The Edging Story Of Virgin Chastity Boy

The Edging Story Of Virgin Chastity Boy is the third episode of a German virgin beta boy caged by his beautiful girlfriend on his birthday.

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Testing The Cage for the First Time

What was that for a birthday present!? When I got home, I immediately ran to my room, locked the door, and hastily pulled down my pants. First I looked at my locked cock, then I started to fiddle around with the cage. No chance, I realized, the thing is too tight to get it off without a key. I spent the whole evening thinking about what it was all about. Did she want to test me, or was she afraid that I would cheat on her? Is it a game?

I slept badly that night, with every attempt to build up an erection my body was rudely prevented. The next morning, while showering with lots of soap, I tried to slip the ring to which the cage was attached over my testicles. But it didn’t work. Instead, my cock tried to get hard again, pressing against the cage. Could I at least masturbate? I tried, but the stupid thing also prevented me from masturbating.

Contacting The Only One with a Key

I had to speak to Linda, she was the only one who could remove the cage. During the day I texted her several times, complaining about my suffering. I had the feeling all day that everyone could see the cage through my pants. I had to sit down to pee. Every text message sounded a little more desperate. But she didn’t answer.

The night was restless again, but I slept a little more soundly. On the way to work, a young lady flirted with me on the bus. But the cage in which my best piece was trapped robbed me of all self-confidence, so I avoided her. Again, Linda’s cell phone seemed to be in a dead spot all day. On the way back I decided to drive to her tomorrow at the latest if I hadn’t heard from her by then.

Her Email About the Cage

In the evening I turned on the PC in my room. Of course, as so often, I felt like watching porn, and the mere thought of being able to satisfy myself made my cock swell a little in the cage. I tried to distract myself, opened my e-mail box and found out excitedly: Linda had written to me!

Excitedly, I immediately opened the email, in which she wrote: “Hi, sweetheart. I hope you like my gift. I know it can be a little uncomfortable and miserable at first, but I’m sure you’ll get used to it very quickly. It is very important to me that you wear a cage because that way I can trust you 100%. I hope you didn’t remove it without permission, that would disappoint me greatly. I wear the key as a token of my love for you every day as a necklace, and you should wear the cage with that in mind. Of course, I’ll unlock you again. Just come see me on Friday.” KISS LINDA

Her Look Looking at my Caged Cock
Her Look Looking at my Caged Cock

I was really happy about her message and was now also very motivated to endure the cage until Friday without further whining. In bed, I wondered what would happen if she removed the cage again. I would probably cum with just a few touches. That would be very embarrassing for me. But actually, she should understand that after all I was closed for 5 days. Anyway, I couldn’t wait to get rid of it.

The Promised Weekend for Release

Finally! The weekend was just around the corner and with it my long-awaited liberation from this weird metal cage that enclosed my penis. It has been tormenting me almost non-stop for 5 days, not allowing a single erection, let alone an orgasm. My balls were as full as probably never before. They felt swollen and heavy. I used to masturbate several times a week, so that week I had to do without it completely. Still, I couldn’t help it and watched some porn, which only increased my pressure. But, I almost got over it.

On the way from work to Linda’s, I wondered what would happen after she removed the cage. My fantasies once again caused a lack of space in the cage. After what felt like an eternity, I finally arrived. Linda opened the door and I gave her a bouquet of roses that I got on the way. She thanked me with a smile and gave me a kiss. “Well, are you all right?” I answered her question in the affirmative, a little tormented by the cage, and immediately tried to collect more plus points: “You look beautiful great dress.”

Linda in Her Beautiful Dress
Linda in Her Beautiful Dress

“That’s very kind of you and so charming, I like it,” she stated somewhat smugly. She probably suspected that my charm offensive also had something to do with my pent-up pressure. We cuddled and chatted on the couch for quite a while without getting on the subject of ‘penis cage’. I would have liked to ask Linda for information right away, but I thought it wiser not to press her with it. She seemed to want to let me flounder, otherwise, I couldn’t explain the situation.

It was getting late, and finally, Linda got up and said: I have to take a shower now.” That was always the signal for me to go home on our first dates. “Um yeah, I should then…” You don’t want even to be unlocked?” Linda’s question interrupted my stammering. “I actually wanted to reward you for sticking it out so bravely for me.” As if at the push of a button, the cage filled and I groaned, “Oh yes, please put me off this thing.” I followed her into the bathroom and stripped completely at her command.

Teasing Virgin Cock

She looked at my locked cock trying even more desperately to get hard. “It suits you so well and it makes me damn happy. Stand in the shower tub, I want to play with you a little.” I was very excited. First, she blindfolded my eyes and tied my hands behind my back. Then, she appeared to be undressed, climbed into the shower tub with me, and turned on the water. I couldn’t see anything but felt her open the lock on the cage.

My abdomen was electrified. The ring behind my balls opened and finally, she slowly pulled the cage down. My penis immediately stretched to its full size. Ah, that felt so good. I waited for the next touch, my desire and my horniness could not have been greater (so I believed at the time). But nothing happened. Linda pushed me a little out of the stream of water, whispered: “Don’t turn around.” and started washing behind my back. I was incredibly nervous but didn’t dare to move.

My cock slowly swelled a little. “Has the little one finally calmed down a bit!?” she comments on his shrinking, then I felt her hands on my back. She lathered me. First my back, then my shoulders and my bound arms. She patted and pinched my butt a little, her hands moving to my thighs. Now she was stroking my inner thighs, only inches away from my stiffening cock.

Teasing the Whole Body

My body almost trembled with lust and suddenly she grabbed my testicles with one hand. I was startled and moaned with excitement. Her soapy fingers massaged my full balls. “Pretty plump, I like that.” I just groaned. Then she gave it a quick, firm squeeze and let go. Pain ripped through my body and made my knees go weak for a moment. I tried not to let it show, but between my legs, you could see that not only my knees were weak.

Linda turned me and gave me a long erotic kiss. She clasped my body with her arms, my penis touched her and I felt her hard nipples on my skin. With one hand she grabbed my cock and lathered it. First, she washed it, and then she jerked it. It only lasted a few seconds and I was on the verge of orgasm. She noticed my twitch. “You’re fast!” I apologized and justified my low stamina with the enormous pressure that would have accumulated through the cage.

Her hand movements slowed to an agonizingly slow pace, just enough to keep me on the verge of orgasm. “Do you want to cum?” “Yeahhh, please, yes.” I answered with a groan and was asked again: “What do you want?” “I want to cum?” I groaned now almost begging. Her movements quickened again, only to slow down again at the last moment.

More Edging

Several times Linda brought me very close to an orgasm with her hands. I could hardly stand it. Her fingers kept leaving my cock just before I could cum. I moaned and whimpered, somehow trying to get every last bit of friction to finally gain satisfaction. Desperate, I kept poking around in vain.

Linda acknowledged my efforts with an amused giggle. “I want you to stay with me for the night,” Linda said after bringing me to the edge again. “Yes, I really want that too.” I moaned exhausted. “Then ask me to lock you again,” she demanded and grabbed my throbbing balls. I hesitated for a moment, should I really go through this agony again?

Getting Back to the Cage

Linda’s fingertips massaged my glans. “Come on, ask me to put the cage back on you,” she demanded a little more energetically. “But I…” I stammered but was immediately cut off. “But what? Is your orgasm more important to you than me?” “No, no it’s not, you can put the cage back on if you want,” I replied. “Beg it! Beg me to put your little friend back in his cage.” I was confused, “Really?” “Yes, I want to hear it.” “Ok, please Linda, put my cock back in the cage.”

Linda squeezed my balls a little harder while still massaging my glans with her other hand. ” Once again!” she demanded. “I want you to beg me.” The pressure her left hand was exerting on my balls was starting to hurt me. “Please Linda ahhh please I beg you ahhhhhh please lock my cock back in the cage. Please.” My cock was now only semi-rigid, what Linda was doing to my balls was too painful, and yet I had the feeling that I would climax at any moment.

Finally, she loosened her grip and it felt like 2-3 drops of liquid were escaping my glans. “All right honey, I’ll lock you up again.” she gave in to my begging. It took a moment, but then my penis was back in the cage. Although my desire for an orgasm was still huge, even greater than before, I was almost relieved. I couldn’t have endured this torture any longer. Linda untied my wrists and when I removed the blindfold I found that she had already put her underwear back on. She looks really sexy.

The Edging Story Of Virgin Chastity Boy
The Edging Story Of Virgin Chastity Boy

But I would have loved to see her body completely naked. “Well, do you like my butt?” Linda asked, noticing my gaze lingering on that part of her body. “Oh yeah,” I replied a little caught and almost drooling. I continued to dry myself and watched her comb her beautiful long hair.

Sleeping with Girlfriend While wearing Chastity

As we exited the bathroom, I followed Linda into the bedroom and got in bed with her. We kissed and caressed each other and of course, my penis pressed against the cage with all its might again and made me suffer. It got even worse when Linda turned around. Lying with her back to me, she rubbed her tight little butt on me. Her buttocks caressed my balls. I would have loved to scream with lust, but I pulled myself together. Linda told me how happy she is with me, and how glad I am so accommodating to her preferences. We finally fell asleep hugging each other.

I woke up very early in the morning for the first time. My little friend was struggling against his prison, squeezing so hard that the ring is tugging at my balls and causing me slight pain. I tried to distract myself and fell asleep again after a few minutes. But it didn’t stop at one time. My penis tried with all its might to get hard. Linda was asleep and didn’t notice what was happening between my legs.

She had rid herself of her blanket in her sleep, and the first rays of the day shone through the cracks in the shutters onto her flawless body, which was only covered by her sexy lingerie. I ran my fingers over her stomach, and I would have liked to have made a detour under the fabric of her lingerie, but I didn’t dare. Would I risk touching the fabric? How would she react if she caught me? My fingers approached her panties, in the thin fabric of which a few Linda’s labia were visible.

I straightened my upper body, with my free hand I began to caress my balls and my locked cock. My index finger reached the edge of her panties, timidly and very carefully I let it graze further. I was hypnotized. I slowly walked on until my finger was between the two small bumps created by her labia. The fabric felt warmer at this point and also a little damp. I slid my fingertip back and forth for a brief moment before flinching in shock. Linda was already awake and watched my goings-on. “Are you having a good time?” I was paralyzed with shame and couldn’t get a word out.

Giving Her an Orgasm

Linda laughed, “And I wanted to reward you today for being so brave yesterday.” My face turned red. “I am sorry.” I stammered. “Maybe you can make it up to me,” Linda replied, grabbing my hand and putting it back on her panties. Slowly I began to caress her very gently with two fingers. She put her hand over my fingers and pressed them against her panties. Stroke became massage and Linda moaned very softly. I massaged her little pussy, through the fabric I could feel her getting wetter and wetter.

Actually, she uses my fingers to masturbate herself because she controls all movements. It was so exciting. Gradually her moans grew louder. She pressed my fingers against her panties more and more tightly. Her body writhed with excitement. Then a loud “Ahhhhh!” off, I felt a throbbing in my fingers. Her body relaxed again. “Well done,” she said softly, got up, and headed towards the bathroom. Wow, that was cool. My fingers had never felt anything more beautiful.

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