Definition – What does Sloppy-Seconds mean?

Sloppy-seconds (or slops in Australian slang) is a slang phrase for when a man has sexual intercourse with a female or male partner who already has received another man’s penis in the relevant orifice and is therefore wet or “sloppy”. The phrase buttered bun is sometimes used to refer to said orifice. The practice is also referred to as a “wet deck”. [1]

The term is used, by extension, to refer to any act of entering into a sexual relationship with a person who had previously been in a sexual relationship with someone else in one’s peer group.[1]

Sloppy Seconds in Cuckolding

‘Sloppy seconds’ for many can be quite intimidating. At its core ‘sloppy seconds’ represent a partner that has had sex with someone else outside of their relationship. The idea of someone having sex outside of the relationship can elicit strong feelings. When those feelings are intensified by engaging the senses when seeing a sign of ‘the act’ it can become too much. [2]

However, sloppy-seconds is huge among Cuckolds since they enjoy the fetish of their partner having sex with someone else (Bull). So when a cuckold is Reclaiming the Hotwife it will be a true sign of her taboo act that they can physically feel it.

One of the reasons that make sloppy seconds obvious importance for a cuckold is when the cuckold husband or boyfriend is not present in the sexual intercourse of his Hotwife with another man. So when he faces the sloppy seconds knowingly or sometimes but the surprise is intensified his reclaiming.

My husband just discovered how much better my pussy feels during the second round. He’s hooked Hotwifing forever.

Another reason that cuckolds enjoy sloppy seconds is that sometimes the hotwife’s pussy or ass is not wet only with the sex itself but because she got Creampied. The cuckold husband or boyfriend can feel the cum of another man in the private part of his wife or girlfriend.

In this case, he will find out that his hotwife had bareback sex which is thrilling and can increase the joy and Humiliation for the Cuckold. The joy of this act can is due to the fact of its taboo nature and the unconscious sperm competition.




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  2. my husvband was really against my having sex with others especially black guys since i have been letting him have seconds he has changed his mind he loces creampies

    1. I’m glad to hear that. Yes, Sloppy seconds can be a great experience for a cuckold. I will be glad if you share some stories with us.

      1. hi Adem glad to share with youmy wife maryann got a new boss where she worked hr was black named Ben at his first office christmas party they really hit it off almost danced together exclusively he did a little feeling in the process which she found exciting Ben kept after her to go out for a drink i might add Ben is a most attractive man very dark has curly hair small moustache and about 6ft tall well maryann finally gave in and they began to have sex she loved it Ben had about a 8 1/2 inch dick very thick i mean real thick when she told me they were having sex i really couldnt believe it maryann has a little boy whose father is black this is a result of thier sex years ago i am help raisimg him he is a fine boy anyway maryann and Ben kept having sex til one labor day Ben came for picnic we drank quite a bit and Ben and maryann began loving each other i linda enjoyed watching we finally wennt into house they went into bedroom i stayed downstairs after a while i went up they were nude sitting on bed we smoked had a drink all natural Ben began coming over and they would have sex i watched them they then asked would i clean her up which i did and really liked it later she asked would i like to clean Ben off at first no then i did i really enjoyed it from then then on all 3 in same bed we have talked some that i give Ben a blowjob which i am sure i will

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