Hotwife Pretending to be Friend’s Wife on Vacation

Hotwife Pretending to be Friend’s Wife on Vacation is a short story of a loving wife trying to cheer up a friend of her husband.

It was supposed to be a vacation with you and your wife and your best friend and his wife. But then they separated a week before the trip. Your friend was acting depressed, so your wife convinced him it would be good for him to come on the trip even without his wife.

But after a couple of days, it was clear that your friend was feeling like a “third wheel”, hanging out with you and your wife. So your wife – in her typically very thoughtful way – suggested you two do something to make him feel better.

Her Idea to Cheer Your Friend Up

Hotwife Pretending to be Friend's Wife on Vacation
Hotwife Pretending to be Friend’s Wife on Vacation

That night you went back to your room right after dinner, while your wife stayed with him to keep him company. She stayed with him all evening, and then all night. The next morning she moved her things into his room, and for the rest of the week she acted as if she were married to him, while you were relegated to the role of “third wheel friend”.

She slept with him, lay next to him at the beach and the pool, and sat next to him at dinner, often with his arm around her and her head on his shoulder. You had dinner with them the first night, but then, just before dinner the next day, when you thought you would be sitting with them, your wife called to tell you that they had made arrangements to have dinner with another couple that they had met while having drinks by the pool. For the rest of the week, you ate alone as the two couples shared a table. You could see them each night, talking and laughing. It felt good to see that your friend seemed to be getting over his distress.

They also went for a long romantic holding hands walking down the beach each day, explicitly not inviting you to join them, and she kissed him a lot right in front of you numerous times each day.

Exposing Cuckolding You in front of Others

There was a nightclub at the resort where you saw your wife and friend having drinks with the other couple each evening. A band played for dancing, and there was also entertainment, and one evening the MC of the show walked through the audience talking to the people at different tables, in most cases asking very personal questions for laughs.

When he got to your wife’s table, he commented on what a good-looking couple they were and then laughingly asked your wife how the sex was that week. You could see your wife look at your best friend, blush a bit, and then say that, quite honestly, she was having the best sex of her life. People at the other tables laughed and applauded. The MC then said that they seemed to be very much in love. Your wife smiled and said that they were.

When the week ended, your wife drove back with him instead of with you and spent one more night with him at his house before returning home. All of that did seem to cheer him up, and you felt good about how thoughtful your wife was being.

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