Personalized Erotic Caption Stories for You

Personalized Erotic Caption Stories for You is the new service of CuckoldClub for everyone into Cuckolding, Hotwifing, Femdom, feminization, and Sissy Life.

Personalized Erotic Caption Stories for You
Personalized Erotic Caption Stories for You

Now you can order original erotic and explicit stories with captions or gifs which refer to your fantasies in mentioned fetishes. You can share your fantasies and if you want you can share your own photos or your partner’s photos to read a story that you desire.

Examples of Personalized Erotic Caption Stories

Check some of the examples on the website. Some of these stories are completely based on the true stories shared with me and some are written by me for them based on their fantasies:

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Amateur Greek Ex GF Humiliating Caption Story
Amateur Young Cheating Girl From U.S. Captions
Crazy Amateur Italian Hotwife Captions
Slave Sissy Cuck Living in the Basement (A True Story)
Story of Cuckold Brother Watching His Sister

Details of the Service

There are three versions that you can ask for. Please read the details before choosing.

Free Caption StoryPremium Short Caption StoryPremium Long Caption Story
PrivacyAll Rights Reserved to CuckoldClubFull PrivacyFull Privacy
ContentLength of the story decided by CuckoldClubMinimum 1500 words Up to 5 CaptionsMinimum 3000 words Up to 10 Captions + 2 Gifs
Order Amount1 time onlyUnlimitedUnlimited
PriceFREE10 USD Donation20 USD Donation

All Rights Reserved to CuckoldClub: Will be published on the website, All rights and choosing content is up to The story will be on the website as long as we want.

Full Privacy: Privacy is up to you. We can just send it as an email to you and it will not be shared anywhere unless you ask us for it. You have the option to ask us to share on the website and can add and remove it anytime you want.

Copyright issues: Responsibility for the photo copyrights is up to you. So if we receive a complaint about copyright issues, the photos, gifs, or videos shared on the website will be removed immediately.

How to order?

If it is the first time you want to try this service I recommend trying it for free. All you need to do is try contacting me with one of these ways and explain your fantasies and what do you want to read in your story. Don’t forget that it will be more fun for you if you send me some personal photos. Otherwise, I can use some regular original captions that I make.

cuckoldclub(@ sign)

We will be in contact until I get your desired taste. However, as I mentioned earlier the final decision in the free version is up to me and all the rights of using the story on the website or any other platform will be with me. But I will not share any photos of you unless you actually ask for captions or a story.

Premium Caption Story

If you already used your one-time-only free caption story then you can donate to CuckoldClub and get your premium caption stories. As mentioned in the previous table, you can donate 10$ and receive a short caption story or donate 20$ and receive a long caption story. As I stated when you donate you have all of the rights to share or not share it anytime you ask us.

All you have to do is donate to one of our crypto accounts of us and mention the name of your account and the amount you donated so I can start as soon as possible.

How to donate

Crypto Currencies are one of the securest and easiest ways to transfer money. First of all, you can have a fake name, and even if you have your real name, no bank, government institution, or any other person than me is going to know about your transfer. Secondly, it is fast and there are no extra transfer fees similar to banks or credit cards.

Easily choose one of the CryptoCurrency wallets below to donate the amount of money you like:

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