Vixen and Stag Captions Compilation

Vixen and Stag Captions Compilation for couples who enjoy mixing things up in the bed but not with Humiliation but with pure joy and understanding.

Follow the Drunk Vixen
Follow the Drunk Vixen

As a Bull, if you are new to this lifestyle, don’t question much. Just like Alice who followed the rabbit, follow her to the bedroom.

Wife’s First Vixen Experience
A Stag not a Cuckold
A Stag not a Cuckold

The big difference between cuckold and stag. Usually, they don’t like to be humiliated or called a cuckold.

Don’t Question the Vixen just have your fun

Asa bull don’t question them, just enjoy the sex with hotwife now that you can.

Stag Loves to Spoil Vixen

Vixen is a kind of hotwife who loves her partner enough and trusts enough to explore each others’ wild fantasies.

Stag Squeezes Vixen’s Ass

In most Stag and Vixen Relationships, Vixen is sleeping with other men to have new sexual experiences as much as to experience new sexual fantasies with her Stag. She just loves coming back to him.

Trust between Vixen and Stag

There should be enough trust between Vixen and Stag to introduce third partners into their relationship. Cheating very much exists in their relationship book.

Vixen Loves Sex Caption

Stag’s fuck their Vixen good enough to satisfy her. If you are a bull, you should be a really good one to enter their game. Just like my girlfriend who doesn’t accept just any bull to have sex with her.

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