Teasing Caged Sissy Cuckold During Christmas

Teasing Caged Sissy Cuckold During Christmas is a demonstration of how my wife tortures and teases me while I’m in Chastity Cage.

Wife’s Sexual Frustration

After lots of sexual experiences with my wife which were unsatisfying for her, she started to get distant from me. I tried to introduce new kinks into our relationship such as her fingering me or using a plug on her or on me. Even though my attempt was to spice things up but she said all of these were good for me and not for her. She wanted something to torture me sexually so I can understand how frustrated she was.

Introducing Chastity

This continued until last year she bought a chastity cage for me as a Christmas gift. She locked me there and didn’t let me touch my penis for the whole year. During this time she was using the plug or fingers on me and humiliating me about loving anal.

Cuckolding for Her Humiliation for me

All of this Humiliation was not enough for her. She was not sexually satisfied and only showed her frustration. We talked together to find a solution for both of us. I was so horny and tight in my cage that I was willing to accept anything. That is why when she suggested that she wants to get a date, someone, from her gym and she would let me masturbate if she has sex with me I immediately accepted.

Little did I know, they started dating and they had sex without my knowledge. After a week of them dating, they decided to have sex in front of me. They had wild sex in front of me while I was in the cage suffering. I was so concentrated on my own frustration that I couldn’t focus on the fact that another man was fucking my wife. After her new boyfriend left, she handcuffed my hands and masturbated me, and lock me back again.

She was training me to want her to have sex with her boyfriend. And each time she was satisfying me less and less until she just made me wear women’s clothes and I was allowed to have orgasms while I was in the cage and satisfied myself with a dildo. I couldn’t cum for several weeks until I learned how to have Boipussy / AssPussy. That day, she decided to keep me locked up for at least another 6 years.

Teasing Caged Sissy Cuckold During Christmas
Teasing Caged Sissy Cuckold During Christmas

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