Conversation and Promises Before Cuckolding

Conversation and Promises Before Cuckolding includes a story of a lusty talk between a married and horny couple. Husband tells all the dirty things he wants from her soon-to-be Hotwife.

Conversation and Promises Before Cuckolding
Conversation and Promises Before Cuckolding

Confessing Cuckolding Fantasy

WIFE- “Baby….tell me what you’re really thinking you want me to do tonight when I’m out with the girls at the club? I want to hear you say it. Tell me what you mean by ‘be naughty?”

HUSBAND- “Ummmmmm…….”

WIFE- “Baby…….tell me. I promise I won’t get upset. So I want you to trust me….. I think I know what you’re going to say?”

HUSBAND- “Ok…….I want you to find some hot guy and flirt and dance and I want you to slip away from the girls so they don’t know you’re doing this. But…I want you to go somewhere with his apartment or a hotel. Don’t get upset! I want you to get FUCKED by him. I want you to get fucked soooo fucking good. Then, I want you to come right home and I’ll be waiting for you…in bed…and I want you to crawl in it with me and I want you to share every detail while I have you….after him.

WIFE- “Yesssssssssss baby….yessssssss.”

HUSBAND- “Wait, but there’s more. fuckkkk…”

WIFE- “Just tell me, my love. I will do this for you!”

Cum Feeding Fetish of Cuck Wannabe

HUSBAND- “Ok. I don’t want you to use a condom and I want him to cum deep inside you.”

WIFE- OK baby…. What else? What are you going to do with me when I come home to you all full of his cum? Do you want to fuck me… eat me…or watch it drip out of my pussy for you? Tell me so I know what to do for you?”

HUSBAND- “I want to do all three of those things! I want you to straddle my face while I’m laying on my back and I want you to put your pussy just above my mouth and I want to watch his cum pour out of you.”

WIFE- “Into your mouth? Do you want me to feed you his cum while I tell you all about how I got fucked?”

HUSBAND- “Yessssssssssss. I want you to feed me all of his cum! With such a full pussy that I want it to drip onto my tongue. And then, I want to lick you and suck it out of you. I want you to fill my mouth with it.”

WIFE- “Will you swallow it or do you just want to taste it and spit it out?”

Sweat Sloppy-Seconds

HUSBAND- “Ohhhh I want to swallow it. I want every drop of it! Band, then I want to fuck you be cum inside you myself. I want to know what it’s like to fuck my girl after another guy has stretched you and made you cum and feel how slippery you are inside. THAT’S what I want you to do tonight.”

WIFE- “Thank you for being honest and trusting me. I am totally going to do this for you. Exactly like you’ve described. I’ll text you throughout the entire evening so you know everything as it’s happening and I’ll of course let you know where I go with him. When I get home, I’m going to smell like sex and I’m going to give you your cum eating Hotwife fantasy and you’re going to lick another man’s hot cum out of my VERY freshly, VERY well fucked pussy and I’ll tell you EVERY hot detail as if you were right next to me watching the entire evening. And I promise…the girls will never know. I’ll tell them I’m leaving early to come home and I’ll leave so they don’t see me with the guy. Ohhh…and I promise he’ll have a huge cock! If I’m going to be a slut and get fucked by someone other than my husband, I want him to have a really big cock.”

HUSBAND- “Yessssssssssss, I want you to get fucked by a really big cock too! But how will you know?”

Cuckolding and Hotwifing Promises

WIFE- “Ohhh..I’ll know. Trust me. It will be a part of the flirting game during the evening. OK, I need to get ready. Promise me you won’t jerk off while I’m out doing this! I want you to cum really hard when it’s your turn to be the second man to cum inside my pussy! Ok? Promise?”

HUSBAND- “I’ll promise you ANYTHING you want if you’ll do this!”

WIFE- “Ok then. I want one more promise. I want you to promise me that I can keep doing this after tonight. If you are really OK with me getting fucked by another guy..and someone with a big cock, I would like to have us incorporate that into our sex life. You know that I’ve been with a lot of men and knew I would have trouble keeping my fidelity. Rather than ever cheat on you and keep it in secret, I want us to be totally open and honest about it. I know you’re going to love having me freshly fucked and eating cum and I’ll promise to always do that with you as a promise that we are doing this together…every time!”

HUSBAND- “Yesssssssssssss…I promise. Now go…and get ready and go get fucked for me!” 😍

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