The Fake Cuckold Experience Story of a Real Wife

The Fake Cuckold Experience Story of a Real Wife is a story of how a woman can make her Cuck Wannabe husband feel like a real Cuckold.

Warning for Beginners

This is a story about a little Cuckold mindfuck I did to my husband that people mind find interesting (and maybe want to try at home for yourselves!). A way of getting the cuckold/hotwife experience without having to deal with the baggage afterward. (Bear in mind, I wouldn’t do any of this without consent to mindfuck (or at least knowing your partner very well), because I could imagine this causing some trauma if done to the wrong person. And always use a safeword!).

The Fake Cuckold Experience Story of a Real Wife
The Fake Cuckold Experience Story of a Real Wife

The Fake Cuckold Experience Story of a Real Wife

My husband and I have been doing occasional little Femdom style sessions for over a year. I know my husband had a bit of a fantasy about cuckolding, though neither of us had any real inclination to actually make it happen for real (sometimes, the fantasy is more interesting than the real-world reality). He’s probably a little more into the fantasy than I am. So, a few times during these sessions, I’ve gradually introduced elements of this fantasy into our play.

It started with simple things such as telling him about past sexual encounters with other guys whilst giving him a handjob, tying him up, and making him help choose an outfit for a “date” I was going to go on that night. There was one time that I even left the house to go on this “date” (I just went to the beach and watched the sunset). The more real I made it seem, the more of a thrill he got out of it.

However, in the most recent incorporation of this fantasy into our play, I decided I want to ramp it up. To really make it feel real, and to give him an experience he would never forget.

Fake Cuckolding Experience with Real Proofs

Now, because I’d faked him out quite a few times with this fantasy already, I expected him to not believe me again, so this time I’d done a bit of prep first. For starters, I created a fake Facebook profile of a guy, with pictures and even added a few friends. I even bought a second mobile number/sim card for this guy (mainly because the Facebook kind of forced me to). Then, I created a fake conversation between him and myself and tried to make it look as organic as possible. I even included dick pics that he’d sent me (just random dick pics I found online). This would be my “proof”.

We started our session in the usual way (tied him up, teased, and edged him a bit). That’s when I dropped the bombshell that tonight I was turning fantasy into reality. And, I told him that this time, the guy would be coming to our place. I got my husband to pick out my sexy outfit for this encounter. I think at this point he still thought I was bluffing and was playing along. So that’s when I brought out my phone and showed him photos, messages, and the dick pics he’d been sending me. Suddenly, it all became a lot more real. He begged and pleaded with me not to go through with it (though he never said the safe word!). Instead, I teased him some more with descriptions of what I’d do to the guy.

Creating More Excitement

When it came time for this guy to “arrive”, I told my husband I wouldn’t do it in front of him, instead I’d do it in the lounge room. I set up the tv in the bedroom with some porn videos and put a pair of headphones on his head, so he’d have something to watch whilst I was off with my lover (and so he couldn’t hear anything I was doing, only imagine), and left him tied up. I left the room and hung out in the lounge room, keeping my ear out just in case he decided to shout the safeword and needed to be untied.

When I decided it was about time to return, I hopped on the treadmill for a minute to build up a little bit of sweat and lubed up liberally to try and simulate a creampie. (I didn’t know until afterward that it’s possible to buy fake cum from sex shops, so if I’d known that I would have tried some of that too, but the lube did the trick because I wasn’t going to let him see anyway.) I then went back and rode my husband giving him Sloppy-Seconds whilst describing how much better this other guy was.

Sloppy Seconds and Aftercare

Once my husband came, I came clean on the whole ruse. This was the first time I’d actually mindfucked him so hard that he actually thought it was happening at the moment. We did our normal aftercare ritual and now have an experience we both will never forget.

I don’t have plans to ever turn this fantasy into reality, though I’m not really sure how I can make it any more real aside from hiring an actor to pretend with me or something. Whilst we’ll probably try the fantasy again (my husband certainly wants to) unless I come up with ideas this is probably as far as I could take it.

Sorry, it was half idea for people to try and half a story of my experience. But it might be an idea someone may want to try one day, especially us gals if they want to spring it on their man!

Source: Reddit Goddess Jenny

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