69 Tips Of How To Please Your Cuckold

69 Tips Of How To Please Your Cuckold is a comprehensive list for Hotwives and Mistresses full of Humiliation and other things to keep him tingle inside.

69 Tips Of How To Please Your Cuckold
69 Tips Of How To Please Your Cuckold

Teasing and Humiliation

  1. Regularly make comments to your husband about other men you find attractive.
  2. Remind your husband that you prefer larger dicks during sex.
  3. Tell your husband about things your lover/s do better sexually.
  4. Tell your husband whenever you have thoughts of sex with someone else.
  5. Have your husband watch as you prepare yourself to go out looking for other men, or on a date.
  6. Shave your pussy and tell your husband it’s because another man asked you to.
  7. Have your husband bathe you, shave your legs and pussy, or pick out clothes, jewelry and perfume to get you ready for your dates.

Getting Hotwife Attention

  1. Get a discreet (or temporary) sexually suggestive tattoo.
  2. Get a body piercing and tell your husband it was done for your lover.
  3. Buy and wear a Hotwife ankle bracelet when you go out.
  4. Wear sexy, revealing clothing or high heels in public.
  5. Stop wearing underwear and make sure your husband knows.
  6. Openly flirt with other men in front of your husband.
  7. Socialize with other Hotwives or join a Hotwives group.

Let Him Work for Your Dates

  1. Require your husband to give you cash for your dates in case you need to get a hotel room.
  2. Have your husband go out and get a hotel room for you and your lover to use, and then bring you the key before your date.
  3. Ask your husband go out with you and make him watch from across the room as you meet, flirt and maybe even pick up men.
  4. Have your husband drive you and your lover around while you have sex in the back seat.
  5. Ask your husband drive you to a motel to meet your lover, and return to pick you up afterward.
  6. Have your husband help find men for you.
  7. Ask your husband accompany you to a bar to meet other men, and have him wait inside while you and another man adjourn to your car in the parking lot to get acquainted.

Sexual Hotwifing Ideas

  1. Make your husband watch you have sex.
  2. Deny your husband the privilege of watching at other times. Never let him know which it will be.
  3. Travel out of town on a business or weekend trip with another man.
  4. Call your husband on the phone during sex with another man and let him listen in.
  5. Fuck another man in your marital bed.
  6. Have sex with another man while your husband is at work or out of town, then let him know.
  7. Fuck another man while your husband is in the next room.
  8. Fuck another man, film it and let your husband watch it later.
  9. When your husband watches you have sex, openly express how good it feels.
  10. Do something with another man you haven’t done with your husband then tell your husband what you did.
  11. Tell your husband every detail of a date afterward and get off on it together.
  12. Or deny your husband the details of your date, but let him know it included enjoyable sex.
  13. Fuck your husband’s boss.
  14. Have sex with one of your husband’s friends.
  15. Fuck a black man.
  16. Have sex with a much younger man.
  17. Fuck someone rich and powerful.
  18. Fuck an authority figure like a police officer.

Extreme and Public Ideas

  1. Tease your husband by reminding him that you might let yourself get pregnant by your lover.
  2. Go to an XXX adult video booth together and suck a cock through a glory hole.
  3. Go to an adult theater with your husband and a lover. Have your husband sit elsewhere and watch you and your lover make out.
  4. Accompany a lover to a local swingers club as a couple.
  5. Join your lover and a friend of his in a threesome (male or female).
  6. Have sex in a semi-public place with a lover, then describe it to your husband.
  7. Ask your husband clean something in the house while you’re out on a date.
  8. Have your husband pick out and pay for lingerie you will wear for your lover.
  9. When your lovers call, take the call in another room and close the door for privacy.
  10. Have phone sex with a lover, and have your husband watch as you masturbate and talk on the phone.
  11. Deny your husband sex for several days before you go out on a date.
  12. Walk around your house naked before a date, but do not allow your husband to have sex with you.
  13. The night before a date masturbate to a porn movie, with your husband only watching.
  14. After a date masturbate in front of your husband while recalling the details of your date.
  15. Regularly wear any jewelry or clothes given to you by your lovers.
  16. Have your lover’s call you at home and ask for you when your husband answers.
  17. Call your lovers in front of your husband and let him listen to your call.
  18. Have your husband guide your lover’s cock into your pussy.
  19. Ask your husband secretly lie under the bed or in a closet while you fuck a lover.
  20. Have your husband perform oral sex on you after you have sex, or return from a date.
  21. Compliment your lovers during sex and insure your husband overhears them.
  22. Become known and be seen as a “couple” in public with a regular lover.
  23. Remove your wedding rings before going out alone, or before going on a date with a lover. Have your husband hold your rings for you.
  24. Plan to go out of town overnight with your lover, and let your husband know.
  25. Spend an entire night with a lover, that your husband didn’t know was planned.
  26. Have your husband briefly perform oral sex on you as you prepare for a date, or immediately prior to departing.
  27. See two different lovers on successive nights, or even on the same day.
  28. Have a bisexual threeway experience with one of your lovers and another woman, and tell your husband.
  29. Participate in group sex with several men then tell your husband.
  30. Participate in a swingers orgy then tell your husband.
  31. Have sex with an ex-boyfriend or ex-husband and let your husband know you enjoyed it.

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