How To Ask Your Wife About Becoming a Cuck Fluffer?

How To Ask Your Wife About Becoming a Cuck Fluffer? How to ask her Bull about sucking his cock? And how to find a bi-bull online?

How To Ask Your Wife About Becoming a Cuck Fluffer?
How To Ask Your Wife About Becoming a Cuck Fluffer?

So, you’ve thought about it and it’s something that you would like to try, but you don’t know how to ask your wife if she would be comfortable with you being the all-important fluffer. There are some things you can do to bring it up and I have highlighted them all below.

If she’s currently a hotwife then continue reading and if not, then read this guide on how to get your wife to try cuckolding, then come back to this advice.

Would It Turn Her On?

Ask yourself, is this something your wife would be into? Has she ever brought something like this up before? If it’s something you think she would be turned on by just bring it up and ask her if it would turn her on to see you get her bull ready for her or depending on your situation if you would rather ask her if she would like to see you keeping him hard for her or cleaning him up, just ask and see her reaction.

If it’s something she’s interested in, then you can move on and get about planning how you’re going to do it and laying down the rules with your wife.

Build Up To The Experience

The other thing you can do to dip your toes into being a fluffer is just start slowly and gradually build yourself up. Discuss the possibilities with your wife and start small, start with getting her ready for him, then have his sloppy seconds, then maybe you could try cleaning up and finally ask about fluffing.

This way you’re not going from beginner to advanced and instead of leveling up in a way where it gives you both time to experience it and stop at any point.

Go With The Flow

Sometimes these things just happen, you will get the right bull and it will just naturally occur, this is the best way, but it can take some time and of course, it isn’t guaranteed.

However, if you start by playing with a bi/open bull and you allow the mood to flow that way, it won’t be long before something like this happens, especially if you mention fluffing and the erotic possibilities it can bring you all.

Ways You Can Bring It Up

It’s all about how you approach the topic, here are some ways you can bring up fluffing to your wife (or your husband if this is something you would like him to try) organically and effectively:

  • Show your partner some porn that includes fluffing and see what she thinks.
  • Ask if there’s anything new she wants to try in the bedroom, get talking about it, and mention some of the new things you would like to try.
  • Start by asking about cum clean-up and see what she thinks about that.
  • Ask if she’d like to have a bi-threesome, and tell your partner that it takes some of the pressure off her, and allows you all to explore each other.
  • Tell your partner why it turns you on and your fantasy that involves fluffing.
  • Get her off as you tell her all about your fluffing fantasy.
  • Ask her if she would roleplay fluffing with you and let her experience your fantasy (this is where the dildo comes to great use as well).

The truth is if you’re already part of this lifestyle your communication with your partner is most probably at a great level and you most likely won’t need to sugarcoat a kink you want to try.

What About Asking Her Bull?

Not all bulls are open to this, a lot are open to having you clean up though and that’s usually a good place to start if you want to get used to a cum covered or hard cock. It’s all about finding the right bull and you will find them.

I find my long-term bulls love fluffing as it is something new to try, but a lot of bulls, especially on first dates won’t be open to this. However, don’t let that set you back. If your wife plays with the same bull regularly there’s no harm in asking, you never know what the answer may be.

Finding a bi-bull is a great place to start looking as in my experience they will usually be completely open to fluffing and even encourage it.

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