Story of Cuckold Brother Watching His Sister

Story of Cuckold Brother Watching His Sister is a real Wittoldry or Family Cuckolding story from one of our followers. He is originally Indian but living in Sweden with his family.

Story of Cuckold Brother Watching His Sister

Story of Cuckold Brother Watching His Sister

I’m 22 from Sweden. However, my parents emigrated from India before I was born. I have a sister. She is 19 years old. She is hot if you ask me but honestly, I haven’t looked at her like that until something happened that changed my relationship with my sister.

My sister got a boyfriend who comes to our house to visit and fuck her. The first time that I came home early and noticed all the lights were off and I could hear clapping noises. they were fucking in her room but the door was slightly open and she was moaning. I couldn’t help myself and started jerking off. After that, I was seeing my sister in a sexual way. But not to have sex with her and but I desperately wanted to watch her have sex with other men. She usually has sex with her boyfriend but sometimes I catch her fucking other men.

My Sister loves to bring black guys from bars for sex
My Sister loves to bring black guys from bars for sex

Teen Sister One Night Stand with Black Guys

My sister usually goes to the bar every Friday night. One Friday night I came home but they were in the living room assuming all of us are not coming home that night. Again there were noises but I heard a voice of a man I didn’t know. I was scared at first but as I got closer I realized my sis was getting fucked by a huge black guy on the sofa.

They didn’t realize I was there because they were so drunk. And I kept watching while stroking my cock for a good 30 minutes. And she was Cumming so hard and loving it. I’ve never seen my sis like that. He was fucking her in various positions and bending her body like a toy. He was huge in comparison to my sister. His black cock was so big; I was surprised how it was fitting into her tiny pussy. Watching something like that was so much different than seeing it in front of me.

My sister became the sexiest thing in my eyes there. She was moaning loud and sexy. A voice I have never heard of her before. She was hugging him and closing her legs around him. Finally, they both came at the same time and finished. I saw that the guy threw the condoms on the side of the sofa and they both left to their room to sleep.

Then, I went to the condom and saw how big it was and how much cum was in it. I couldn’t resist myself so I drank all of his cum. That was one of the most insane but most delicious experiences I have ever had. I quickly went into my room and they never caught me.

Now I love watching her fuck in secret and I always try and taste her black boyfriends’ cum. She doesn’t know I watch her but I love jerking off to her and secretly trying to make the house empty for her so she can have sex more. I try more for her to get laid than I try for myself. I love being her secret cuckold brother.

One of my biggest fantasies is; her putting me in chastity and making me lick her cum filled pussy. I want to be dominated by my sister while being degraded and humiliated by her and her boyfriends. Tasting their alpha cum reminds me of the beta position I am in.

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