Story Of How I Became A Virgin Chastity Slave

Story Of How I Became A Virgin Chastity Slave is the first part of love at the first sight of a beta male young man living in Germany.

Hi, I’m Dave. 31 years old, married for 7 years, and still a virgin. In my case, that means that my cock has never been allowed to touch a pussy from the inside, even though I’ve had a steady partner for almost 14 years. I’ll tell you how it comes about here.

I was 17 and my 18th birthday was only a few months away. The brief relationship with Sarah was a thing of the past a few weeks before that. It’s a shame really, I would have loved to have had sex with her at least once, found out what it feels like to lose my status as a virgin. Unfortunately, it stayed with stroking, tender touching, and kissing. Usually, I was far too shy when it came to women. So, unfortunately, remained very inexperienced despite my not unattractive appearance. I wanted to change that as soon as possible.

A Decision for a Change

So I flew to Spain that summer with my buddy Marc, picking up women, that was the plan. But it hit me as soon as I arrived at the hotel. There she was, alone in the lobby, my absolute dream woman. I was petrified for a moment, unable to take my eyes off it. It wasn’t until I noticed how she smiled at me that I averted my eyes in shyness. While we were still waiting for our room keys, she suddenly stood up, walked towards the exit, threw me a smile, and said in a low, almost whispering voice: “Hi!” Then she was gone. My heart was racing, a thousand thoughts shot through my head. who was she Would I see her again? Marc grinned, on the way to our rooms he patted me on the shoulder and said: “Good start for you, but she’s probably not in your league.” If he was right, I was falling hopelessly in love.

Story Of How I Became A Virgin Chastity Slave
Story Of How I Became A Virgin Chastity Slave

Already on the first evening, we got really drunk in one of the nearby clubs, but hitting on girls or flirting was out of the question. My head was too busy with the girls in the lobby. Marc, who is a few years older than me, actually wanted to help me with the hitting part. But he also quickly noticed that it made no sense, my thoughts were clouded by her smile and her sweet voice.

He had no motivation for himself, after all, he had been engaged to Andrea for 3 years. Andrea was already 34, 10 years older than Marc. She was Marc’s great love, he would never cheat on her or do anything else without her consent.

Andrea was Marc's great love
Andrea was Marc’s, great love

Chasing the Mystery Woman

The next evenings were similar. During the day I looked for my beautiful stranger without success, in the evenings, Marc and I got drunk in different clubs and bars. In our evening together, we overdid it a little, until the afternoon we slept off our intoxication. Marc knocked on my room door and suggested chilling at the hotel pool instead of at the beach. I agreed and got ready, a few minutes later we were resting on our loungers. There was a lot of activity in the pool when I saw the silhouette of a woman rising out of the water in front of me. I opened my eyes wide and beheld my unknown beauty. The sight of her took my breath away.

The Beautiful Stranger I was looking for - Story Of How I Became A Virgin Chastity Slave
The Beautiful Stranger I was looking for

“Hi, my name is Linda.” My heart almost jumped out of my chest with excitement. Finally, I managed to introduce myself and we started talking. Linda was 20 and lived in Düsseldorf, only about 30km from my hometown. She was leaving the very next day.

Marc interrupted our conversation, introduced himself to Linda, and went back to the hotel room. He wasn’t feeling well, he said with a wink, unfortunately, he had to cancel our planned visit to the restaurant. I felt disappointed. Linda looked at me and offered to accompany me so we wouldn’t have to spend our last evening alone.

We went to eat in a cozy little restaurant and spent a wonderful evening together. I was totally in love and Linda seemed to like me a lot too. The next morning it was time to say goodbye, Linda’s return flight was a few hours earlier than ours. But before that, we arranged another date and hugged each other briefly. She gave me a kiss on the cheek and finally disappeared into the check-in.

Back in Germany

Back in Germany, I couldn’t wait to see Linda again. I had given her my phone number and so I eagerly was waiting for her call every day. I almost went nuts at the thought of her not being able to get in touch. After a week then the redeeming phone call.

The sound of her voice whirls my thoughts, we arranged to meet for the next weekend. After days of anticipation, the time had finally come, I took the train to see her and as I entered the station I saw her already standing on the platform. My heart raced with joy.

The doors of the train opened and I ran to her, she smiled hugged me and looking deep into my eyes asked: “Did you miss me?” I said yes, and added how much I was looking forward to today. She kissed me and said, “Come on, I’ll show you my homeland.” We left the train station heading downtown and Linda grabbed my hand. It felt like we were already a couple. The day flew by and in the evening we had to say goodbye to each other.

More dates followed and we got to know each other better, laughed a lot together, and had a great time. Two weeks before my 18th birthday, Linda invited me to her apartment for dinner. That’s why I was particularly excited this time on the way to her. If we were to get closer physically, up to now our dates have always taken place in public. Wild thoughts raced through my head until my train finally reached the station.

Linda picked me up from here by car. She was driving a fancy little sports car, which she parked in a driveway of a row house within minutes. On the drive, she told me that her parents, divorced, self-employed, and apparently quite wealthy, supported her financially. Her apartment was large, nicely furnished, and overlooked a park. I was visibly amazed. “Well, do you like my apartment?” “Yeah, that’s really great,” I replied and sat down next to her on the couch.

Finally in Linda's House - Story Of How I Became A Virgin Chastity Slave
Finally in Linda’s House

Linda snuggled up to me, put her hand on my thigh, and told a little bit about herself. After a while, our conversation became more intimate and Linda wanted to find out about my experiences with women. I told her about my last relationship with Sarah and that I was actually still quite inexperienced.

The First Kiss

Suddenly Linda lifted her head from my shoulder, looked me in the eyes with a smile, and put her lips on mine. Her mouth opened slightly and the tips of our tongues touched. The touches became more intense before our lips parted again. “How was it?” Linda asked, kissing me again without waiting for my answer. I was blown away, it was beautiful.

The second kiss was even more intense and I felt my cock getting harder and harder. Linda’s hand wandered up to my crotch, stroking the surface of my jeans, my cock twitching, and throbbing underneath. Then, she stopped. “Did you ever have sex?” she asked in a whisper. I hesitated and answered shyly with no. “I think that’s nice. “Let’s cook dinner,” Linda replied.

We went to the kitchen, there was spaghetti bolognese. While eating, I suddenly felt Linda’s foot climbing up my jeans under the dining table and finally landing in my crotch. Gently her Toes caressed through my pants. My cock was getting hard again. I held on to the edge of the table and gave Linda a questioning look. She smiled and when I let out a small moan she bit her lip in excitement she demanded. Barely able to think straight, I answered with a small groan of “No”.

Linda smiled and stood up and sat on my lap. Then she began to move her pelvis back and forth “, while she nibbled on my earlobe and moaned softly. I felt through the fabric of our trousers as her warm step slipped right over my erect cock. Her movements became faster, her Moaning louder, she seemed to be aroused and breathed in my ear: “Say, are you still an untouched virgin!?” I was just about to have an orgasm, so my horniness was now replaced by shame. “Say it.” she moaned. “Yes, I am.” “Aaohh what are you, I want to hear it from you!?” “I am a virgin, a virgin.” Aaaaahhhhja she moaned loudly again while her body twitched as if electrified. Her hip movement slowed and eventually petered out.

She wrapped her arms around my neck, her torso leaned against mine and her head rested on my left shoulder. “I love you!” she whispered exhaustedly in my ear. Wow, shame and embarrassment gave way to total happiness. “I love you too!” I replied before Linda got up and disappeared into the bathroom. After a few minutes, she came back into the dining room. “It’s time I drove my little virgin home.” She grinned and added: “Don’t worry, I think it’s nice that you want to save yourself for the right one.” At my front door, she kissed me goodbye and said, “Be decent.” Then she drove home.

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