Horror Story of Forced Family Cuckolding on Birthday

Horror Story of Forced Family Cuckolding on Birthday as a passive boy witnesses the gangbang of his girlfriend, mother, and sister by his friends.

Horror Story of Forced Family Cuckolding on Birthday
Horror Story of Forced Family Cuckolding on Birthday

You were terrified. On your birthday your mom decided to help your social life in school by inviting all the guys from your class. She didn’t want to pressure you too much so she didn’t invite any girls. Except for your girlfriend and sister.

So the party began. And it was a total failure. At least for you, that is. Your sister decided to have her own fun. She took your girlfriend to her room to dress up into something more fun. Your girlfriend didn’t want to anger her best friend so she reluctantly obeyed.

Your girlfriend tried to keep her cool and just walked around the house “teasing” the boys. She didn’t want to ruin your birthday… too much.

Your sister, however….

Was planning this all year. What a perfect excuse to have her loser brother’s horny classmates all in one place away from school teachers and rules. You always forget that the women in your family are sluts. You never should have let your sister be friends with your girlfriend.

Despite your sister’s “fuck me” schoolgirl dress, Your girlfriend was getting all of the attention with those shorts. Your sister became jealous and decided to humiliate her. “How can this prude bitch get all the attention?” she thought.

“You guys do know she’s a virgin right? She never even kissed a guy.” Your sister was on a mission to get all the dick in the house for herself.

Her plan backfired.

The boys to her surprise were all smiling. They all thought the same thing. They’re going to corrupt your girlfriend.

Gangbang Of Your Girlfriend

What an awesome thing it is to know a slut who swallowed cum before she even kissed a guy.

Your girlfriend just stood there accepting her fate as the guys ripped her clothes off. The prospect of turning your sweet innocent virgin girlfriend into a wanton slut was too much for them. They didn’t waste any time.

As your girlfriend was being corrupted, your sister’s pussy was so wet from jealousy. All the boys in the house fucked her at some point in school and were probably sick of the same slut. They were really turned on when they got to fuck the slutty sister of their classmate but when they found out about your girlfriend they snapped.

And it all was even better for them since you were sitting on the couch tied up watching it all happen. You were thinking how can your mom do this to you.

How can she be so evil to organize this party and raise such a slut daughter?

Meanwhile, upstairs your mom was having fun.

Gangbang of Your Mom

“I’m such a good mother for doing this for my son,” she said to herself.

Bringing the boys to this party was not easy.

The deal was to give 300 dollars for each boy to come to the party and easy access to my holes during the party while the others make sure my son has the best birthday party ever. Of course, I was having a good time too, not every day you get to enjoy this much cock. I didn’t have this much sex since high school.

Your Mom's Gangbang with your friends
Your Mom’s Gangbang with your friends

“It’s a win-win situation for everybody!”

While the boys enjoy me, I bet my future daughter-in-law is giving her first kiss to my lucky son.

While my daughter is probably her usual self telling the boys to behave.

After 5 guys used your mom, she dressed and finally went down to see hows the party going.

To her horror, she saw you tied up. And both you and your mom saw your girlfriend get another first-time experience.

After the guys made that fantasy comes true, It was time for the main event. And they made sure you had a front-row seat.

To your right was your girlfriend’s gangbang deflowering.

Girlfriend's gangbang deflowering.
Girlfriend’s gangbang deflowering.

Not a single hole was left unattended.

To the left was your mom.

The boys enjoyed how your mom was trying to escape back to her room as they tore her clothes off. She begged them to fuck her in her room and not in front of you. That only made them hornier.

They made sure to give you quite the show.

Your Sister’s Bukake

And in the middle of the room was your sister. But she was not getting fucked. The boys found out about her secret fetish.


They didn’t allow her to have sex today. But the boys agreed that most of today’s cum will end up in her mouth.

your sister was there to swallow it all
your sister was there to swallow it all

When the boys reached their limit….

your sister was there to swallow it all.

And clean your mom’s and girlfriend’s juices from their cocks.

The boys could not believe their luck. Your mom actually paid THEM to whore herself out. They thought they were going to just come to your house, Use your mom and get the hell out. Turned out much better.

You sat there for hours. Watching. And, you didn’t know what turned you on more.

Your mom’s hidden side coming out begging for cock.

Your girlfriend’s surprising submissiveness, lust, and smiles despite the fact that the cocks she was sucking brutally gangbanged her virginity away a few hours ago.

Or your sister swallowing hours’ worth of cumshots without hesitation.

And, you saw only one guy was left in the house with the girls. “You can now go cum in the shower whore”, Said the guy to your sister.

He pushed you to the floor and commanded your mom and girlfriend to suck his cock while standing right above you.

Birthday Humiliation

After a while, you woke up hours later realizing you passed out.

“Now that I think about it I should have told your sister to stay so you can see all the women you care about worship my cock”.
“Your worthless whore sister is probably having the best orgasms of her life after what we did to her all day”.
“Not every day you get to see your mom and girlfriend sucking on another dude’s cock So we decided your special day should be that day”

“Yup were going to do this again on your next birthday”

“It was your mom’s idea”

“On your knees sluts!”
Happy birthday, loser.

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