Definition – What does a Hotwife / Cuckoldress mean?

Definition – What does a Hotwife / Cuckoldress mean? What is Hotwife lifestle? How is it different from cheating?

Definition - What does a Hotwife / Cuckoldress mean?
Definition – What does a Hotwife / Cuckoldress mean?

Definition – What does a Hotwife / Cuckoldress mean?

A married woman who is allowed and/or encouraged by her husband to pursue sexual relationships with other individuals. Often, these relationships are in pursuit of fulfilling the husband’s/couples’ fantasies.

The idea of hotwifing comes from the concept of a husband showing off and sharing his “hot wife.” The non-monogamous arrangement is related to a cuckolding fetish, and many (but not all) husbands in such a relationship refer to themselves as cuckolds or hot-wifers.

What is the difference between Hotwifing and Cheating?

The difference between hotwifing and cheating is consent: In a hotwife arrangement, the husband is fully aware and supportive of his wife’s affairs. In many cases, one spouse or the other even gains sexual arousal from the arrangement due to voyeurism, the thrill of doing something taboo, or an infidelity and/or jealousy fetish.

Hotwifing vs. Swinging

Hotwifing isn’t exactly Swinging because only one partner is having extramarital sex. One of the most important aspects though is that both partners are open and trusting with each other. It only works if both partners are mutually onboard; the hotwifing arrangement often falls apart when one partner becomes uncomfortable with non-monogamy or when one partner feels pressured against their will to participate.

In some cases, there really aren’t any affairs taking place in hotwifing. For some, it’s mainly a foreplay exercise to talk through a hypothetical fantasy of infidelity.

History of Hotwifing

The term first started showing up online in the mid-1990s, mostly among message boards for swingers and exhibitionists. The term spread in late 1997 in personal ads involving husbands wanting to show off their hot wives before further taking hold online.


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