About me

Hi there

My name is Adam MC Amen. I am the main writer on this website.

I will share my knowledge and experience in the form of stories with captions, articles, E-books, and videos.

My goal is to share believable and achievable stories and knowledge with you and avoid anything that may harm you in any way. Of course, I will share fantasies too I will also warn you about the consequences. I am going to post stories and articles written or narrated by my girlfriends or her Bulls here also.

Feel free to ask any personal or detailed questions you want.

Adam MC Amen


Email: [email protected]

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Sexual Life

I had many different types of relationships and had Cuckold fetish and experienced cuckoldry for a long time. I also had experiences of getting feminized by my girlfriend (Hotwife) and as a sissy, I had sex and relationships with men also which I will share with you in detail.