Benefits Of Hiring A Male Trainer For Hotwife

Benefits Of Hiring A Male Trainer For Hotwife include a few advantages and rules to follow in a gym environment for slutwives.

We are going to cover the benefits of hotwife having a male personal trainer and rules to abide by. It is important to note, that not only must the trainer be a male, but he must be the type of man she finds the manliest and most attractive.

Benefits Of Hiring A Male Trainer For Hotwife
Benefits Of Hiring A Male Trainer For Hotwife

Hormones/sex drive

While a female personal trainer may understand her emotions and focus on her training, only a man the hotwife finds attractive will get her hormones raging and sex drive going. It is well documented that when women fall in love or develop a new attraction to a man, their bodies go through various hormonal changes that lead to physical changes and higher sex drives. The stronger the chemistry she has with her trainer, the more she will open up to possibilities. This applies to both slutwives and hotwife wannabe. Finding the right personal trainer the slutwife finds most attractive is extremely important.


The Hotwife must be willing to do everything her trainer says, without questions or excuses. This has a few benefits of its own. First off, the slutwife becomes accustomed to being submissive and obedient to another man that she likes. She makes a commitment to obeying him and showing up when he says so, obeying him through pain, fatigue, through obstacles.

These are all great characteristics that a hotwife requires to be the best slut she can possibly be. This relationship will cement itself further when his natural alpha demand more and more from her, and she obeys him further and further, thus building trust and rapport between them. In this stage, a personal trainer may begin asking to record her working out, or asking for before and after pictures. It is important that the slutwife allows him to record her or provide her with the pictures he wants in very small clothing like underwear or bikinis.

Seduction of Fitness trainer by hotwife
Seduction of Fitness trainer by hotwife


As the hotwife and trainer build trust in each other natural roles of master and servant, they will naturally fall into roles of seduction. She will naturally begin paying more attention to her looks. From dieting to what she wears, she will strive to become more attractive to him. Seeing this, her trainer demands more things from her.

He will place her in more sexually looking positions and positions where he can stare at her sexually. She will comply more and more, which will give him the confidence to demand more from her. This will lead to natural flirting between them. She will do more and more just to please him and ensure his attention on her. When she sees him reacting to her seduction, it will only make her want to seduce him further.

Trainer touching hotwife
Trainer touching hotwife


A hotwife must have this rule regarding her trainer. He is allowed to touch her as much as he wants. It will be a natural progression of light touching at first. Touch the arm or leg during the workout. She must welcome the touch and even ask him for extra support during her workout to allow him to touch freely.

The trainer will build confidence in touching her and will eventually realize he can touch her as much as he wants. A slutwife in training can accept his touching by not reacting to it, and by inviting him to spot her more often. An active hotwife ready to take the step can simply smile every time she is touched and imply he is free to touch her more.

Sexual power of hotwife in GYM
Sexual power of hotwife in GYM

Sexual Power

With all 4 points before being applied, the hotwife will fall into a shift in sexual power. She is attracted to him, obeys him, seduces him, and lets him touch her as much as he wants. She has now given her sexual power over her. If he has not done so, he may ask her for her phone number or social media accounts.

This will open up communication and trust further, and grant him more power over her. He will also take his flirting with her outside of the gym via phone/texting/ or messenger. The hotwife should be ok with all of this. It is also likely that the trainer will ask her for more pictures, maybe even more sexually appealing than before.

The hotwife should obey. When the trainer asks her out, she should also agree to meet him privately. The slutwife in training must meet him but can explain that she is married and is considering a hotwife lifestyle with her husband. An active slutwife is free to be her slut self and allow her trainer unlimited access to her sex.

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