Hubby’s Friends Hotwife Off Limits Mini-Story

Hubby’s Friends Hotwife Off Limits Mini-Story is a short but steaming story of what happens when lust destroys any limits you put on your cuckolding lifestyle.

Hubby's Friends Hotwife Off Limits Mini-Story
Hubby’s Friends Hotwife Off Limits Mini-Story

My only rule was that my friends and coworkers were off-limits, but one night after a few too many drinks Tara messed around with one of my friends.
I’d gone to bed around 1:00 while they stayed up. She woke me around 3:00 when she came into our bedroom to look for condoms.

I was like, “What? Why do you need condoms??”
It was then that she told me she wanted to fuck Calvin, but that he would only do it if he was wearing a condom.

I said, “Babe, my friends are supposed to be off-limits. Has anything happened so far?”
“Yeah,” she said guiltily, “We’ve already been messing around quite a bit…”

My mind was reeling and we didn’t speak for a few moments.
“Are you wet?” I asked.
Tara grinned, “Why don’t you feel for yourself?” she said, unbuttoning her shorts.
I slid my hand in her panties and felt a very wet, messy pussy…
“Oh god, babe…” I moaned.

“He already ate me out and I sucked his dick. It’s big, baby. I really want to fuck it, but we need a condom…”
“We don’t have any,” I said, as my fingers explored her steaming, hot pussy. “But I want you to fuck him too… Oh god, babe, I want you to fuck him and make him cum HARD in your pussy!”

“I’ll try, babe, but he’s pretty adamant about the condom…”
“Just go back down, suck his cock again, suck it real good and then tell him you want it in your pussy.”
“And if he won’t?”
“Then finish him in your mouth…” I said.

I wonder if, a few months later when Calvin watched from the church pew as Tara and I said our wedding vows, and I was subsequently told to “Kiss the bride” if he thought about how good it felt to cum in my wife’s sex mouth?

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