Sneaky Bull Confession of Replacing Husband in Bed

Sneaky Bull Confession of Replacing Husband in Bed is a short story about how a stud tries to seduce the Hotwife emotionally in bed.

Sneaky Bull Confession of Replacing Husband in Bed
Sneaky Bull Confession of Replacing Husband in Bed

A friendly Date

It was just supposed to be a friendly first date. After months of discussing his wife Becca with me, he finally had the courage to introduce us to see where it would lead. His hope was that I would charm her sufficiently for her to agree to future dates where we would eventually end up in bed.

My goal was different. I wanted to establish an authentic bond with his cute wife; to connect with her, not only physically, but emotionally as well; to remind her what a joy it is to be a woman; to give her the fulfillment that she had not experienced in many years. I wanted him to have his fantasy, but then take it much further than he had ever dreamed. Ultimately, I wanted to replace him in her bed, to claim his wife’s sensuality and beauty as my own; to deprive him of sex with his own wife.

Hotwife Goal

Becca’s goal? She had been talked into this date through persistent pestering by her husband. While her love life was not satisfying, she was content with her life. After all, there’s more to life than just sex and romance, right? Her goal was just to get through the night without being subjected to unwanted advances. She was, after all, doing this to please her husband. She agreed to one date if he promised to stop nagging her about it.

But none of us had expected the date to proceed as it did. Turns out that Becca and I had much in common and we shared the same sense of humor. After an hour or so, her husband became irrelevant and faded into the background. Becca had come to life and had excitement in her eyes.

It was Becca who first initiated physical contact, casually touching my arm as we shared a laugh. I returned the touch with a hand on her back. It wasn’t long before we were sitting with my arm around her on the sofa.

After a couple of glasses of wine, she looked at me with an obvious invitation to lean in for a kiss. I was happy to oblige. As our tongues intertwined, I felt her passion ignite. Soon, she was leading me to her bedroom, without even a glance back at her husband. I turned to look at him before closing the bedroom door and saw unmistakable intense angst on his face. I closed the door with some force to emphasize the situation.

After First Night

We didn’t emerge until the morning. He spent the night on the couch. None of us had gotten any sleep that night as we were entering into a strange new relationship. Becca and I spent the day together, getting to know one another better. Her husband was surprised when he learned that she had invited me to stay another night, and then another.

Before leaving, Becca and had arranged for another date a few days later. He was clearly shaken by this arrangement, as the relationship was progressing much further than he had ever imagined. I was well on my way to replacing him in her bed; reducing his sex life to masturbating over what I was doing with Becca.

After I left, he told me that Becca seemed different and distant, as she reflected on her new relationship. The most exciting part was about to begin, as I slowly win her over and relocate him to the spare bedroom.

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