How to do Female Domination in 30 Days?

How to do Female Domination in 30 Days? This article shows the basics of Femdom for women who want to acquire power in their relationships.

How to do Female Domination in 30 Days?
How to do Female Domination in 30 Days?


Let’s face it. You need this. Dominant women get what they want, and people get out of the way of them when they go after it. Either that or they help them achieve it. Dominance is a beautiful word, and you are a beautiful dominant inner goddess waiting to be released.

In the past, you let people walk all over you, including your husband. You let friends, family, and others take advantage of your good nature.

In this article, we are going to teach you how to become a powerful, assertive, dominant woman that gets what she wants, when, and how she wants it.

Sounds good right?

You bet it is.

However, this isn’t going to happen by reading this article once.
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You have years of patterns, behaviors, and reactions that all have formed part of you.

In this training session, we are going to unravel the pieces that do not work for you, and replace them with a strong, dominant woman who gets what she wants….

So listen to me very carefully right now. This is an absolute must. If you are going to learn how to become dominant, one of your first lessons is that you must learn self-discipline.

First Discipline

The first discipline that is imperative for you to follow, is that you need to read this article every day for the next 30 days.

You have taken decades of your life to get to where you are right now and I am not about to be able to change you in 1 day. However, if you give me 30 days in a row WITHOUT MISSING 1 DAY of reading this, you will change dramatically. You can expect to find:

  • Newfound confidence and self-discipline.
  • A 100% compliant obedient husband.
  • An incredible feeling of self-worth and peace.

So let’s get started.

The dominant nature inside of you has always been there. Every woman has it. Few tap into it.

You and you alone are responsible for the way people treat you. So, you will be re-training the people in your life to make sure that you are treated as the dominant goddess you are.

If you are to train people on how to treat you, it is not their say in what you do to train them. It is yours, and yours alone.

Here are some proven methods to train your man so that he is 100% compliant and obedient to your will. Always start with your man in training, because when you train him, others will follow. To be dominant, one just needs to break another dominant person to their will, and everything else just starts to fall in place.

Pull your man aside at your earliest convenience, and have this discussion with him.

Let him know that for the next 30 days you will be training to be a dominant woman, and that his assistance in this is absolutely vital for your success.

You will require a few things of him.

List of things that you will require of him

  1. For the next 30 days, while you are training, your husband is not allowed to cum. There are no exceptions, and no feeling sorry for him, no matter how much he begs or pleads. NO orgasms for your man. Period.
  2. He is to do everything he is asked without hesitation, questions, or talking back on all matters inside and out of the bedroom. Failure to comply will result in an extreme spanking.
  3. He is to wear a Chastity Cage (Cock-Cage) of some kind for the full 30 days. It will be taken off only for tease and deny sessions or penetrating sex, without any release for him.
  4. Let him know too, that at the end of your dominance training for you to be a successful dominant, you will require him to eat his own cum. You will require him to shoot his load on you, lick it off your body, and then profess to you that he surrenders his will, decisions, cock, mind, body, and soul to you as his loving dominant wife.

These are your requirements for him.

What you need to do over the course of these next 30 days

  1. Read this article every day.
  2. Make him do things that he does not like to do in and out of the bedroom to push his understanding of what true submission is.
  3. Cum as often as you can by his hands, mouth, tongue, or toys.

As you start to do these things on a daily basis, your dominance will grow.

This is a REAL BOOTCAMP for your man, and it should not be pleasant for him, except for the new bedroom games you will be playing with him this month.

Aside from him doing ALL AND ANYTHING you ask for this entire month in the way of chores, in the bedroom, he will do anything you ask. This is your chance to learn what true domination is. This is how you awaken your desires and unleash your inner goddess.

Your man has become your complete boy toy, with no restrictions on how you use him.

Make Him Eat His Own Cum

Make Him Eat His Own Cum
Make Him Eat His Own Cum

To complete training in the next 30 days, the end goal of these 30 days is to make your man eat his own cum.

Most men will gag, or hate the thought of eating their own cum, and your husband is likely no exception. At the end of the 30 days, you are going to make him lick up every drop of his massive load off of your body, and profess to you, that he is yours eternally as your slave in and out of the bedroom.

He will do this out of sheer lust of not cumming for 30 days, and the training you will be doing all month long.

Each day, you will make him need to cum even more with teasing. You will hint to him at times when he is very close to coming, and desperate to cum, that the time is not right now. Let him know that when the 30 days are up, he will be allowed to cum, but only if he eats his cum off of your body. Constantly bring this up over the next 30 days. You are planting suggestions in his head, so he will be able to follow through with what you ask.

Trust me when I say, that if you have him locked up for 30 days, he will do anything you want for him to cum, so this is what you want him to do. The reason you want him to do this is so that you truly do dominate him. It is all pretend until you make him do things he simply does not want to do under any circumstances. Well, you are bending the circumstances so that YOU can make him do anything. That is the purpose of domination.

Pegging as a Dominant Woman

In these 30 days, you will also fuck him regularly in the ass with a strap on, when you please. If he protests or is not in the mood, all the better. This is when you do it the most. Fuck him hard, and long until he begs for you to stop, and then a little longer after that.

This is an important part of submission training. Each time you fuck him in the ass, he will feel humility and submission, and it works great coupled with orgasm denial to make him listen and respond to anything you say.

Make him do very degrading things during the month.

Here are some suggestions.

Buttplug for Your Husband

He should have a buttplug in as often as possible. In fact, the only time he should have it out is when you are fucking his ass. Somewhere in between always plugged and sometimes plugged is likely the right place to be. I am just a more dominant woman and believe that my man should be plugged in virtually 24/7. It serves as a reminder to him that I am his boss. If you try this, have 0 compassion when he begs you to take it out. Say no. Eventually, he will get used to it. Use a metal one. They are better for long-term use.

Buttplug Your Husband
Buttplug Your Husband

Make Him Suck Your Strapon

You should always make him get on his knees and suck your strap on for lube before you fuck him.

He will hate this, and you will feel very powerful with his inability to argue with you, or protest.

If he does, of course, you know what happens. He gets spanked extremely hard.

When he is in the kneeling position, and you enter your strap on into his mouth, grab the back of his head and slowly start fucking his face. Think of the times when you were doing this for him. Realize now, that you want him to feel true submission.

Make Him Suck Your Strapon
Make Him Suck Your Strapon

Start fucking his face hard. Make him gag on it. Plug his nose with one hand, fuck hard with your body and watch him gag. This is great humility training. It should be your goal to do this every time you put on the strap-on. It goes hand in hand. You need lube, and he is to provide it.

Humiliation and Control

If all this Humiliation becomes too much for him, he wants to quit. PERFECT. You are doing a great job. If he doesn’t protest, find more humiliating things for him to do. You are not doing your job right if he doesn’t want to quit at some point. When he does you tell him, that if he fails to do what you ask, that you will forget about all this femdom stuff, and he is to never bring it up again.

The part that most women do not understand about female dominance when they first get started is that it is as real as you want to make it. If you are just indulging in your husband’s fantasies, and not really taking control by pushing your man into doing uncomfortable things, then you are really again, just being controlled by him.

In order for female dominance to become real, you must make it real, by forcing him to do things that he does not want to do. You will either be done with all of this, or you will have the breakthrough, where you truly have brought your man to his knees in full servitude to you for the rest of your life.

Consider it like breaking a horse in. Or training a dog. Men are no different. They can be trained to submit to your will on all matters but you do have to “break him in”.

What sounds better to you?

Indulging your man’s fantasies….. or taking control of your man, your life, and your reality.

I know what I choose. Join me, and make your man your bitch.

Take him, break him, mold him, and have a relationship with him, that few ever get to experience.

A relationship that puts you on a pedestal, with him serving you as you wish.

Make Him Do Chores

Make Him Do Chores
Make Him Do Chores

In a relationship, where chores are the man’s job, (unless you want to help), orgasms are an obligation for the men to give, and a privilege for him to be granted rarely for exceptional servitude.

Discipline Yourself Dominant Him

This is your world now. You are dominant, and your man is your submissive. He asked for this, but he didn’t realize what it meant. Too bad. Either you take him now, or your window of opportunity will pass you by.

Do you want to be the passive, obligatory, serving wife, indulging your man’s fantasies, or do you want to be the dominant goddess that has all of her own fantasies fulfilled?

Make your man your bitch. That is the secret to life for all womankind.

Now, that this article is almost over, you want to remember everything that we have discussed here.

You are now the dominant goddess of the house.

What you say goes, is what goes.

There are no exceptions. What you want is what you get.

Be disciplined with yourself, and do not do things that contradict your dominance.

Your temple is your body and mind. You and you alone can take your body and mind to places it has never been without the aid of alcohol or drugs.

Dominant women get a buzz off of dominating their men. This is high for you. You are now addicted to dominating your man. You control him in every facet of your life and are free to explore boundaries limited only by consent, in which you can bend and manipulate to your favor.

Now, be a sweetheart, or a good Sissy, and share this with as many women as you can. The world needs more of us sweetie. Help the cause.

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