Why does your Man want to be Caged in Chastity?

Why does your Man want to be Caged in Chastity? 11 reasons for men getting attracted to chastity devices for keyholders.

Why does your Man want to be Caged in Chastity?

The concept of being denied sexual pleasure for the privilege of pleasing You is highly arousing for Your lover. We all have secret fetish dreams, fantasies and hopes and male Chastity Cage (Cock-Cage) is just one of those. Because this sexually arousing desire involves the use of a chastity belt or device it may be considered to be a fetish or a bit kinky, but that’s no bad thing really! We all need a bit of spice and excitement in our lives sometimes.

What attracts him to Chastity?

  1. It’s a secret fetish that Your man finds highly provocative, arousing, and very sexy, to the point that even just an image of a chastity device could cause the beginnings of an erection.
  2. It links in with the sexual fantasy of surrendering himself to You in erotic submission.
  3. It’s not just concerned with physical sensations, but the mind, body, emotional and innermost self. He will understand chastity as an all-encompassing desire, fetish, or kink, that’s an intellectual, physical, emotional, sexual, and spiritual experience.
  4. From his sexual fantasy perspective, the allure is that his loving Wife or Girlfriend holds the key to his penis. His cock becomes Yours, it’s freedom is dependent upon You releasing him. You hold the key to this release. You become his Keyholder.
  5. Your lover believes that he’s masturbating far too much and would like Your help to control this by making him wear a chastity device to prevent him from touching himself.
  6. He longs to be “Loved, Locked, and Owned” by You, and he believes that wearing a chastity device will demonstrate his commitment and faithfulness to You.
  7. He longs to escape from everyday realities and to allow his submissive desires freedom. This is a “need” for many men who long to set free their sexual submissiveness in the safety and security of their own homes and with their loving Wife or Girlfriend.
  8. Orgasm denial is highly arousing to him.
  9. He believes that You are superior to him and needs to demonstrate his acknowledgment of this by wearing a chastity belt or device.
  10. A highly sexy aspect is that Your husband will aim to seek his pleasure in pleasing and pleasuring You, thinking of his keyholder’s needs above his own. Wearing a chastity device helps him to sexually achieve this.
  11. He is interested in practicing Tantric Sexuality and wearing a chastity device may help save his sexual energy for his higher, emotional and intellectual self.

Discover His Personal Fetish

Although the above list is inclusive of the most common themes, Your husband or boyfriend may find chastity appealing for one, several, or none of the above reasons. A fetish or kink is a very personal thing and You might want to discover from Your lover what is it about chastity that personally turns him on.

If he’s found the courage to tell You about his desires and sexual fantasies he’s probably done so because he believes it’s something very special he can share with You and feels that, in being his keyholder, You may really enjoy and relish it just as much as him.

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