What does Cuck Fluffer mean?

What does Cuck Fluffer mean? This is the definition of a type of cuckold which is a humiliating position for husbands/boyfriends serving the bull.

A fluffer is an important role. It’s the act of keeping a male hard during breaks between sex. Usually, we see fluffers play a predominant role in pornos, in between shoots they will help keep the male performer erect but during cuckold fun, like we are going to be talking about today it’s all about keeping your wife’s lover nice and hard for her should she need to use the bathroom or take a little break from his penis.

It can be a hard task (no pun intended) but one that every cuckold may be asked upon so learning how to be the best fluffer and know how to keep his cock and your wife happy is really important.

What does Cuck Fluffer mean?
What does Cuck Fluffer mean?

What does Cuck Fluffer mean?

As you may know, a cuck is a short form of a Cuckold who shares or watches his wife/girlfriend with another man sexually. A Cuck fluffer is someone who is relegated to the sidelines so much that they’re not even a cuck. He is the person in charge of giving the Bull a blowjob to get his cock hard and ready. So after preparing the bull’s penis the cuck fluffer will sit in the corner and watch as the bull fucks his wife/girlfriend in front of him.

This action is for extra Humiliation and degradation for the cuckold, especially if he is not bisexual. The bull does this to show his domination over the cuckold so he will know his place in the relationship.

Sometimes the Hotwife even works together with the bull to encourage the cuckold to suck the bull’s cock and become the beta in their cuckold relationship. This is usually the step that experienced bulls use to attract the hotwife to themselves by dominating her husband.

The Position of Cuck Fluffer

As a cuck, you have to understand that being a fluffer takes on a different role than it does in pornos. It all starts with you prepping your wife’s pussy for another man’s cock, at this point you are her fluffer. Making sure her pussy is wet, warmed up, and ready to accommodate another man’s meat.

From there, your fluffing role will begin to develop and grow as you start lending your mouth to her bull to get him nice and hard and a little extra lubed for your wife. Just the sight of you sucking her bulls cock, will usually be enough to get your wife ready to take him.

Depending on your dynamic, you can then sit back, watch and have your mouth ready for any time it’s needed, it could be during a sex position change or if your wife needs to use the bathroom and her bull needs to keep himself hard and for some cucks, they like to lend their mouth again during clean-up time, where you clean up more than just his cum, you also clean any leftovers from his cock and maybe even try out the ultimate cuckold kiss.

Some cucks even become the cum dump at this stage and when the bull is ready he will release himself all over the cucks face (or other body parts), however, this is less about fluffing and more about submission.

Now, you can just do the first part and warm up your wife’s pussy for her bull, the second where you go down on her bull to keep him nice and hard, or everything where you keep him hard, take his cum, and clean-up all messes, it’s all about where you and your partner are and what gets you both off.

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