Wife’s Sex Drive Coming Back with African Man on Holiday

Wife’s Sex Drive Coming Back with African Man on Holiday is a short story of a real Hotwife with her African bull on vacation.

My wife is a college professor. She is a sexy mature white wife. We have a happy simple life but we hadn’t had sex for years. She had lost all sex drive. Then, we went to Africa, and she met Kofi, her distant black Bull.

I was so happy to see her vitality return, see her open up, and enjoy herself so much. I could never stand in the way of her enjoyment and happiness. And, I was almost as happy as her. Now, we visit often and their love affair continues. My wife and I still don’t have sex but she does.

Stepping aside to let a sexually superior man please my wife, to let them fall in love without distraction from me was the best decision I made. I am no longer in a sexual or romantic picture. However, I enjoy watching from the sidelines. My role is to embrace my defeat and support my wife.

Wife's Sex Drive Coming Back with African Man on Holiday
Wife’s Sex Drive Coming Back with African Man on Holiday

This summer I had to stay home because of work and kids, and she decided to go visit Kofi by herself for 6 weeks.

She posts pictures on her social media once in a while. God, she’s oozing confidence and sex appeal. She’s even more radiant than she was when we first started dating, it’s unbelievable.

Occasionally Kofi would appear by her side in the picture. They look so comfortable with each other and I can’t help but think they make a flawless couple. She started wearing our wedding ring on her necklace shortly before she left, and in her most recent picture, I see a new ring on her finger where the wedding ring used to be. Her happiness melts my heart.

Her sabbatical leave is a couple of years down the line. We’ve started talking about plans, whether she should spend most of that year in Africa to wrap up her big field study project, and maybe, just maybe, bring home a mixed-race little brother or sister for our boys. Nothing has been decided yet but just talking about these things is thrilling. We’ll see where this goes.

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