How to turn your Woman into a Hotwife with Selfies?

How to turn your Woman into a Hotwife with Selfies? This article includes hotwife training tips for helping a wife, or girlfriend, into the slut using her selfies.

That is correct, selfies. It may seem silly now, but follow along, and hopefully, it makes sense in the end.

How to turn your Woman into a Hotwife with Selfies?
How to turn your Woman into a Hotwife with Selfies?

This topic is broken down into a few rules to follow and what they will accomplish in the long run.

Rule 1.

Regardless of how many selfies she takes a day, ask her for more, especially when you are away from her.

What it does:

It reaffirms your desire for her image. Builds up her self-esteem. Helps her practice taking better pictures. Allows her to value her image as very important. By being away, you allow her to pick and choose the images she sends you, presenting herself at her best.

Rule 2.

Regardless of whether the image is a sexy image or not, you will thank her, tell her she is beautiful and sexy, and that she turns you on.

What it does-This boosts her ego and self-esteem. It connects her image to her sexual self and engrains it as something desired by you (men).

Rule 3.

Regardless of whether the image is sexy or not, ask her to send another image slightly sexier. For example, in a simple mirror selfie in a blouse, ask her to pull down her blouse slightly more to show more cleavage. For example, a sexy lingerie picture in front of a mirror, ask her to bend over a bit or remove an item. Continue having her get sexier or remove clothing until she has to go or had enough. Do not attempt to push further than that. When she is done, remember rule #2.

What it does-It reinforces her image as something sexual. It conditions her to obey you (men). It conditions her to show off more to you (men). Allows her to explore her sexual side. Allows her to practice teasing you (men).

Rule 4.

When the image is appropriate, ask her to post it on her social media.

What it does- It shows that you are not jealous. And, it shows her it is okay for her image to be available to others (men). It conditions her to enjoy having her image on social media.

Rule 5.

When she posts an image that you asked her to post, you will give it feedback by commenting on how sexy she looks. You will not mention anything about her being your wife/GF, you will comment as any random man may comment. You can even be specific on her boobs looking amazing, her ass looking sexy, or how beautiful she is.

What it does-It opens up the door for other men to view her sexually. It conditions her to be viewed sexually by men in a public setting. Also, it reaffirms her sexual image of herself. It shows that you are not jealous. And, it gives her a mental reward by getting good feedback for her actions.

Rule 6.

When men leave comments on her pictures, do not interfere. Tell her there is nothing wrong with other men thinking she is sexy or even commenting on how sexy she looks. Tell her how much it turns you on that other men find her sexy. Ask her to respond by saying thank you to each one that leaves a comment. Furthermore, ask her to accept other men as friends on social media, even if she does not know them.

What it does-It shows her that you are not jealous. It conditions her to be viewed in a sexual way by other men. It conditions her to view men’s sexual comments or advances as not being a big deal.

Rule 7.

Reward her actions by pleasing her. Please her with love, comments, clothing, gifts, and sex that is pleasurable for her. Treat her like a queen and remind her how sexy her image is, and how much you enjoy having a woman that is desired by others.

What it does-Shows you are not jealous. Conditions her mind to connect her self-image to pleasure, thus also connecting pleasure to her image of being viewed by other men sexually.


It is important that a slut wife in training values her own image, and knows that others value it as well. No one should value her image more than yourself, so worship her. Blow up her ego through the roof and beyond. A woman that values her self-image will only seek to improve upon it by working out, dressing nicer, being sexier, being more confident, etc.


Have her take a selfie too sexual to post on social media. Remind her of your slutwife fantasy, and ask her if she had to send that selfie to one man to seduce him, who it would be and why. Remember to pleasure her and remind her how much you enjoy this fantasy.

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