Wife Convincing Hubby for More Chastity Time

Wife Convincing Hubby for More Chastity Time caption is a perfect example of Sexual Denial and teasing of chastity boys. So they can focus more on serving mistress’ pussy.

Wife Convincing Hubby for more Chastity Time

Honey, I know hard it is to have your cock locked while serving my pussy. But think just how good it will feel after being denied for a week when you get the cage removed and can finally enjoy a proper erection!

You will be harder and hornier than ever!

And how intensive it will feel to be locked back in the cage without cumming while you’re that horny! And I promise, after a few weeks like that, I will eventually make you cum!

Oh boy, will you remember that time? How will you yearn for an actual fuck, instead of a ruined handjob!

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