Hotwife Captions: Sloppy-Seconds for Cuckold

Here is a collection of Hotwife Captions: Sloppy-Seconds for Cuckold. These captions have great Hotwife instructions for all naughty wives.

Hotwife Captions: Sloppy-Seconds for Cuckold
First Sloppy Seconds for Cuckold

“Good Morning. Come to Bed. He’s gone, but his cum is still inside me. Are you really ready for his sloppy seconds?”

The first Sloppy-Seconds for a cuckold is unforgettable.

Hotwife Captions: Sloppy-Seconds for Cuckold
Cuming in Wife after Bull

“I could feel his cum pulsating inside of me as I orgasmed with him. Do you want to cum inside of me too babe?”

If your husband hasn’t experienced sloppy seconds yet, a gentle invitation will do it nicely. This will hook him to go last as much as he can.

Hotwife Captions: Sloppy-Seconds for Cuckold
Cuckold Likes Sloppy Seconds

“Do you like how my pussy feels baby? So warm and wet like that? Do you like the way it feels bathing your cuck in another man’s cum?”

Hotwife Tip: Describing the situation for the cuckold during sloppy seconds or reclaiming help them to enjoy more.

Hotwife Captions: Sloppy-Seconds for Cuckold
Cuckold Gets Horney with Cum in Hotwife

“Babe, you always get so horny when I have another guy’s cum inside of me!”

As a hotwife when you come home with a cum filled pussy even you do not pay attention to your cuckold husband, he will come next to you horny and ready to have sex. This is one of the many benefits or sloppy seconds.

Waiting All Night for Sloppy Seconds

The reason your husband is so horny after you come home with a pussy full of another man’s cum is he was waiting for sloppy seconds all night. He can’t take it any more.

Telling another guy about Sloppy Seconds

“It’s very simple. Spread my legs. Unzip me. fuck me really hard. Make me cum. Cum in me. Zip me up. Send me back to my husband. He’ll do the rest.”

Explaining to another guy why you want them to cum in you might be a bit strange so no need to explaining the details. They don’t necessarily need to know about reclaiming, sloppy seconds, or Cum Feeding and Cleanup Duty.

Hotwife Captions: Sloppy-Seconds for Cuckold
Cuckold’s turn to fuck wife

However, if your husband is there and watching then it is simple. Cuckold’s go last.

Sloppy Seconds in Threesome

His pace slowed and he let out a moan, then you and your wife felt her pussy get very wet. Knowing that he came on the pair of you was enough to trigger orgasms for you both, making her pussy a sloppy cum-filled mess!

Sloppy-seconds during a threesome can be a heavenly experience for both of you if he likes to join in during cuckold sessions.

Bulls don’t want sloppy seconds

“Is it ok to use a condom babe? He doesn’t want your cum on his dick when he goes bareback later.”

Something to remember is most of the bulls do not prefer sloppy seconds. Because this is a Humiliation for a cuckold. Offering to wear a condom before meeting a bull can humiliate him and he will enjoy it.

Let him know that alpha men do not want to feel sloppy seconds because they don’t want to feel that they are the second choice.

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