How to Ejaculate Quickly? A Build-Up Guide for Prejac

How to Ejaculate Quickly? A Build-Up Guide for Prejac. This guide will teach you how to cum fast so you can get ready to have premature ejaculations.

How to Ejaculate Quickly? A Build-Up Guide for Prejac
How to Ejaculate Quickly? A Build-Up Guide for Prejac
  1. Buy a stopwatch.
  2. Always record your times (from the first stroke to the moment of no return).
  3. Only use one finger with lube and rub your frenulum. Never jerk off normally.
  4. Only use clothed women as a visual stimulus. Less skin the better. No nudity ever.
  5. Masturbate three to four times a week. In other words, every other day.

Just follow these steps and you will become a PREJAC very quickly. As you improve, reduce physical and visual stimulation even more. The ultimate goal is to orgasm without touching, to a pic of a completely clothed woman. Below there is more detail about each step and what you can do to make this training more effective and fun. After a few weeks, you will easily be able to teach others how to cum quickly.

Buy a Stopwatch

Humans rate movies on a scale, rate the value of products with dollars and in the world of premature ejaculation, we rate your skill with a stopwatch. If you don’t record your times you will never know if you are improving. What is the point of pursuing premature ejaculation if you can’t tell if it is working?

Buy an actual stopwatch. They are cheap. The cost may be 15 bucks for a good one. Think of it as a sex toy, I know my GF does. She loves to hold the timer.

Always Record Your Times

Why are you timing yourself if you aren’t keeping a record? Go on google docs and make a quick excel sheet and chart your times. After you have some data you can chart them on a graph. It is extremely hot to see your descent. I have jerked off many times to the steep downward drop on my chart. It is worth it. At the very least, write them down.

Only Use One Finger

The less physical stimulation you use, the faster you will become during intercourse. If your body is used to only having 5% of your penis stimulated, then when you have sex and stimulate 100% you will orgasm much faster. As you continue with your training, reduce the stimulation even more. Start to add layers of clothing between the rubbing, rub a spot that isn’t as sensitive or try to finish yourself hands free. The end goal is to become hands-free and to make it a habit. If you can have Ruined Orgasms (hands-free) in 30 seconds do you think there is a chance of even getting inside a pussy without cumming?

Use Only Clothed Women

The less visual stimulation you use, the faster you will become during intercourse. If you are accustomed to masturbating to a woman that is completely clothed, a naked woman will be very overstimulating, and this will make you cum faster. I know it can be hard to get used to less stimulating porn but you will be glad that you went thru the effort. Gradually use more mundane images, from bikinis to women in short shorts to jeans and then women where the curves of their body are indistinguishable in their clothing.

The Trigger method is very helpful in this training. Watch whatever porn you currently enjoy and right when you are about to orgasm put on an image of something much more mundane and stare at it intently while you orgasm. For example, watch some hardcore gangbang bukkake then when you are close stare at an image of a woman in shorts. Stare intently while you orgasm. Put it fullscreen.

This method is extremely powerful and can induce sexual interest in ANYTHING, not just clothed women. The goal is to get the trigger image as mundane as a used pair of panties. You know you have succeeded when you only need a pic of used panties to cum. This method works well for those with a foot fetish or who WANT to get a foot fetish. Be careful with this method.

See this reference post to learn the 5 levels of nudity for the Trigger Method.

Masturbate Three to Four Times a Week

Our study in 2019 found that the fastest PREJACS masturbate three to four times a week. People that masturbate more or less are not likely to see good results. I know that it is difficult to hold yourself back from masturbating multiple times a day, but it is very important that you limit it to every other day.


We have gone through many versions of training on this sub. Studies, experience, and a lot of practice and research have made this version possible. It is an effective method if you are consistent.

You can expect to see results quickly. Many people cut their time in half in the first week. In my training, I went from lasting 30 or more minutes on average to lasting 9 seconds on average. I have stopped training and even after 8 months, I can not last more than 30 seconds if I tried. Other people on this sub have experienced even greater results such as orgasming consistently just trying to get a condom on or orgasming while pleasing their wife. This is powerful stuff.

With this in mind, don’t be scared. Premature ejaculation IS A GOOD THING. Most women don’t orgasm from penetration and prefer other forms of stimulation. Most men worry about their stamina and never focus on their pleasure. We need to embrace being a PREJAC and reject this long-running social stigma about stamina and sexual performance.


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