Hotel Fling – A Sweaty HallPass Story with Caps – P1

It had been about 6 months since their last vacation so Ron and Vanessa decided they needed to get away for the weekend. They just wanted a night out on the town and some distraction-free sex in a hotel bed. They made a late dinner reservation and planned to go to the hotel bar for some cocktails before. As Vanessa was getting ready Ron decided that he would go work out.

Vanessa knew what turned her husband on so she had packed her black lace bra with matching g-string thong and a black lace garter belt with lace top stockings. As she put it on she looked in the mirror and was quite impressed with herself. She could feel herself getting wet just thinking of her husband’s reaction to finding her in lingerie. She snapped a quick picture for herself before grabbing a black wrap dress. It was fairly modest, but was a little low cut and showed off some decent cleavage.

Wondering where her husband was she texted him, “I’m ready. Where are you?”

“Sorry bade. Got about 30 minutes left.”

She was a little frustrated, but didn’t want to let it ruin the night. “Okay. I’ll just wait here.”

“Go ahead to the bar. I’ll be there shortly.”

“I don’t want to go alone” she replied.

“What are you worried about? Someone might think you’re hot and hit on you.”

“I know you’d love that.”

“What can I say, I thinks it hot that other guys want my wife. Just go. Have a couple drinks. I’ll be right there.”


Vanessa sprayed on some perfume and put on her sexiest stilettos and headed for the rooftop bar. There weren’t a ton of people up there at 6:30 but it was fairly crowded. Luckily she found a seat at the bar and ordered a cocktail. She sipped it slowly and absently looked around.

After 10 minutes or so she noticed a younger guy, maybe 25, checking in her out through a mirror behind the bar. She didn’t mean to make eye contact, but he was rather attractive and she happened to stare just a little too long. After a few minutes, he came over and slid in next to her.

He made small talk with her at first, introducing himself, Jack, and asking her name. He noticed her ring but didn’t seem to care. She didn’t engage much with him at first, but he was persistent and actually fairly charming. He was also tall, very good looking, had a nice athletic build.

She had to admit that the attention was turning her on so she turned towards him as she finished her drink. When she did the wind blew her dress off one leg revealing the top of her stocking and garter strap. She didn’t notice at first until seeing Jack stealing glances at her legs. When she looked down she saw her exposed lingerie and quickly covered it up, but she also noticed a rather large bulge in Jack’s pants.

Jack ordered them another drink and they continued to chat. Eventually he asked her what she was doing at the bar. She didn’t know why, but she told him she was meeting a friend, knowing that her husband would be there any moment. Jack told her that he couldn’t imagine standing her up.

As they continued to talk she noticed Jack staring at her tits and when he turned his attention for a moment she opened the top of her dress a little bit more. Every once in awhile she would steal a glance down at his pants still seeing the bulge going down the leg of his pants. She wondered if it were real.

It looked like a roll of cookie dough running down his leg. The more Jack flirted the more annoyed Vanessa that her husband still wasn’t there. It had been almost an hour. Jack was quite charming and she could feel herself getting wet. Finally, she blurted out, “Look, if my friend isn’t here by the time I finish this drink then maybe we can have another drink in my room.”

It was the most excruciating 5 minutes of Jack’s life. The bill having been paid, Vanessa stood, tilted the bottom of the glass up and grabbed Jack’s hand. When the elevator doors opened her husband walked out as she and Jack walked in. When he looked away to hit the floor number she put her finger to her lips. Ron just stood there dumbfounded watching his wife kiss a complete stranger.

He texted her, “what are you doing??”

“Using that hall pass

“That was two years ago.”

“And I never used it. Don’t tell me you’re mad. I know you still look at that porn where the wife fucks other guys.”

“I’m not mad. Just surprised.”

“Well you shouldn’t have left me waiting. This is what your going to be missing out on.” She sent him the picture she had taken earlier of her in her lingerie.

“Fuck me. You look incredible. I want to watch you.”

“Give me 10 minutes, then come up.”

Vanessa and Jack were all over each other as the room door was closing. He was a good kisser, soft but passionate. She hardly noticed him loosening her dress and pushing it off her shoulders. He paused for a second to look down at her body. “Fuck. That’s the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen.”

She bit her lip and dropped to her knees, “I’m glad you like it.”

She unbuckled his belt then pulled his pants down uncovering the biggest cock she had ever seen. It was half hard, but already much bigger than her husband’s. When she grabbed it her fingers didn’t even wrap around it. She teased the tip of his cock with her tongue then stopped for a second.

“If someone comes in, it’s just me husband.” Vanessa said, slowly stroking his cock.

“What the…”

She interrupted, “He just likes to watch. He won’t bother us. If that’s a problem we can stop.” She started eagerly sucking as much of him as she could.

“No. Whatever. Damn you’re good at that.”

It didn’t take long for him to become hard as a rock. She looked up at him and saw that he was taking a video of her sucking his cock. She didn’t know why, but it made her suck even harder and soon she was tasting his precum. With her husband thats where she would stop, but for some reason she desperately wanted to make Jack cum. However, he had other plans as he picked her up off the floor and laid her on the bed. Just then they heard the door open and just watched her husband walk in and sit in a chair. “Don’t let me hold you up.” Ron said.

Vanessa looked back at Jack, “Fuck me.” Then she raised her hips, allowing him to pull off her thong. A weird feeling came over her at that moment. It had been many years since a man other than her husband had done that. Before she could have second thoughts she could feel the tip of Jack’s massive cock pressing against her pussy.

The feeling of a new cock pressing against the entrance of her married pussy must have sobered her a bit because she kind of shot up and asked Jack if he had a condom. He reluctantly fetched on from the pocket of pants. Your wife reached out and took it from him. She reached between her legs and rolled it down his shaft, then said, “Just take it easy. You’re a lot bigger than my husband.”

Jack smiled and slowly began to push his cock inside her pussy. It was a little uncomfortable at first, but she was so wet that her slid right into her.

“Damn. You are tight.”

“Oh god. You’re really stretching me out.” She moaned, feeling herself about to cum.

After a few minutes of slowly moving back and forth she had relaxed a bit and her pussy had adjusted to his girth. She told him to pick up the pace and almost immediately she started to cum and scream out, “yes. You’re so big. You’re ruining my pussy. Oh fuck.” It wasn’t the kind of orgasm she was used to. One that just comes and goes. It stayed with her as Jack continued to fuck her. It melted her mind and shook her body. Venessa was in pure ecstasy, still moaning about Jack’s big dick and how much better he fucked her than her husband, when Jack announced that he was about to cum. Your beautiful wife told him to cum on her stomach and tits. The next thing you saw was him pulling out, ripping the condom off and blast rope after rope of cum on your wife’s chest and stomach.

After he finished cumming he rolled off of her onto the other side of the bed. As she lay there trying to catch her breathe the excitement and bliss began to wear off. She became acutely aware of what she had just done. She had just been unfaithful for the first time in her marriage. She had just let a random hot guy with a huge cock fuck her brains out in front of her husband. A little embarrassed she rolled onto her side away from him, still trying to catch her breath. She felt him move, then a hand slide across her hip and down her pelvis to her greedy pussy. He started to kiss her neck and rub her clit. She could feel his cock growing against her ass as he spooned her.

She trembled at his touch and feebly protested, “oh wow. Again.” She caught herself for a second. “I can’t. Ron should get a turn.”

“One more time. I think she wants more, huh buddy.” He said to her husband as he unsnapped her garter straps. Venessa raised her legs, one at a time, as he rolled her stockings off of them.

“Looks like it to me.” He said as his wife went along with Jack’s every move.

“Tell me you want it.” Jack said as he began to rub her aching pussy.

“Oh fuck. This is so bad.”

“Say it”

“I want you to fuck me.”

“Say it.” He said pulling her hair.

Vanessa spun over quickly. “I want you to fuck me.” She said before kissing him. “But first I want to ride it.”

You could see the happiness in her clearly. Isn't it why you married her? To make her happy. Let her get fucked properly. The way you can't do.
You could see the happiness in her clearly. Isn’t it why you married her? To make her happy. Let her get fucked properly. The way you can’t do.

She pushed Jack onto his back then swung her leg across and straddled him. As she sat all the way up she grabbed the base of his cock to line it up with her eager pussy. Until now Ron had only seen his wife’s reaction to Jack’s cock, but now he could see what had turned her into a cock hungry slut in its entirety. Ron realized just how wrecked his wife’s pussy would be when jack finally left. He just hoped that her once tight little pussy wouldn’t be ruined forever.

Vanessa put her hands on Jack’s chest and rode him with an enthusiasm that Ron had never seen. As her impending orgasm approached Vanessa moaned, “Oooh yes. God I love riding big dick.”

That simple statement drove Ron to the edge. She hadn’t said that she loved riding Jack’s big dick. She said she loved riding big dick in general. Whose big dick had she ridden before? For that matter how many big dicks had she ridden before? Vanessa’s next words both snapped Ron out of his thoughts and sent him over the edge. “I’m gonna cum. Pinch my nipples baby.” Ron was shooting onto the floor below him again as Jack reached for his wife’s tits. The touch alone triggered Vanessa’s orgasm and finally, the husband and wife were cumming together.

Just as Venessa’s orgasm began to subside Jack pulled her down to him, wrapping his arms around her back. They began to kiss. More passionately than Ron would have liked. Then, while she was still moaning from her wonderful climax and before her goosebumps faded away, Jack began to thrust up into Vanessa’s pussy like a jack hammer.

Her orgasm was immediately reignited, this one more intense than the last. Vanessa tried to wriggle free, she had never felt pleasure like this, but Jack held her in place, pistoning his cock into her married pussy until her body went limp. Vanessa was basically a rag doll on top of him so Jack slowed his pace until he was just easing his cock in and out of the beautiful wife above. As she regained her composure she began to kiss Jack and tell him how incredible he was. She pushed herself up and slowly rode him for a few seconds then told Jack, “I want you to fuck me from behind.”

As she got up Ron was still dumbfounded by just how far his wife had to lift herself before Jack’s long, fat cock slipped out of her. He was staring at her as she turned to face him. She looked him right in the eyes as she got down on her elbows and stuck her ass up in the air. Jack didn’t waste any time mounting the beautiful, dark-haired wife in front of him.

Never losing eye contact, Ron watched his wife involuntarily bite her lower lip as Jack eased his cock inside Vanessa, stretching her in a way Ron never could. She was still looking at her husband when Jack bottomed ours inside her.

“Oh fuck it’s so big. Thank you, baby. I didn’t know how good this could be.” She moaned.

From behind her Jack said, “Oh yea. You like this cock?”

“Yes. I love it.” She moaned as she started moving her hips back and forth, looking for a split second as the young man who had conquered her so thoroughly.

“Why? Tell him.” Jack demanded.

Vanessa turned back to her husband, “He’s so much bigger than you baby. I’ve never felt so full. And I’ve never been fucked so well.”

Ron couldn’t disagree. He had sat there and watched the whole thing. On his best night, he could make his wife cum maybe three times. This young stud had made her cum at least 5 times and he still wasn’t done. And that was beside the fact that Ron had never seen Vanessa cum as hard as she was tonight.

Just then Jack began to move his own hips, meeting Vanessa in rhythm. “Are you ready baby?” Grabbing a handful of hair and pulling back.

“Oh yes. Fuck me good and hard.” Vanessa begged.

Jack proceeded to pound the life out of Venessa. He fucked her harder and better than she had ever been fucked in her life. Jack screwed Vanessa from behind, not letting up for 30 minutes.

Finally, Jack bellowed that he was about to cum and to both men’s surprise Vanessa told him, “Cum inside me. Don’t stop. Just cum in my pussy.” This time there was no condom. Nothing between them.

Venessa was feeling the warmth of a bare cock deep inside her where no man had ever been and it was driving her wild. She needed to feel Jack erupt inside her. She needed to feel his hot cum spraying her cheating pussy. And before Ron could protest Jack had grabbed Vanessa by the shoulders and slammed his cock to the hilt one last time as he exploded inside the gorgeous married woman beneath him. Her eyes shot open, looking right at Ron.

She knew what she had done, but yet she just ground herself back against Jack, trying to take as much cock as possible as he throbbed inside her. Finally, after he had seemingly cum inside Vanessa for minutes, Jack pulled her up, her ravaged body on display for Ron, and kissed her right there in front of her husband. When he had proved his point Jack let Vanessa fall back to the bed on her elbows. Vanessa whimpered as he pulled his cock from her well-fucked pussy.


“Smack that ass for me baby.” Jack said.

The unfaithful wife looked back at her lover, bit her lip and gave her ass a firm smack.

“I need a shower.” Jack said. “Y’all mind if I clean up a bit.”

“Go ahead baby.” Vanessa said looking straight at her husband. “We’ll be a few minutes.”


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