How to do Self Ruined Orgasm in One Week?

How to do Self Ruined Orgasm in One Week? This is a guided hands-free masturbation technique with complete instructions.

How to do Self Ruined Orgasm in One Week
How to do Self Ruined Orgasm in One Week?

Some stuffy nerd once said “Patience and perseverance have a magical effect,” and I couldn’t agree more when it comes to Ruined Orgasms (hands-free orgasms). Truthfully, you are going to need a hell of a lot of both if you want a chance to learn how to do a ruined orgasm in a single week. Luckily, you have this concise and tasteful guide to show you the ropes.

Follow each day’s instructions closely. Of course, there is a reason that they are in the order that they are in. This guide is your best shot at getting that coveted ruined orgasm. Let’s get started!

Day One: Kegel-Palooza

Sorry to quote more silly nerds, but Harvard says, “Doing Kegels right means finding your pelvic floor muscles and working them,” which sounds about right. They go on to say that the best way to isolate those muscles is by finding the muscles that you use to stop your urine mid-stream. You can read Harvard’s opinion on Kegels here. While Harvard’s advice is lovely, I have my own ideas on what makes a good kegel. Hopefully, a kegel is more helpful in the search for your HFO.

Day One: Kegel-Palooza
Day One: Kegel-Palooza

My advice is to try to move your penis without touching it. If you can make it bob, throb, and bounce like it does when you are close to cumming, then you have found the right muscles. For Day One, you are going to do a LOT of Kegels. Lay down with your legs together and squeeze your pelvic floor muscles while pushing your legs together.

Next, hold the kegel for a count of five seconds. Do twenty sets of this, or until you are unable to feel the Kegels contracting anymore. For me, it is easy to tell when I have enough Kegels because it simply feels like there is nothing happening when I flex. That is the end of Day One. Remember, you are not allowed to jerk off today!

Day 2: Warming Up

Today, we are mixing the Kegels in with regular masturbation. First, find some porn that really sautés your mushrooms. I’m talking pr0n so spicy you need milk to cool off. So, grab that porn and assume the position. Lay down, tuck testicles between legs, and push legs together. Make sure to keep the skin taut. You may need to adjust things so it is more comfortable.

After this, you will masturbate normally. The tricky part here is trying to mix Kegels into your masturbation; this is our focus today. Throw in Kegels every few strokes. You can vary the duration from quick pulses to long, five-second holds. You can cum normally today, just make sure you are working those Kegels during the session!

Day 3: Finish with Kegels

Day 3 is a doozy. Besides the struggles of mastering Kegels, today will offer a difficult challenge. You will be masturbating normally, getting to the edge (let’s so 95% to orgasm), then stop touching entirely and just do Kegels to finish yourself. Admittedly, this will probably be unachievable on the first attempt.

Luckily, you can bring yourself to the edge multiple times and try those Kegels as many times as you need. Also, you can watch your favorite porn during all this, which may help. If you cannot finish this way, don’t finish yourself normally. It’s okay, you will have another chance tomorrow!

Day 4: Less Stroking, More Focus

Day 4 is not much different from the last. Today we are going to be focusing on reeling back on the porn. Additionally, we are going to stop stroking well before you feel the edge and then finish with Kegels (about 85% or so). From now on, when you start the Kegels, you need to focus–HARD. You need to shut off the porn when you get to 85% and work on using those Kegels to get you over the edge. It may sound counterintuitive to stop the porn at that point, but the focus on the sensations in your penis will do much more than the porn can. If you don’t cum, don’t finish yourself off. Tomorrow you will have another chance.

Day 5: Building Focus

Watch as much porn as your heart desires. Next, get yourself hard by touching yourself. After you get hard and get a bit of a start, it is time to stop touching and begin Kegels. Continue watching porn if you need to. You will kegel until you finish or run out of steam. Again, if you don’t cum, wait until tomorrow. Getting frustrated yet? Good!

Day 6: An Erotic Thought

On this day we are focusing on something a little different. Take some time and find a thought or image in your head that really gets you going. Take that thought and make it twice as sexy. Think about whatever you can do to make this thought the most arousing, fantastic sexual thought you can. Write it down so that you remember it well. We are saving this thought for tomorrow. Additionally, you will not be allowed to touch yourself today. Finally, we are getting into the real HFO territory. After you get your fill of porn, kegel to your heart’s content. Seriously, don’t finish yourself off. You will probably have blue balls… Poor baby ;p

Day 7: The Big Day

Self Ruined Orgasm - Hand Free
Self Ruined Orgasm – Hand Free

The big finale. Today you will cum so hard that you will need a splash guard for your face! Watch at least two hours of your favorite porn, then assume the position. Tuck your testicles between your legs and lay down flat on your back in bed. Continue watching your porn of choice (make it NAUGHTY), and start your five-second Kegels. Focus on the feeling around the frenulum and the pulling on your skin.

Next, when you feel the pleasure building, shut off the porn entirely. Now close your eyes and kegel at a pace that feels good to you; it will soon become involuntary. When you feel yourself getting close, but you just can’t quite get over the edge, you pull out your secret weapon. Keep kegeling while you think the hottest thought your mind can possibly muster.

Add as many taboo nasty things as you can think of. If the thought is right and you kegel along with your body, you will get it. It may take a while of imagining that image in your head and adding elements until it is hot enough. Focusing on a thought like this can be challenging, but I can guarantee you that it is critical in achieving this wonderful ruined (hands-free) orgasm.


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