Polyamory VS. Swinging Lifestyles for Couples in 2023

Polyamory VS. Swinging Lifestyles for Couples in 2023 gives a brief explanation the difference of these too to reduce confusion. So don’t spoil your fun.

Polyamory VS. Swinging Lifestyles for Couples in 2023
Polyamory VS. Swinging Lifestyles for Couples in 2023

The Polyamory Lifestyle has taken root with some couples welcoming it as another option to monogamy or an open relationship. But how is it different from swinging? This tends to be a lifestyle’s age-old question — do couples in the swinger’s lifestyle prefer multiple loves or multiple sex partners?

Swinging and polyamory mean different things to different people but in general the definitions are as follows: swingers are married couples who exchange sexual partners and are not looking to be committed to a single partner outside of their relationship. On the other hand, Polyamorists are people who have multiple romantic relationships at the same time with everyone involved being aware of the others.

Some people share a misconception that playing with someone repeatedly or making friends with others makes them “poly” and that is just not the case. Being poly implies a willingness to be romantic, fall in love, and potentially put someone at the same level as a spouse and that is where swingers draw the line.

For most swinger couples on SLS, their relationship type varies. They may swing and have an open relationship but are only open for sex partners, not for long term lovers. While there has to be some sort of chemistry between sexual partners, they tend to check the emotions at the door. They will not share their hearts, minds, or souls. They only look to share their body and make it clear to play partners that sharing passion is not the same as sharing intimacy. In fact, many swinging couples have rules and boundaries for their play partners so the lines don’t get crossed.

Meanwhile, polyamorous couples are usually “poly/open.” This means they have multiple romantic relationships because to them, love is limitless. They like the connection that is made with others as well as the closeness and intimacy that is shared between lovers.

If a swing profile states that they are looking for a single or couple to become friends and play regularly, don’t assume that they are looking for a polyamorous relationship. Some couples prefer to have multiple loves with the ability to play, if they so choose. Ultimately, The Lifestyle is about making your own rules and setting your own boundaries.

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