Drunk Wife Parties While Husband is Away

Drunk Wife Parties While Husband is Away – Homemade video of amateur Hotwife cheating while husband is in business conference. She gets gangbanged in a party bareback.

When my husband told me he had a business conference in L.A. I got on the phone with some friends in O.C.and asked them if they were planning anything that weekend. They told me they had a party and that I was more than welcome to attend and stay with them.

We’ve been friends a long time so my husband was comfortable with me spending the night with them.

My husband has no idea that these friends know how slutty I am and they even love watching me play. As the party started winding down and some of the guests started to leave, I noticed some single guys sticking around and they had set me up to be an after-party fuck toy. I think I was supposed to wait until all the regular guests left but I was drunk and couldn’t wait.

Our friends grabbed a camera and started filming, even though some of the guests were still saying goodbye. You can clearly see how hammered I was rather than pointing out each bareback cock I take, I’m giving a blanket disclaimer here that I took on the entire party bareback and some of the guys even came in me. Don’t tell my husband.

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