Gray Marriage/Gray Wedding: What does it mean in Cuckolding?

Gray Marriage/Gray Wedding: What does it mean in Cuckolding? Explore more about hotwife Sleeping with Bridal, Adding Bullfriend or Wife’s Boyfriend to Relationship, Marriage Proposal to Hotwife

Gray Marriage Gray Wedding in Cuckolding
Gray Marriage Gray Wedding in Cuckolding

Even though Gray Marriage and gray wedding may have various meanings especially according to the law, however, in cuckolding is a kind of extreme version of wife and boyfriend relationship.

In a white marriage, the two people are accomplices, while in a gray marriage, one of the spouses (Hotwife) engages in good faith, ignoring the objectives pursued by his spouse. This is an extreme level of cuckolding which the wife actually belongs to the bull too. So it is a new level of Humiliation of sharing his wife completely. There are lots of symbolically little changes or events that can come across in this kind of extreme cuckolding.

Sleeping with Bridal

The hotwife sleeping with her bridal with her bull is kind of a big deal for everyone in the relationship. That lingerie is symbolically special but not it is going to be seen and ruined by another man. This indicates that the bull is her official boyfriend and his territory is getting even bigger. A married woman having a boyfriend can be humiliating for her husband. Especially if she is doing it because she is unsatisfied in the bed. This is one of my fantasies to see my girlfriend in bridal with another man.

Adding Boyfriend to Relationship

Some couples may use hotwifing in bridal as just some fantasy. But other couples may actually go in seriously sharing the wife in a polygamous relationship. So the bull will be a permanent part of their relationship.

Marriage Proposal to Hotwife

A marriage proposal is one of the most extreme versions of cuckold humiliation among bulls. This can be a fake or a serious one depending on the wife and her boyfriend’s relationship status. Nevertheless, it means the complete sharing of the wife between two men. In some cases, the boyfriend may become the primary partner instead of her husband.

Gray Wedding in Cuckolding is a kind of Polymerous Wedding

Polyamorous relationships have always been a part of human culture for many people all over the world. Traditionally wedding ceremonies acknowledged the love and union between two people which excluded polyamorous relationships.

Made up of the Greek word ‘poly’ meaning many or several, and the Latin word ‘amor’ meaning love, Polyamory is the desire for intimacy with more than one person. Polyamory is being in a relationship with and loving more than one person. As with all relationships, poly relationships are unique to those involved, but all involved in the relationship are aware of the situation. There may be a throuple (three people), or a quad (four people).

Certain religions recognize polyamory as part of their customs and beliefs. While legally within the UK only two people can be recognized as being within a marriage, poly clients can celebrate their union with a wedding or ceremony. Celebrant ceremonies enable couples with many lifestyle choices to have a meaningful and bespoke wedding or ceremony to celebrate their relationship and union. As a genuine alternative celebrant who creates and crafts many kinds of ceremonies for many kinds of people, each ceremony enables all people in relationships the opportunity to have a wedding or a commitment ceremony that is right for them.

A wedding is a ceremony where those involved make a commitment to each other. Some weddings are huge lavish events with hundreds of guests and family members, some are very intimate with just the couple present. Polyamorous weddings and commitment ceremonies are the same.