The Most Complete Review of Tgirlscams 2022

The Most Complete Review of TgirlsCams 2022 involves pros & cons, prices, chat types, video quality, security, and customer service.

The Most Complete Review of Tgirlscams 2022
The Most Complete Review of Tgirlscams 2022

If you are a man looking for trans girls /shemales and you want to look at their webcams and ask them to do naughty things for you or you are a new Sissy crossdresser who wants to explore your fantasy more and meet some new transexual women then TgirlsCams can be just for you.

TgirlsCams was created by a group of T-girls with a mission to give web users better access to trans cam models and a deeper understanding of their world and lifestyle.

They understand that the only way to really enjoy long sessions of live tranny webcam shows is with no worry on your mind regarding its length. On most adult chat sites, spending too much time doing the thing you like can leave a hole in your pocket. Not so on TgirlsCams.

TgirlsCams is not only cheap, it gets cheaper the more you use it. On top of this, TgirlsCams has several features that can make your experience even cheaper. Much cheaper, actually. This, coupled with a large number of online cam babes, makes a solid foundation for a good shemale webcam site.

When on the site, visitors can easily filter the hundreds of live trans cam models using the categories at their disposal, set their preferences, and enter their favorite room. Since it’s a Premium cam site, purchasing credits is required to be able to chat, see nudity and start a private session with the models of their choice.

Fully Functional Features

Most of the site’s features are pretty standard for webcam sites of this size and quality. One of the nice things here is that there are no spy modes for private chats. Private is truly private, between you and the model. The full list of site features includes:

  • Teaser chats that may have some nudity (usually only tits, occasionally cock or ass), and little or no explicit sexual content
  • Private chats, which are truly private – there are no spy features on
  • Cam2Cam feature available in all private chats
  • Group chats, called Candy Shows, where many viewers can watch at the same time
  • The fully-functional mobile version of the site
  • Interactive toys (though few of the T-girls use them)
  • Virtual gifting to the models (basically digital swag)
  • Top cam models area, where the highest rated models are featured
  • Pornstar shows, with about 2 dozen pornstars who occasionally make featured appearances
  • Recorded videos are available for credit purchase, including past live shows

Pros Vs Cons


  • Amazingly affordable. Credit costs are about average to a little below average
  • The rewards program drops prices even further
  • Loads of hot shemale cam babes online at any time (2,500+ Models)
  • Basic cam site features are present and all work well, plus a few extras that add value
  • Simplistic interface, but it loads quickly and is easy to find what you want
  • Group chat, pre-paid shows, and model discounts can make things absurdly cheap
  • Take control of remote sex toys
  • Enjoy private interactive chats
  • Watch exclusive model content
  • Get 24/7 customer support


  • No HD cams
  • Some stuttering issues
  • It takes a while to climb up the membership tiers
  • No discounts for buying larger packages of credits

Video Quality

While TgirlsCams is a great tranny webcam site, it isn’t without its flaws, and its video quality is the biggest among them. You’re not going to see any HD whatsoever on TgirlsCams. Even models who can and do stream in HD are not shown in the quality that they stream in as the video resolution of every show is limited to HQ (576p) to keep the site low-cost. The difference between that and HD is noticeable and may turn away some of you.

Chat Types

On the Live Cams page, you can choose from a list view, a tile view, or a gallery view, so use that to further hasten your search for that one cam room you know will get you off.

Free Chat

Exactly what it says. This is TgirlsCams‘ open chat, where you can chitchat and flirt with the model for free before deciding whether or not to take her private. Be civil and ask any pertinent questions you might have.

As a side note, you should expect quite a bit of nudity in the free chat. While TgirlsCams is a premium cam site, it doesn’t force its models to save it for private, letting them show off their goods to entice prospecting clients.

Private Chat

This is TgirlsCams’ main draw. For a minimum price of $0.98 per minute, anyone can find a cam show that his budget, and with an average of $0.98 per minute, you can even find ones you can spend hours on. You’re never going to see prices higher than $4.50, and even that’s a stretch.

TgirlsCams’ private chat is also fairly straightforward. The chat is simple and easy to use, and the models like it when you don’t waste time and get to the point.

By the way, if you’re planning on pre-paying for a show, you’ll have to choose to do so before entering it (the option is presented when you choose to go private). In addition, should the model find you to her liking and give you a discount code, you are able to enter it mid-show and receive its benefit retroactively for the time you already spent in the show.

Candy Show

This is basically TgirlsCams‘ group chat. Here, you pay for a live show where the model’s performance can be influenced mainly through tips. If not enough “tickets” are sold before the time limit, the show is canceled and you get your credits back, but if it does, anyone who purchased a ticket is free to watch it.

This is why I recommend you make sure that not too many tickets need to be sold for the show to start, because if that is the case then you might find yourself fighting for the model’s attention.

In general, these group shows are extremely cheap, though they differ greatly in price from model to model. Some charge under $3.00 for a 20-minute show, while others charge more than $15.00 for a 10-minute show. I, therefore, recommend you to shop around before settling on a show; you’ll never know what bargains you can come across. Also, talk to the model beforehand to know what she’s willing to perform. It may prevent some disappointment later on.

Voyeur Show

While there is no dedicated category for it, TgirlsCams lets you spy on other people’s private shows. This costs the same price as a private show with the model would. To protect the privacy of the member in the private chat, you can’t hear the show or able to see anything he might stream back to the performer via cam2cam.

All in all, this is mainly for the most hardcore voyeurs among you.

Pornstar Show

There are some famous tranny models working for TgirlsCams, although it’s rare for more than a couple of them to be online at a time. A lot of the time, you actually won’t find any porn stars online on TgirlsCams, which is a shame since they tend to be gorgeous and highly experienced performers.

There are also Celebrity Events, which are like a Reddit AMA with a transgender porn star, only it’s a live video chat and she not only tells but shows. These shows are free for VIP members. Sadly, though, these are few and far between. Don’t expect one to take place more than once a month.


This is TgirlsCams‘ strongest selling point. TgirlsCams is one of the cheapest shemale webcam sites in the world. What’s more, the credits used on TgirlsCams even have a 1 to 1 exchange rate with the US dollar, so they help you even further in being in control of your spending by perfectly reflecting how much you spend.

Price of Tgirlscams

Accepted Payment Methods

The accepted credit card types are as follows:

MasterCard Maestro
Diner’s Club
And these are the available alternate payment methods:

Bank wire transfer

Security and Quality Assurance

TgirlsCams deserves its place among the ranks of the most secure shemale cam sites in the business. It uses secure connection and HTTPS protocols, along with privacy standards that ensure no member will ever have to worry about his personal affairs on the site becoming known to anyone he does not wish would know about them.

TgirlsCams is in full compliance with laws and regulations and abides by very strict anti-spam and child protection policies. It is verified and approved by the RTA and ASACP, and is in full compliance with regulations that prevent any model on its platform from being exploited or registering while below the legal age of consent.

Furthermore, all transactions on TgirlsCams are discreetly and securely handled by authorized and highly renowned payment processors. Payments to the cam site won’t even show on your bank statement as such, only as a nondescript name.

Customer Support

TgirlsCams’ customer support is pretty lackluster. While its FAQ section is fairly helpful, you can only contact its customer support team via email, and they take a while to answer, sometimes even several days.

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