Frustrated Cuckold Listening as Friend Fucks His Wife

Frustrated Cuckold Listening as Friend Fucks His Wife is a story of how a beta male husband does chores while his alpha friend fucks his wife at home.

Frustrated Cuckold Listening as Friend Fucks His Wife
Frustrated Cuckold Listening as Friend Fucks His Wife

Wife Saving Herself

Last night my wife and I had a quiet Friday evening to ourselves. We went to bed fairly early and cuddled, me naked, her in pyjamas. After a while I slowly tried to get more intimate, kissing her neck and grinding my little erection into her big, round bum. She giggled and moaned a bit at first, pushing back into me but when I tried to slide the pyjama pants off her curvy hips she pulled away and cooed, “Not tonight, baby…” I relented for a bit and began caressing her breasts under her pyjama shirt before making another attempt to get her bottoms off. This time she rolled over to face me and said, “You just can’t take a hint, can you, little guy…”

Thinking she was just teasing me, I replied, “I can’t help it, baby, your hips have me aching to slide my little penis up inside you.”

She smiled at me with a hint of pity and said, “Awe, you’re so sweet, but you know [your friend] is coming over tomorrow night and I want to save myself for him.”

My heart sank as I realized she was serious. “I could wear a condom?” I offered, holding on to the faint hope my blue, swollen little testicles might finally get some release.

She shook her head and said, “No, he deserves better than a girl who was fucked by someone else the night before. Even her husband, even with a condom on. We’ve gone all week since I last saw him without having sex and I don’t want to ruin that streak the bright before I see him again. It’s so hot when I can tell him I haven’t let you in me since I was last with him…”

My disappointment was palpable but at the same time, I was dripping listening to her firmly explain her reasons for denying me. Finally, I said, “Alright, I understand. I love you…”

“Awe, I love you too,” she said as she rolled over and pushed up against my throbbing little erection again. “Look on the bright side. We’re letting you stay here tomorrow night and sleep in the spare bedroom so at least you’ll get to hear us… who knows, maybe I’ll even be in the mood to let you go down on me after he leaves on Sunday…”

With that, she quickly fell asleep in my arms, but I lay awake for what seemed like an eternity. My mind was bouncing from images of her spreading her legs for him here in our bed, to wondering how I’m ever going to swallow my pride and be friendly to him when he’s here, to imagining listening to them fuck through the walls.

Cuckolding Session with My Friend

On Saturday afternoon, I only had a few hours until he arrived. Well, my friend arrived as planned around 5 Saturday. My wife greeted him with a hug and a kiss and then I got them drinks and they hung out in the kitchen while I made dinner for us.

After dinner, my wife suggested we watch a movie together. They curled up under a blanket at one end of the sofa with me at the other. Before long it was obvious my wife had her hand down his pants under the blanket and then was whispering in his ear, periodically looking over at me to see if I was paying attention. By the time we were halfway through the movie my friend stood up and said, “Sorry man, looks like I’m gonna have to take your wife upstairs before she explodes. You’ll have to finish the movie on your own.” With that my wife jumped up and eagerly led him upstairs by the hand.

I kept watching but turned down the volume. I could hear her giggles and squeals superimposed on the deep sound of my friend’s voice from upstairs, though, I couldn’t make out his words. Eventually, the unmistakable sound of them fucking began and lasted until after the movie finished.

I was cleaning up the kitchen when my wife came down, naked and sweaty, to grab a bottle of wine and two glasses. She kissed me on the cheek and then bounced back up the stairs without a word. I finished cleaning up and then went upstairs to my office next to the master bedroom.

I could hear them talking softly through the wall, their conversation punctuated by occasional laughter. Eventually, they got quiet again and I knew what was coming next. Sure enough, my wife’s moans began a few moments later. Suddenly there was a sharp thwack followed by a moan and I could make out the words, “Thank you, Daddy.” Then another thwack and another, “Thank you, Daddy.” He must have hit her hard 7 or 8 times like that.

They fucked for a while longer before I heard the unmistakable sound of her cumming on his big, fat cock. He slowed down for a bit but then picked up again and they kept going for another half hour or so before I heard him grunting and her squealing as he pumped his semen deep into her belly. After that, I made my way downstairs to the spare bedroom and fell asleep with my balls aching.

Midnight Cuckolding Session

As usual, I was woken in the middle of the night by the sound of them fucking but, while the sound usually comes from over my head in the master bedroom, this time it came from down the hall. Curious, I quietly opened the door and peered around the corner to see my wife bent over the kitchen table and my friend driving his cock into her from behind. They didn’t see me and I went back to bed, this time leaving the door open so I could hear them more clearly. A few minutes after he nuts it her I heard her say, “Here, let me clean that up for you,” followed by the sounds of her kneeling down and licking his cock clean. After that, they went back upstairs and I fell asleep again.

Midnight Cuckolding Session in Kitchen
Midnight Cuckolding Session in Kitchen

Morning Session

The next morning I got up and made coffee and breakfast. They came down a bit later all smiles, and we ate together. She went back upstairs afterward leaving my friend and me alone. “So, she told me you wanted to fuck Friday night but she said no?” he said, phrasing it as a question.

“Yeah… I guess she wasn’t really in the mood…” I replied lamely.

“She said she told you she wanted to save herself for me?” he said, again phrasing it as a question.

“… Yeah… yeah… I don’t know what to say, she really likes your cock I guess…”

He laughed, “Well thanks for being a good sport about it, man.” He then went on to talk casually about all the ways he’d used her last night and how tight she’d felt on his cock. The whole conversation felt more like he was talking about some random girl he’d picked up at the club last night instead of my wife, which just reminded me of how insignificant I am in his mind. Eventually, his phone buzzed and he picked it up and then laughed. He turned the screen to me to show a snap from my wife naked on our bed upstairs with the line, “Quit talking so much and come give me your cock again.” Then he said, “Well, looks like I’ve still got work to do. Thanks for breakfast man…”

Chores for Husband, Fucking for Wife

Then, I cleaned up the kitchen, feeling jealous and frustrated like an impotent cuck, as my friend railed my wife upstairs in our bed…

After I finished cleaning up the kitchen I went up to my office again and listened to them fuck. By the sounds of it, they changed positions a few times, and then I heard him say, “Alright, you horny little slut, this is the last time today, where do you want it?”

“Mmmm, in my tummy, Daddy. Let me swallow it this time so I’m completely filled up with you.”

He laughed, “You really just can’t get enough, can you?”

She moaned and whimpered, probably because he punctuated the question with a deeper thrust, “No, Daddy, I can’t. I want you. And, I need you. I want to be filled with you. Only you. You’re the man I need. The Man I want. A Real Man…”

There was a rustling as they changed positions and then the sound of her sloppily sucking his cock, already dripping wet with her pussy juice. “Mmm, damn. Yeah. Like that. That’s a good little slut. Take it all. Balls deep… Keep sucking… Oh, Keep sucking… Keep… FUUUUUUUCCCCCKKKKK!!!” he roared as his balls heaved and he nuts down her throat. I could hear her whimpering as she swallowed and licked up every last drop, but there was no gagging.

There was silence for a while and then the sound of them talking softly. Eventually, he got dressed and she walked him to the door.

Teasing the Cuckold

After letting him out she came back up and walked right into my office, obviously knowing I’d be there. Still naked, she sat down on my lap straddling me, and kissed me deeply and passionately, her mouth still laced with his semen. “You were a very good little boy last night and this morning,” she said. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome,” I replied, not able to meet her eyes.

“Come on, let’s go to the bedroom and you can thank me for letting you stay home and listen last night.” She dismounted and stepped back, beckoning me up. I followed her and she sat down on the edge of our bed which was a complete mess after what they’d done in it.

Cleanup Duty

I took off my shirt and stepped forward so she could undo my belt and pants. Once I was naked she guided me to my knees on the floor in front of her before laying back with her bum on the edge of the bed and throwing her legs over my shoulders. She reached down and put her hand on the back of my head, pulling my face into her well fucked pussy.

Cleanup Duty
Cleanup Duty

I obediently began to lick her and she moaned, “Mmmmm, yeessssss, that’s my good little cuckold. Eat it aaalllllll up.” I continued licking as she pulled me in with her legs. The taste of my friend’s semen was overwhelming and I found myself regularly swallowing to keep up. Having not orgasmed the last time they fucked this morning, she was already close so it wasn’t more than 10 minutes or so before she started gasping and grabbing at the sheets as her pelvis shuddered and her orgasm squeezed a full load of my friend’s semen into my mouth. I slowed my licking and then gently eased away as she relaxed her grip on my head.

Pity Conversation after Cuckolding

I lay down beside her and we held hands for a while as she regained her composure. “You’re nice,” she said after a while.

“I try,” I replied. “It’s just… hard sometimes… the way he talks to me… He’s so dismissive and entitled…”

“Awe… I know… It’s just part of who he is, though. And how he relates to you… How can you expect him to treat you as an equal when I’m fucking him right in front of you?”

“Yeah… I guess… It just triggers this intense frustration in me when he talks about you to me as if you’re just some girl he’s fucking…”

“But I love it when he does that. That’s the point of being with him. I don’t need him to love me and respect me. Because I have you for that. I need him to make me feel naughty. To be dominant, towards both of us. To use me the way you’re too nice to… I guess that’s why it frustrates you, though, isn’t it? Because deep down you really are nice and you can’t understand the way Men like him and girls like me relate to each other…”

“Yeah… maybe…”

She turned her head and kissed my cheek before standing up and saying, “Alright, well I’m going to go shower. You should go to the gym and try to work out some of your frustration.” I sighed as she walked away and then got up and made the bed he’d fucked her in.

Then, I went to the gym. I could still taste my friend’s semen in my mouth and I just got a text from him. It was a screenshot of a text my wife sent him laughing about how she made me go down on her before I left to the gym and wondering if all that protein will help me grow into a Man. His message was, “Holy shit dude, your wife is savage lol. Well, is it working? You getting bigger?” I haven’t figured out how to reply yet, but so far being at the gym isn’t helping settle my cuckold frustration…