How does it Feel to be Caged in Chastity?

How does it Feel to be Caged in Chastity? This is a detailed explanation of how it is to experience Chastity Cage (Cock-Cage) constantly.

How does it Feel to be Caged in Chastity?
How does it Feel to be Caged in Chastity?

How does it Feel to be Caged in Chastity?

First of all, It’s butterflies in my stomach when I am caged especially in public all day because I feel it touching me. It’s a secret that only you and I share (plus those you tell). When you wear your key on a chain those feelings intensify. Wearing the cage is part A and the key is part B. It works for me just being caged – key or no key but the butterflies are there always. It’s just more butterflies when you wear your key. The cage works on me as well as when I see you wear the key. The key works on your identity as well when you wear it in public. It’s a powerful part B of the uniform.

When I move I am constantly reminded of you. A message is broadcast to my brain every few seconds as I feel the cage. It tells me who you are in my world and who I am in relationship to you. It’s a 24-hour reinforcement of a new identity. It’s sort of like a military or work uniform and works in the same way.

Chastity as a Uniform

There is a reason uniforms are used. They help solidify a new role identity and belonging to a group in the mind of the wearer. Uniforms change behavior. The Romans would tattoo a chain or use a metal collar on slaves to establish identity. In modern times uniforms are used to change identity and behaviors. Gangs use tattoos, colors, and hand signs. The cage and key are like all those things but more intense I would think. My uniform is hidden and your key is public.

In my case instead of being taught to adopt a role of a soldier or FedEx man mine teaches me that I belong to you. It teaches me you are above me. And, It humbles me. It reinforces your authority and my respect for you. As I accept the new identity of servant my behavior changes.

My tiny uniform is gradually changing my perceived identity role into someone whose purpose is to serve you and by extension our family.

How does Chastity affect the view on Relationships?

It also gradually changes my perception of the nature of our relationship. It also happens when I see you wear the key on your chain. I am constantly feeling and being programmed with the new message that you are to be respected and obeyed and I am to be respectful of you each time I feel the cage or see you wearing the key. I could learn this identity without being locked like when you snap your fingers and I surrender and obey. In that moment of obedience, I get the message of the new identity. However, it’s short-lived. The cage and key however are an all-day assault on my previous identity and behaviors replacing them with those of service and obedience. Over time I think of myself and you differently.

It’s a whole psychological study. Over time uniforms make big changes in identity and by extension behavior. There is a real-life behavioral change that for me is very intense. When you wear the key on the chain it does something similar to your identity. Your identity gradually accepts its status as one of power as you wear the key. You then feel you are to be respected by me which helps you see every tiny disrespectful behavior. (And hopefully, correct it)

Caging The Animal

The cage is similar if you put a wild animal in a cage. At first, it fights but after realizing the cage is its new environment and that it can’t get out it stops fighting. The animal begins to acts tame. Soon it realizes you are the only source of food. In my case, you become the only source of sexual pleasure and freedom. For me, the cage bombards me with thoughts of my new identity I eventually give up fighting the new identity and just accept it as my own.

However, the moment the wild animal sees an escape and gets out of the cage the animal’s wild behavior returns and is hostile towards both cage and the cager. It can escape and find other sources of food.

However, If kept in the cage the animal becomes more manageable and gradually accepts its situation. The animal’s behavior then changes. With enough time might eventually become attached to its captor.

For me, it’s like having all this psychology with the added effect of being in a sexual session the entire day. This sexual feeling is amplified each time you remind me I am your captive by texts, calls, or physical touches. It feels fun. Just feeling the cage touching me amplifies all the feelings and pushes me toward acceptance as my new role of service.

The cage can not be seen but I walk around with a constant pressure of humility working on my character. At first, I imagine everyone is looking at me and am in a light state of constant Humiliation. It’s sort of fun but also serious. It feels like at any moment I could be found out. Doubly so when you wear your key in public. Humility changes a person.