Hotwife and Her Ex Captions

Hotwife and Her Ex Captions is a collection of hotwives or cheating wives (girlfriends) and their desire to fuck their ex-boyfriends.

This particular fantasy of sharing her with her ex is a tricky and risky one for me to be honest. I’m not sure I would be able to do it. What about you? Have you tried this? Please share your experiences in the comments.

Cheating Wife Visiting Her Ex
Cheating Wife Visiting Her Ex

You don’t mind waiting in the car while I go, chat with my ex, do you honey?

I knew you wouldn’t. You’re such a good cuck- I mean husband!

Wife and Her Ex Captions
Cuckold Drop Wife at Her Ex House

Thanks for dropping me off at my ex’s apartment on your way to the airport babe. Think of him making love to me while you are on a flight to work.

Wife and Her Ex Captions
Hotwife Ask you to come late

My ex is coming over while you are working, honey. Don’t get early, come a few hours later. Let’s try to avoid what happened last time. That was very embarrassing for everyone. Kisses.

Wife and Her Ex Captions
Hotwife Denys Cuckold Fucks Ex

Beg me! And, Beg me to deny you. Beg me to go fuck my ex. You’d like that, wouldn’t you? I know I would.

Hotwife's Creampied Pussy Snap Text
Hotwife’s Creampied Pussy Snap Text

She said she was heading over to get some old stuff back from her ex. An hour later, he sent me this picture.

Hotwife‘s Ex Rough with your girl

I’m really excited babe. You are going to love the way my ex fucks me. He’s huge and is a bit rough. You’re in for a treat!

Hotwife’s Text Snap about her Ex

Sorry babe, but my ex fucks me better than you.

Wife Want to Fuck Her Ex for His Birthday

Babe, would you be mad if I let another guy blow his load in me? It’s my ex and it’ll be one time only. It’s for his birthday.

Would you let her do it?

Wife’s Ex is coming to Bend Her Over

My ex is coming over to bend me over just like this. Don’t come home for a few hours.

Would you listen to her?

Wife’s Shaving Pussy for Her Ex

Look, I know you don’T like the idea of me going out with my ex. But, nothing is going to happen.

Now could you please leave? I have to shave my pussy.

Do you believe her?

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