Hotwife Hire to Force Feminize Cuckold Husband

Hotwife Hire to Force Feminize Cuckold Husband. Some Cuckold husbands or beta husbands complain and nag too much about the hotwives lifestyle. That is why it is necessary to force-feminize him if he is the right kind of beta.

If you can do it yourself there are always people that can help you. Check out this hot caption.

Hotwife Hire to Force Feminize Cuckold Husband
Forced Feminized Sissy Husband by Alpha

“You won’t have any more trouble from him now Ms. Carter. I’ve humiliated your husband beyond what he could take. I’ve stolen his manhood by forcing him to be fucked by a real cock.”

“He put up such a fight the first time, I had to gag him with a penis gag. But once I started stroking his little clitty while he was being fucked he started to like it.”

“He denied it, but he even started to moan like the sissy bitch he is. Now he even rocks back on the cock as he moans. I’ve broken him just like you paid me to do.”

“Now your husband will be an obedient little sissy who takes care of your boyfriends when you are too tired, or when you want to humiliate him some more.”

“What sissy name do you plan on giving him, Ms. Carter? I hope it is really humiliating and slutty.”

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