Story: Cheating Husband and Cheating Girlfriend at Party

Story: Cheating Husband and Cheating Girlfriend at Party is a story of an unfaithful husband who throws a party and fucks the wife of one of her coworkers.

Wife is not home, Lets Throw a Party

For the fun of it, I threw a party for my coworkers. My wife was away visiting her parents and I had the whole house to myself. I mentioned to them that I have a pool and a hot tub if they want to use them. It was a good time to party as we were finishing up a major deal at the office. Andrew was one of the main managers that I had working on it.

As people started showing up for the party, I saw Andrew walking up with his girlfriend.

Damn! She is so fucking hot, I thought to myself. Her tone body with a gorgeous face and straight dark brown hair. She was wearing a back cover-up dress and what looked like a bikini strap around her neck. I could not stop checking her out.

As I walked up to them, Andrew introduced Sara to me. As I shook her hand, she thanked me for the invite.

When they walked in, she quickly looked back at me and saw me checking out her perfect ass. She winked at me and let me know that she caught me staring and that she liked it. I felt butterflies shoot through me when she winked. She had an evil sexy look on her face. She knew she was hot and she knew that I was very attracted to her.

As the party was going, I kept seeing Sara mingling with everyone at the party. She did not know anyone, but she was so friendly that it did not stop her. She kept smiling at me when she caught my eye.

While I was grilling and enjoying watching my employees and their friends in the pool, Andrew come running up to me and said that something was missing from the deal and that he would have to leave the party. I told him to go get it taken care of and come back when he is done. Then, I looked at Sara and told Andrew that she could stay here since she is having so much fun. Also, I assured him I would keep her company if she needed it. “thanks boss, you are the man” Andrew said as he left. I saw him kiss Sara goodbye.

In Hot Tub with Sara

A short time later, I decided to get into the hot tub and drink some bourbon. I saw Sara walking towards me holding a drink. “you want to come and join me? It feels great in here!” I said to her.

“Sounds fun! Besides, sounds like Andrew will be at the office for a few hours.” She replied as she stripped off her back cover-up.

Cheating Girlfriend in Black Bikini: Story of a Cheating Husband and a Cheating Girlfriend at a Party
Cheating Girlfriend in Black Bikini: Story of a Cheating Husband and a Cheating Girlfriend at a Party

My jaw almost hit the floor when I saw her sexy black bikini. Her tits looked incredible with her heart-shaped broach nestled in her cleavage and the bikini did not leave much to the imagination. She was absolutely stunning! Her legs were so smooth as she slipped into the water. She definitely caught my eyes checking out her whole body. “like what you see?” she giggled.

“I’m sorry if I was being inappropriate, but you are absolutely stunning!” I replied.

“Well thank you, I try and keep in shape” she stated

As we began making small talk, some other people join us. Sara scooted closer and closer as the pool filled up. Everyone was drinking and having a great time. The jokes and laughter did not stop. Sara was so sexy sitting there laughing and smiling.

After a little while, I felt Sara scoot against me and her soft hand rest on my thigh under the rolling bubbles. I was instantly turned on at how risky it was with everyone around. She looked up at me with those sexy dark brown eyes. Then, she winked as she slid her hand even higher up my thigh. She knew what she was doing.

She readjusted herself in the tub so her right leg was now draped over my knee. In the same movement, her hand brushed over my erect cock. I jumped a little bit as I was not expecting it.

I felt her hand rest on the head of my cock and her thumb brush it ever so slightly. She teased my cock in my shorts for a little bit. As most of the people in the tub with us got out, she got more confident. I felt her hand slip under my shorts and wrap around my cock. It was so hard to focus on small talk with the last couple that remained in the tub. Especially since I had never met them.

Sara picked up that I did not know them and that there is no way they would know who my wife really was. She took the seduction up a notch by acting like she was my wife to this couple. I felt her shift again and start pulling my cock out of my shorts. She then climbed on my lap and sat there like she was my loving wife talking with these people. What they could not see was that she had slipped my cock between her thighs and against her pussy. She started slowly grinding on my cock. Little tiny movements that were hard to see on the surface, but send shockwaves of pleasure down my cock.

Alone with Sara

Thankfully, that last couple left the tub. It was getting to be way to intense! I reached up and grabbed her tits with her back pressed into my chest “what the fuck are you doing?” I growled into her ear as I thrust my cock between her thighs.

She let out a slutty moan and said “just thanking you for this awesome party!”. Then, she leaned her head back and moaned several times in my ear as she was grinding her pussy against my cock.

Sara was so sexy and my cock had not felt this good in years. I reached down and pulled her bikini bottoms to the side and started fingering her. “YEEESSSSS, please don’t stop!” she whispered in my ear.

I fingered her clit till she was cumming hard. She bit her lip to keep from screaming out and tried to remain as still as possible. My cock bouncing against her pussy through her whole orgasm. Right before she came down from her orgasmic high, I grabbed my cock and pushed up into her.

Holy shit she is tight!!

“That’s right you sexy little tease! Take my married cock!” I moaned in her ear.

She pushed back onto me as her eyes rolled back into her head. I felt her pussy cumming again. That feeling on my cock and the feeling of her body shaking through another orgasm sent me over the edge. I thrust deep inside her and shot my hot load of cum!

Sex After Shower

When we both came down from our orgasms, I noticed that everyone had left the pool and was inside enjoying a football game on my huge TV.

“holy shit that was amazing Sara!” I said as she slid off of me. She stood up and winked at me as she showed me her pussy and said “I think you made a mess” I saw my cum start dripping out of her. She had a complete look of last in her eyes.

“go upstairs and use my shower to clean up before Andrew gets back! There is no way he can find out that I fucked his girl while he was finishing up our project!” I said.

Then, I watched her get out of the tub. I could not stop checking out her ass as she walked inside.

Finally, I got out and wrapped a towel around my waist, and walked inside. I did not see Sara downstairs so I knew she was up in my master suite.

However, I could not resist the temptation to go upstairs. As I walked into the suite, I saw the bathroom door was wide open and Sara was naked in the shower. My master bath had a huge glass wall shower. I could see everything as she was cleaning herself.

I stood there staring at her in complete lust. She was just so sexy! So slutty! So confident!

Cheating Girlfriend in the shower: Story of a Cheating Husband and a Cheating Girlfriend at a Party
Cheating Girlfriend in the shower: Story of a Cheating Husband and a Cheating Girlfriend at a Party

I watched as she stepped out of the shower. She saw me standing there and gave me those fuck me eyes as she grabbed a towel and began to dry off. As she walked towards me, she backed me up to my master bed. She pushed me down on the bed and stepped back dropping her towel. She was totally naked in front of me in my master bedroom. A picture of my wife at our wedding on the wall.

She grabbed my towel and pulled it away. She pulled my shorts off leaving me completely naked on the bed. I know I have to resist her, but I can’t. She is intoxicating!

She climbs up on the bed and starts sucking my cock. It did not need any assistance getting hard even though I had just cum 10 minutes before. She sucked my cock like a pro! She was edging me the whole time. I couldn’t stand it anymore and grabbed her.

My turn, I pulled her up to my face and began eating out her perfect pussy! She was so tone and smooth! She tasted so sweet! The way she looked down at me as pleasure ripped through her body! The way she moved with each flick of my tongue! She moaned out as she grabbed my hair, grinding her pussy into my face. She began to cum hard! Flooding my mouth with her intoxicating juices!

I grabbed her ass and began eating her pussy as her body shook from her powerful orgasm.

I slid her off my face and sat up. She way straddling my waist with my cock pinned between us. She kissed me deep. The smell of her pussy all over my face drove me wild. I lifted her up and set her back down on my cock. She moaned out as I thrust deep inside her. She wrapped her arms around me pressing her perky tits into my chest as we fucked.

We didn’t talk, we just fucked. I layer back as she braced herself on my chest and began to fuck my cock hard and fast! Her body was so primed that she kept cumming over and over! I could not resist my orgasm any longer.

“Sara, I’m gonna cum! Where do you want me to cum?” I asked.

She did not say as word, she just buried my cock deep inside her and as I flooded her again! I shot hot load after load deep inside her!

We both collapsed on the bed. Her naked body resting on me. “that was the beat fuck of my life” I told her. She giggled “your not to shabby for an old married guy.”

We got cleaned up right as Sara got a text from Andrew “on my way back! You having fun?” she replied “Mike is a great host!”

She kisses me before she walks downstairs to join the party!

As the football game was finishing up, I saw Andrew and Sara sitting on the couch. “All taken care of boss! Thanks for letting Sara stay!” Andrew yelled to me. I raised my glass as a gesture back to him.

A few minutes later, I get a text from an unknown number.

“Hey Mike, it’s Sara. I got your number out of Andrew’s phone. Thanks for the great fuck! I was just wondering, how long is your wife going to be out of town?😈😈”

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