to fuck me, Jeff?” said Kay snapping a look at him, her face serious. He had stopped stroking his cock, but it was still hard. He looked down at Kay and back at Tyrone’s cock inside her.
“Do it, tell him?” she hissed at him.
“Fuck her, please!” he asked, his head down.
“Louder?” screamed Kay.
“Fuck her, please!” he said clearly.

Tyrone chuckled and thrust deeper and harder, sliding his big dick almost all inside her. Kay squealed, panting with every thrust.
“You gonna cum for me, baby?” said Giselle, her fingers jammed in her own pussy, “Cum in that tight fertile pussy!”
Tyrone grunted harder, struggling to hold back. Jeff heard her words; he stared mesmerized at the scene before him.
“That’s it cum in her, she wants it, dump your seed in her!”

Tyrone looked down at Kay; gripping her hips, he pushed his cock deeper.
“You want my cum, huh?” he grunted.
“Oh fuck, yes, give it to me!”

Kay squealed her eyes wide as he pushed one last time and held inside her; his cock was deep in her cervix, pressing against her womb. She didn’t care; he was going to dump his load inside her. He was making her cum, so many times she lost count. His grunts got louder until, arching his back, he roared. His body flexed.
“Fuckkkkk!” Kay moaned. Her mind went blank; the only thing that mattered was cumming as he dumped his load inside her. His cock went off like a fire hose, spurting his black cum filling her pussy with a huge load. Shuddering between them as she took his cum.

Story of Black Breeding Wife After Husband Gets Vasectomy - Cum
Story of Black Breeding Wife After Husband Gets Vasectomy – Cum

The Second Round

He pulled out slowly, still cumming, spurts topping her up until he popped out and splattered her married hole with his last dribbles. Kay was hearing words but hadn’t realized it was from her lips, gasping, moaning, telling him to cum.
Jeff looked at his wife’s stretched hole, covered in cum and oozing out of her. She was so fertile and easily got pregnant. His face was ashen and yet he was so aroused.

They hadn’t finished with his wife. Giselle sucked her husband clean and knew he would be still hard. She shuffled on the sofa as Tyrone turned Kay over, her face into Giselle’s pussy as he got behind her again. She held her head, pushing her down to her own pussy before nodding to Tyrone. He grinned, getting behind Kay, stroking his cock up and down her pussy.

“OOHHH, GOD!” Kay’s head shot up, her eyes wide. She felt Tyrone’s cock pushing at her tight ass. She’d only done it once a few years back, and here he was shoving his enormous cock in her tight hole.
“ArGHHHHH fuck !” she squealed and felt the head of Tyrone’s cock pop inside. Giselle pulled her face down, muffling her cries and screams as she got fucked in the ass. Jeff couldn’t believe it.

After a few minutes, her cries turned into moans, and then he could see her pushing back against his invading cock. The noises coming from her mouth he had never heard. Giselle was moaning, the room full of gasps and sounds. Tyrone was grunting, sweat across his forehead as he fucked Kay.
“Oh, God, I’m cumming!” screamed Kay.
Tyrone shook again and, with a contorted grunt, dumped his second load of cum in Jeff’s wife’s ass.

Cleanup Duty

When Kay finally calmed down from her orgasm, her holes still throbbing as she held her hands between her legs, she looked across at Jeff. His trousers were covered in his own cum. His mind raced, thinking of her pregnant by Tyrone, thinking of what work would be like. Her pregnant pictures were posted online, everyone knowing it wasn’t his. Kay smiled, thinking the same thoughts; she knew she was going to fuck him more and make sure.
Giselle grinned and crooked her finger at Jeff.

“Clean up time?” she laughed and pointed at his wife’s messy cum filled pussy and ass as she rolled over, displaying herself.
Jeff didn’t move. Giselle walked to him, grabbed his ear, and dragged him towards her pushing his face down into her gooey mess.

“Clean it!” she smirked.
Jeff stared up into the eyes of his wife and then hesitantly licked her pussy. Oh god, the taste was so strong. Kay giggled, feeling his tongue, and she grabbed the back of his head, shoving him face-first into her cummy mess and laughing.

“Oh, that’s it. Eat me out!”
Giselle smiled. She leaned over, kissing Kay, devouring her mouth and laughing at her husband’s efforts.
“Give Tyrone another hour, he’ll be ready to fuck that fertile hole again?” she said grinning.
Kay couldn’t wait.