What Is Soft Cuckolding / Safe Cuckolding? How To Do?

What Is Soft Cuckolding / Safe Cuckolding? How To Do? This article includes the definition, ways to do, and benefits of doing cuckolding without the physical cheating part.

Soft Cuckolding / Safe Cuckolding
Soft Cuckolding / Safe Cuckolding

What Is Soft Cuckolding / Safe Cuckolding?

Soft Cuckolding / Safe Cuckolding is basically doing hotwifing without sex. It is the naughty actions of a wannabe hotwife (wife or girlfriend) with other men without going further to the physical actions of having sex. These are something that you may agree with as a couple and should not be mistaken as cheating.

If you and your partner are aroused by cuckolding as a fantasy but feel you are not ready for her to have sex with somebody else then soft cuckolding or safe cuckolding is the best way to check your feelings. You can also use these to just fulfill your fantasies and do not need to go any further. This is your relationship and there is no should or must in continuing further even if the potential men want you to.

It is important that you have a deep understanding of each other, how you feel and why you want this. Rushing into it can hurt your relationship. Also, you need to keep in mind that cuckolding may make your sex life better but it is not a solution to fix your relationship if you have problems.

That is why I recommend reading “Why do some men want to become a Cuckold?” so both of you have a better understanding of the male part first.

How To Do Soft Cuckolding / Safe Cuckolding?

It is important that both of you get comfortable with the cuckolding idea. Start small and work your way up as you get comfortable. Watch some porn together that has a scenario you’re interested in (not too out there, start with something like a threesome, no Humiliation, etc.) You can check some of the soft videos on our video section of the website.

Read some erotic stories about hotwives, light cuckolding, etc. Find some you like that aren’t too extreme and read them together. You can check some of the stories on our website.

Erotic Stories

After you read about some stories or maybe check some Hotwife/Cuckold Captions, you can create your own fantasies. It is important that you can feel safe together and share your dirty fantasies that you haven’t done it yet. So start dirty talking together about the kinds of scenarios that excite you and fantasize together about it.

Don’t forget that it is important that you do not pressure each other about the fantasies. Respect each other and let it flow among you.

You can start doing this during your sex sessions together. Include a dildo so there are two “cocks” involved when you’re fucking and talking dirty. This can be helpful if you are fantasizing about something like sharing her with another man to have a threesome.

Stories About Her Ex

One of the best ways to help your wife or girlfriend to get warm to the idea of sleeping with others is to ask and listen to her sexy stories about past lovers or one-night stands.

She needs to see that you are comfortable with the idea and this is one of the best ways to show because it is something that really happened.

For most cuckolds pillow talk about her ex-boyfriend’s massive cock being significantly bigger is often all it takes to get them hard. However, it is important to know how much he is into Erotic Verbal Humiliation before you start.

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Cuckold Roleplay

Sometimes things can get stale for us all in the bedroom but sometimes all that is needed is a little pick me up, something to get you both excited again, and something to make you both tingle between the legs.

Roleplay together; go to a bar separately and pretend that you’re not her husband. Pick her up, have her talk about being married and how her husband likes it when she fucks other men, etc. You play the part of the “Bull“.

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Hotwife Masturbation Technique

Encourage her to masturbate while you observe only. She should learn to enjoy sexual pleasure without physical contact with her husband. Whisper softly to her how much you love and support her. You enjoy seeing her become sexually aroused. She’s beautiful and sensual.

Then start masturbating as you watch your wife. Tell her how much it excites you to see her receive pleasure and how much you love her, no matter what.

As her cuckold husband, cum whenever you want. You should become accustomed to ejaculation separate from your wife. Tell her when you cum in your hand, so she knows how excited you are.
She will learn her orgasm(s) are not related to you. With training, she will have multiple orgasms. Her sexual pleasure will not require her husband.

Your dedication and affection will make her orgasms more intense and fulfilling. She will cum harder knowing you are pleased with her actions.
While your wife masturbates, put on videos of women enjoying sex with various men. Audio is very important. She needs to hear their pleasure. Make sure the videos that you choose are not extreme for her and they should be in a way that women can enjoy it and not particularly from a man’s perspective.

She may be reluctant at first. Be patient and persistent, and make sure she knows you love her and cherish her. You want to expand your love for her.
Ask her to imagine she is masturbating in front of another man. Perhaps, someone, she may desire such neighbor guy who stops by to help on a project. When he walks by the bedroom she is accidentally seen playing with herself. He may masturbate to her or go further.

Use these types of pretend or make-believe scenarios to get your wife excited about the idea of another man in the bedroom. Find out which kind of stories turn her on the most and have fun with them. Also, make sure that she can involve and continue some parts of the story.

If you continue these masturbating sessions together with stories, eventually her inhibitions will start to unlock. There is a point where her arousal will make her willing to listen to erotic suggestions.
Have her imagine a nude massage from a handsome young man. She should feel safe even with an imaginary guy and should feel attracted to him. You know your wife the best so you will choose the point to continue the story further.

You can continue the story with oil on her skin and his fingers inside her. If she is willing to go further she can imagine herself eagerly wrapping her lips around his perfect cock and sucking it.
Next, tell your wife to picture her imaginary lover. Reassure your wife that you approve of another man touching her. You want her to experience pleasure from him.

Bigger and Better Cocks

Buy her a dildo larger than your penis. She needs to be penetrated by a penis bigger than her husband’s stretching, filling her in a new exciting way. She needs to understand the possibilities out there. At least at first, she needs to imagine that.

This will be excellent practice for her, so she can begin to accommodate the larger size of her upcoming partners when she has sex with them. She deserves to know what it’s like to experience a truly large penis.
She will appreciate your selfless love and realize that you are giving her the gift of fantasy lovers because of how much you care for her.

Share Her Photos & Videos Online

One of the techniques for soft cuckolding with no harm and cheating is sharing her sexy or naked photos and videos online. In this way, you can enjoy yourself together as other men comment or rate your sexy wife/girlfriend. The feeling that your wife/GF is desired by other men is one of the best ways for a Cuck Wannabe to feel his cuckold tendencies. And it is a great way for a hotwife wannabe who doesn’t want to cheat for now to see how much she is wanted by other men and what they want to do to her.

On the cuckold club Fanvue page you can follow it for free and message and request that you want to share her photos and videos. I can provide some captions or whatever you want to write about her. Then, you can watch and enjoy as other men comment about her or rate how hot she is.

Flirting Online

Start talking/flirting with some guys online, although let them know that this is just an online fantasy for now and may never lead to anything in person. She can then experiment with the types of men the world has to offer and she can see what it’s like to sext and send nudes to strangers.

One of the ways is to post sexy photos of your wife online (no face showing). Stand behind her while she reads the comments and fingers herself. Jack off while you watch her become aroused. She will learn other men desire her too.

You can check a list of online platforms that you can use for this purpose here: The Best Dating Websites for Cuckold Couples and Bulls 2021

Flirting on Cam

Set up a webcam and let your wife have cam sex with a few random men without ever meeting them and all whilst being in your own home. This will allow you to try cuckolding without having to commit to anything in real life. It will also give your wife a chance to play with the idea of being watched.

You could also take some hot pictures of your wife (don’t include her face or any defining features like tattoos) and submit them to a rate my wife page, have guys tell you what they would do to her, and see how the feedback makes you both feel.

You can check a list of online platforms that you can use for this purpose here: The Best Cam Sites and Using Them for Your Fetishes

Get The Hotwife Vibe

Even if you are not going to actually do hotwifing/cuckolding, you can experience the vibe of it by her wearing sexy more revealing clothes and getting the attention of other men. You may not even do anything about their attention but just receiving it will be enough to turn on both of you if you are into this kind of lifestyle.

You can talk to each other about how further you want to go.

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Flirting Face to Face

Go separately to a bar and let her flirt with some guys while you’re having a drink across the room. Have some limits for how far you’ll let this go.

You can even plan this beforehand and have some sex about it even before starting it. And make sure to have sex or at least a handjob afterward.

Fake Cuckolding Experience

This is one of the most extreme versions of Soft Cuckolding techniques. You need to be careful and as a wannabe hotwife and know your husband/boyfriend well before you do this.

Fake cuckolding experience is a mindfuck story about a cuckolding experience that she had with another man. But she should make it so perfectly believable and she will never reveal whether she actually did it or not. This is a way of getting the cuckold/hotwife experience without having to deal with the baggage afterward.

However, be aware that this does not have baggage for you with another man but your partner might become believable and even if you say that you lied before, he may think that you are lying to him about being a fake story. He might think you cheated and you are just covering up. This can cause trauma in him or in your relationship. You can always use a safeword in your roleplaying fantasies. And, as I mentioned before knowing him well and understanding how much he actually wants a cuckold experience is important.

You can use this with a guy who REALLY wants to become your cuckold and you don’t have the energy to do it. You can invent a pseudo-polyamorous relationship (i.e. pretend that you are seeing one or more other men).

cuckolds often need interaction throughout the day. Sometimes you can text your Cuck Wannabe while you are waiting for your Starbucks order suggesting there is a crazy hot guy who is hitting on me. He’ll ask lots of questions and you can easily understand that he’s getting turned on. It isn’t hard at all to keep a cuckold hot and bothered.

Even some actual hotwives can find it helpful to create the illusion of cuckolding sometimes. Since you may not have the desire or energy at that time. And keeping a bull on the side might not always be possible for some.

Here you can check this fake story that you can use next time: The Fake Cuckold Experience Story of a Real Wife

If you are really into soft cuckolding, then let us help you with Personalized Erotic Caption Stories for You. You can join Fanvue and request a free one for yourself. Read the details to know how it works.

Further Soft Cuckolding / Safe Cuckolding Ideas

If you’re comfortable and enjoying it then keep ramping it up at whatever pace you’re comfortable with.

We already shared a list of “50 Challenges for Non-Cheating Hotwife” in which you can have many detailed things you can do as a couple and add more spice to your relationship. Make sure to check them out.

For further reading about “How to be a Hotwife without Cheating?” you can check our previous article.

By: Adam Mc Amen