8 Reasons Why Cuck Wannabes Cannot Become Cuckold?

8 Reasons Why Cuck Wannabes Cannot Become Cuckold? This a cuckold training article for the wants who want to start but has some doubts.

8 Reasons Why Cuck Wannabes Cannot Become Cuckold
8 Reasons Why Cuck Wannabes Cannot Become Cuckold

8 Reasons Why Cuck Wannabes Cannot Become Cuckold?

To any man who claims he wants his wife or girlfriend to become a slut and to every woman who says she fantasizes of being a slut, I always ask them the same question: Does your partner know?

The answer is typically some version of No.

People are hesitant to speak sincerely to the person they claim to love and trust the most for some reason. Not being able to express your sexual fantasies and desires will make it multiple times harder to ever accomplish them. So needless to say, both partners need to be able to express their sexual desires freely.

When I ask someone who claims they want this lifestyle why they do not dive into it, I normally get a variety of answers that try to excuse why it is not happening. I have made a list of 8 Reasons Why Cuck Wannabes Cannot Become Cuckold why they are bullshit.

Afraid to Ask

The first and most common symptom felt before asking the question is fear. This is not fear of the consequences of the lifestyle itself, but fear of asking. It is fear of the unknown. Fear of not knowing a reaction, of what he or she might think, of the possibility of losing someone for simply asking, of losing the magic of love.

Afraid to ask about becoming a Hotwife
Afraid to ask about becoming a Hotwife

Let me tell you something, if you believe there is a magical element to love that gets lost when you tell your partner of a desire, then you are living in bullshit land. Not only are you keeping yourself trapped in this bullshit land, but you are keeping your partner in there with you, forever keeping them “in love” with a fictional version of yourself with no sexual desires. Step up and speak, a true partner values the truth.

If you expressed a sexual desire and your partner left, then you two are not designed to be together, plain and simple. This is not to say your partner should fulfill your needs, but if your partner can not accept your desires for what they are, desires, then that partner can’t accept you. Plain and simple, fear to ask is bullshit.

She Won’t Be Into It

Another excuse for not even asking is a belief that the partner will not be into it. Sometimes, a person will ask and the partner really will not be into it….yet. This is normal, however, this is not where it ends. Now that your partner knows of your fantasy, there are many ways in which it can be roleplayed or teased on the fantasy without actually becoming a slutwife.

For example, she can go out with you one night wearing less clothing than normal, talk to you about her hottest sexual experience while jerking you off, dance with another guy while you watch, chat with another guy online, or pretend she is having sex with her favorite movie crush during sex.

The possibilities are endless. The point of telling your partner your fantasies is getting her aligned with your needs and helping her adjust to better please you. While roleplaying, she may discover she becomes curious about this lifestyle as well, but you never get there until you start.

Is It Cheating?

Another concept that keeps people from living their dreams is comparing the lifestyle to cheating. This could not be further from reality, as they stand two polar ends apart. Being in a slutwife style relationship is all about love, trust, openness, maturity, experimentation, adventure, desire, respect, boundaries, happiness, and putting your partner’s needs above your own at times.

Cheating is lying, deception, disrespect, manipulation, lack of trust, and only caring about yourself. While cheating could be an exciting aspect of a slutwife lifestyle we will cover later, it is not the foundation of a relationship. There is only one thing in common that cheating and hotwifing have in common, sleeping with other men, and that is it. Everything else is as different as it can get.

Anyone who claims the two terms are the same is simply brainwashed by a bullshit concept of society’s monogamous relationship fantasy and does not understand that a real relationship goes beyond who a person sleeps with.

She Will Think I Don’t Love Her

This fear comes up both during the asking your partner phase and during the going through with it phase. People assume that asking your partner to sleep with other people will make them think you don’t love them. I want you to rethink this bullshit concept.

If your partner truly questions your love, ask them, “Why would I share such a deep secret of mine with you if I did not love and trust you completely? Why would I want to experience something like this with you if I did not love you and trust you? You can then proceed to clarify that your love for her is so strong and your trust is so deep that you feel free to share your most intimate secret and know that if she would go through with it, your love for her can only be enhanced by knowing she had a sexual experience she enjoyed and still came back to you for true love.

What If She Falls in Love

This is another concept that gets in the way of people living their dreams. What if she falls in love. The assumption here must be that the only people that have sex are in love, or that people that have sex stay in love forever. That is obviously bullshit. But let’s think this out for a minute because it is natural for two human beings that have a pleasurable experience together to have a form of “feeling” for each other.

Hotwife's Men - 8 Reasons Why Cuck Wannabes Cannot Become Cuckold
Hotwife’s Men

This “feeling” can be compared to puppy love middle schoolers feel for a different kid every month. This type of feeling is possible and often leads to an amazing hotwife experience. But here is a question for you, so what? Is love limited? Do you love your mother but not your father? Also, do you only love one child but stopped loving when you had another? Do you only love one brother? Most people will experience love for different people throughout their lives, without taking away the love from another.

The “puppy love” a person may experience can be an infatuation with the excitement of something different and new and not the deep love for the person themselves. This puppy love is easily replaceable over time with something else new and exciting, unlike the deep love a husband and wife in a good relationship develop, or a mother and child development which goes on forever.

The key takeaway I want you to get from all this is that even if she fell in love with another man, which is highly unlikely, it will not be an issue. Love is not limited. If she loves you the way you love her, your place in her life is set forever, loving another man does not take away from your love, it enhances it due to the fact that she is sharing an intimate experience with you and is loving you all throughout it. In a solid hotwife relationship, she may experience feelings for different men that will come and go, but you will be the only one with a truly deep love that she was able to share it all with.

The Other Man Is Better

This concept is a fear of jealousy upon realizing that the wife is experiencing something better than what you provide. This could be, the guy has a bigger dick, is more handsome, muscular, can fuck all night, makes her laugh more, better dancer, has more money, etc. Could this happen? Of Course.

Odds are, that there is a guy out there who is better than you for any given area. Unless you are Jeff Bezos, chances are there is someone richer. Or unless you are Mandingo, some guy out there has a bigger dick. Unless you are Ronnie Coleman, someone is more muscular. Or unless you are Brad Pitt, someone out there is more handsome. Thinking your wife should not date guys that are better than you at something is absurd and greedy. You want your wife to experience the best in each man and still come back to you.

Unless you are one of the above-mentioned men, she did not marry you for that characteristic, so you will be fine. The best part is all these guys that are better than you will likely be looking to fuck your wife when they realize she is a slut. Your wife will be intrigued and she will likely want to experience them as well. It is your job to overcome your jealousy and let her enjoy the experience. When she comes back to you after experiencing all that, you will realize she still loves you and it goes beyond certain traits that other men are better at.

What If She Got Addicted?

Addiction of any kind is bad, mainly because the term would mean she has no control and can’t stop. The concept that she will become addicted and lose all control because she is a slutwife is absurd. Has she never had sex before or something? Or has she never seen porn? Has she never seen a big cock? Or has she never loved another man? Has she never had an orgasm? Why would she lose all control all of a sudden?

If she begins living out the lifestyle, chances are she will get to experience sex in many different ways that she will enjoy. But that does not mean she is going to throw everything else in her life away. While there is such a thing as sexual addiction, the important thing is that she can keep her life balanced and under control, and that is where the husband comes in.

Hotwife Addiction is not Sex Addiction - 8 Reasons Why Cuck Wannabes Cannot Become Cuckold
Hotwife Addiction is not Sex Addiction

Ultimately, a good husband should want his wife to live her sexual life with so much pleasure that she borders on being a sex addict, but maintains her life under control as any other woman does. Women are often far better at keeping things under control than men, so the odds of losing control are slim. A couple can always plan on dialing back on sexual activity for some time to bring things back to normality if things ever went too far. Fear of addiction is a bullshit excuse not to try it.

What if Someone Finds Out

Fear of someone finding out is one of the most common barriers to overcome by both the wife and husband. Who is this someone? It could be anyone. From parents, children, friends, coworkers, etc., there is usually a fear of someone possibly finding out about the lifestyle and living life outside of society’s normal expectations.

There are many precautions that can be taken to keep things as secret as possible, like doing things while on vacation in another land, or hooking up with people from another city, we will talk more about those options in a later post. The important thing to cover today is the possibility of someone finding out. So what? While it may not be expected, it is far from being a crime when a couple lives the slutwife lifestyle.

It is actually become much more acceptable nowadays and will continue to become more mainstream with time. If someone you know did find out and asked about it, there is no obligation to explain yourself. However, it is best to approach the situation calmly and say that it is a fun sexual adventure you both agreed to explore and that it has been very rewarding. That should clear up any concern for cheating or something being wrong in the relationship. Most people outside of the close family would likely never mention it to you even if they knew for fear of causing drama.

These are the 8 Reasons Why Cuck Wannabes Cannot Become Cuckold and not live their dream lifestyle. Recognize them, overcome them, and start living your dreams.

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