Story of Stud with Cheating Wife of a Colleague

Story of Stud with Cheating Wife of a Colleague while he is passed out drunk. A real confession story from an alpha man with a hot cheating housewife.

Story of Stud with Cheating Wife of a Colleague
Story of Stud with Cheating Wife of a Colleague

So basically, I work at this company with, among other employees, a married couple. The guy is okay, nothing special, doesn’t really stand out much. He just does his work and goes home, I never felt any kind of masculinity spike, ambition, or a dominant line of character. To sum up, a standard dude I can beat any day.

His wife on the other hand was this super hot milf with an ass to die for. I really liked her, she always seemed friendly, adventuristic, and a little naughty. If only I knew how naughty she could really get. We often used to hang out during the breaks. She would sometimes wear a tight office skirt that made me lose my mind every time.

Anyway, one day they asked me if I wanted to come over that night to watch the game. I liked football and the idea of hanging out with people, so I said yes. Long story short, our team won, we were super happy and relaxed and started drinking. I didn’t drink much because I get hungover and lose my work routine the next day, it’s not worth it. But the dude was hammering away at the beers like crazy. His wife also got a little tipsy, so I saw my shot.

I asked for whiskey (after not drinking for some time) and had a few shots. The beer and whiskey ended up badly for the dude. I on the other hand was good. While he was singing, dancing, talking rubbish, his wife and I laughed at him. We got into a little more intimate topics and after a while actually started flirting. At one point, the guy was so wasted he didn’t realize his wife was telling me what is her favorite pose to get fucked in. Soon after, the dude went to the bathroom to puke and passed out. I took a little care of him while she went upstairs to do something.

When she came back, she had this amazing bodysuit, at the second I saw her, I knew that she is down to fuck. My dick was raging in my pants and she saw that. She invited me upstairs and (after a little hesitation), I said yes. And boy am I glad I did. Her soft lips, smooth legs, big tits, I didn’t know where I was.

I pulled her hair (I was a little rough, she liked that) and got her on her knees. She started sucking me, which turned to deepthroat not long after. It was too much for me, after a few minutes I grabbed her head and came into her throat. Luckily, I was so horny I just threw her on the bed and started fucking her. She was amazing. She moaned, twisted, kissed me, and talked really dirty. Saying stuff like how much bigger I am than her husband, how she likes me deep inside her, or calling herself my little whore. After a few of her orgasms, I came as deep inside her as I could. Amazing fuck…

The best thing, when we went to clean up a little, her hubby was still on the bathroom floor, unconscious. To spice it up a little, I made her suck me off again, this time right next to him. After a lot of hair-pulling, deepthroating, gagging, and stopping to see if he is waking up (not really lol), I came all over this dude’s wife’s face, all while he was lying next to us.

The next day, he apologized to me for getting so drunk and being out of control. Not a fucking problem my man, not even a little bit…

Source: Isla David

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