Story of Birthday Gift for Beta Virgin Boy

Story of Birthday Gift for Beta Virgin Boy is the second episode of how a German boy became a virgin Chastity slave with her girlfriend.

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My 18th Birthday

My 18th birthday was coming up. Mark and Andrea offered me to celebrate in their house because my parents’ apartment was too small. All afternoon the three of us prepared everything for the guests. My greatest anticipation was of course for Linda, after all, we hadn’t seen each other for 2 weeks since the last meeting.

I kept thinking about our last date. Towards evening the first guests appeared and the party slowly got going. Linda brought a friend and introduced her to me after we said hello. “This is my friend Jasmine.” “Hello, Dave!” Jasmine greeted me. “Hi!” I replied. “You know each other?” “Yes, from school. We were in the same class at the time.” Jasmin answered Linda’s question immediately.

Memorise of First Love

When I was at school, Jasmin was probably the most sought-after girl in the playground. She turned almost every boy’s head, including me, and she knew how to use that to her advantage. For a while, I did her homework, carried her bag, bought her breakfast at the school kiosk, and was persuaded to send her a nude picture of me for a kiss.

For weeks, the girls in our class giggled at the sight of the picture. Seeing her and Linda together now made me very uncomfortable. Linda went into the living room to greet Mark and get to know Andrea. “So you and Linda, I wouldn’t have believed you capable of it.” Did you know I still have your photo!?” “I look at it sometimes when I’m lonely.”

First Love: Story of Birthday Gift for Beta Virgin Boy
First Love: Story of Birthday Gift for Beta Virgin Boy

She grinned and before I could reply she turned and followed Linda into the living room. What did she mean, I thought a little confused while my eyes followed her butt. Enough now, I admonished myself and ended up getting myself a drink.

The party went well, everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. I drank a few beers with Mark, danced with Linda and Andrea in between, and yet Jasmin’s presence made me nervous. Around 2 o’clock most of the guests had already left, Andrea and Mark had left to the bedroom, and Linda was a little drunk. She had made herself comfortable in the guest room.

A Birthday Gift for the Virgin

I said goodbye to the last guests, cleaned up the worst of the mess, and wanted to go to Linda’s guest room. On the way there, Jasmin suddenly stood in front of me in the living room. “I thought you left already!?” I said in surprise. “Without saying goodbye to you?” she asked, slowly lifting her dress.

A Birthday Gift for the Virgin
A Birthday Gift for the Virgin

I stared at her, for the first time I saw a woman’s bare abdomen. Her shaved pussy was beautiful. My cock immediately hardened and in a shaky voice, I asked her what she was up to. “I heard you’re a virgin and I want to change that. This is my gift.”

Then, she approached me. I took a step back and was now standing with my back against the living room wall. Jasmine stood a few centimeters in front of me, her hand stroking my crotch. “Uhhh, I can please your little friend.” “Jasmine, that doesn’t work,” I answered softly. But she ignored me and opened my pants, slowly she crouched down in front of me and pulled my jeans down.

I was so excited. “Let’s see how big your cock is now.” In slow motion, my boxer shorts sank towards the ground. “Jasmine you have to stop,” I demanded almost groaning. Then, my cock jumped out after briefly hanging onto the bottom hem of my shorts. “Oh, such a beautiful virgin cocklet,” she giggled as her fingertip touched the underside of my glans. “And such full eggs!” Her hand now clasped my testicles. “They would definitely like to squirt now.” She increased the pressure on my balls, I groaned a little in pain and then again in lust.

Her mouth neared my cock and I felt her breath on my glans. Ready to surrender to my horniness, I heard the sound of a door. Jasmine was also distracted for a moment, and at the thought that Linda could catch us, I ripped up my pants in panic. Jasmin got up and Linda actually entered the room.

Caught Up

I turned to the wall to secretly fasten my pants. Linda didn’t seem to notice anything, Jasmin went to her and whispered something, then both looked over at me and giggled. “We’re going now.” Both lock the living room towards the front door. “Linda wanted to sleep with me in the guest room, what happened?” I asked myself and followed the two. When I got to the car, Linda turned to me again, gave me a kiss, ran her hand over my crotch, and said: “Just come to me this afternoon!” Without another word, she got into Jasmine’s car and they both drove off.

So I spent the rest of the night after the party alone in Mark and Andrea’s guest room. It was difficult for me to fall asleep, I was too occupied with the events of the end of the party. I imagined what would have happened if Jasmin and I hadn’t been interrupted. How far do you think she would have gone? Would I have had my first time with her

Jasmine was really hot. The thoughts of what could have happened made me horny and I played with myself under the covers. But in the background, I got a guilty conscience. I was in love with Linda and my thoughts should be on her. Why did she go home? What can I expect from her tomorrow afternoon? I put my hands of unfinished things back on the blanket and as my erection subsided I finally fell asleep.

Still a Virgin after Birthday

The next morning I helped Mark and Andrea clean up. Andrea asked where Linda was and if I had already received my gift from her. I said no and said that Jasmin had brought her home and that we would meet at her place this afternoon.

After freshening up at home and eating with my parents, I drove to Linda’s. She opened the door in a good mood and gave me a kiss. We chatted and snuggled a little. Then she mentioned my gift that she had something very special for me. I was excited. She led me into the bedroom and blindfolded me. My excitement increased immeasurably. I felt her near and then she began to strip my clothes from my body. My upper body was already free, and as she pulled my jeans off my hips, my cock began to harden.

Now my last piece of clothing fell off with my boxer shorts, so I stood completely naked, but blindfolded, in her bedroom. “The little one needs to calm down a little,” she commented, giggling, on my semi-rigid penis. I was a little ashamed and immediately lost a little in size. “Wait here, I’ll be right back,” said Linda and left the room.

Birthday Gift for Beta Virgin Boy

I wondered what would happen next. The minutes until Linda returned seemed like an eternity. Then, I heard her voice: “Don’t be alarmed, you’ll get your present now.” At the same moment, I felt something cold and metallic on my cock. It surrounded him. Between the pelvis and the testicles, I felt how she closed a kind of metal ring, after two or three more movements I heard the click of a lock. She had attached something tight metal to my penis and balls, what did that mean?

I was confused but still waiting for an explanation. Linda sat on the bed and told me I could take the blindfold off now. I immediately looked into my crotch and was shocked to see that my penis was in a cage. The cage was connected to a ring behind my testicles and secured with a padlock. “W-Wh-What is that?” I asked in horror. “This is my birthday present for you! A penis cage (Chastity Cage (Cock-Cage)).” Linda replied, beaming with joy. “This protects your little virgin friend from all the dangers lurking out there, and you don’t have to worry about when you can use it and when you can’t. Isn’t that great?”

Birthday Gift for Beta Virgin Boy

The shock of wearing for the first time

I was speechless at first. Then I asked how long I should wear the cage. “Oh, let’s see, but don’t worry, I’ll definitely take it off more often when you’re here.” Her answer didn’t really reassure me, but before I could think about it her hands grabbed my bare bottom and pulled me to the right bed. She gently stroked my inner thighs and began kissing my upper body. My cock tried to get hard, but after a few millimeters, it was over.

The cage adamantly prevented an erection. Linda watched my flesh push against the metal with all her might. It seemed to fascinate her. Then, she stood up, slapped my butt, and said, “Get dressed, you have to go now, I have an appointment in a moment.” At the door, she kissed me goodbye and called after me, “See you later, I’ll call you.”

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