Exposed Cuckold Story in a Bar

Exposed Cuckold Story in a Bar while the couple went on a vacation to do some hotwifing which turns into Swinging.

Exposed Cuckold Story in a Bar
Exposed Cuckold Story in a Bar

On the last hotwifing vacation Laura and I went on before we had kids, Laura hooked up with a black guy after flirting for over an hour at the hotel pool. I watched him approach her from our hotel room window and then went down to the bar to keep an eye on the action.

When Laura left the pool with him, I settled down at the bar to watch the golf tournament on the TV, knowing that it would be a while before she returned. Then this young woman sat down next to me and basically asked me if that was my wife who left with her friend.

I panicked for a second and I didn’t want to get into relationship drama. I was relieved when she told me, “That’s cool! She’d LOVE him.”

“Are you, mmm, with him?” I asked.

“Oh no. He doesn’t do that. We fucked but that’s it.”

“How do you know she’s my wife?”

“I saw you together last few days. At breakfast and the car park.”

“Oh, I see.”

“So… what kind of relationship do you have? Are you allowed to play too?” she asked with a playful look on her face.

“I sure can play,” I replied and the next thing I knew, she was riding my cock in my hotel room.

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