Sloppy Seconds on Ovulating Day of Hotwife

Sloppy-Seconds on Ovulating Day of Hotwife caption is a little story of her Bull getting to fuck her bareback for the first time to force her husband for sperm competition.

Sloppy Seconds on Ovulating Day of Hotwife
Sloppy Seconds on Ovulating Day of Hotwife

My wife came home from her date with her boyfriend bull Brad. She was looking sexy as well. It is a special glow that a hotwife has after getting satisfied with her bull.

“Hi honey, I’m home from my date with Brad. Sit down I have something to tell you. I let my lover cum in my bare pussy for the first time tonight.”

She saw that I got shocked a bit.

“He begged me to finally let him go bareback and I couldn’t help it. So I pulled the condom off and guided his throbbing cock back into my aching wet hole. feeling that massive cockhead slowly penetrating my lips, fucking skin to skin, and then millions of sperm flooding me was so exciting that it got us thinking.”

Oh god, what am I hearing? Sı she really considering it? It was one of my big fantasies. But now that it comes out of her lips I am so hard and I can’t believe my ears.

“We decided that when I’m ovulating next week you can cum in me in the morning. And Brad will pound my fertile married pussy every night. I’m hot just thinking of being full of lover and hubby sperm swimming around inside me 24/7 looking for my egg.”

Well, they officially decided without talking to me. Should I say something? I am a cuckold who let his wife have a boyfriend and have a full relationship so obviously, they will decide such things as well.

“Brad’s saving sperm up, and you should too, so are you sure putting your dickie in my sloppy cunt for seconds is a good idea right now? “

I was so horny that I couldn’t resist this opportunity for sloppy seconds. But I’m officially forced for a sperm competition for my wife’s pregnancy.

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