How to use her friends to make your Wife a Hotwife?

How to use her friends to make your wife a Hotwife? Reasoning and the ways of using her slutty friends in your cuckolding adventure.

How to use her friends to make your wife a hotwife
How to use her friends to make your wife a hotwife?

If you really want your wife to dress and act like a slut, then there is one key factor that can be used to help her become the slut you want her to be.

Her friends.

A common phrase says that the 5 people who are closest to you determine your success. So think about it, if success is your wife becoming a slut, who do you think she needs to hang out with? People from church? From school? Of course not. Her friends need to be sluts as well.

We, and especially women, are creatures of habits, and trends, and want to fit into the norm. If she is constantly surrounded by slutty dressed girls, her subconscious will play a part in helping her dress sluttier to compete.

Only Slutty Friends

So how can you help? First off, dissuade her from hanging out with non-slutty women. Keep her away from the women from church that dress more conservatively. Also, keep her away from school functions. Keep her away from professional settings.

Take her out to clubs, bars, the beach, and strip clubs. Take her out to places where girls wearing slutty or little clothing is normal. Have her make friends there. Encourage her to seek out her new sluttier friends and spend more time with her in those same places.

Only Revealing Clothes

Next, tell her how bad she looks in non-revealing clothing (I know) and tells her how awesome she looks in her more revealing clothing. Don’t tell her it’s revealing, just tell her she looks beautiful and amazing. Encourage her to wear that out when going out with her friends.

Over a short period of time, dressing slutty with her friends will become normal for her. She will get used to being stared at, hit on, and lusted after consistently. Never tell her anything is wrong with it. Let her know that it is normal, and natural and that it is ok for her to be sexy, flirt, and have fun. It will be her new normal state.

The best part is, that every time a girl in the group dresses or acts sluttier in that environment, she will be pushing the limits of normal for the whole group further into a sluttier state.

In an ideal situation, aim for your wife’s 5 closest friends to be a stripper, an escort, a porn actress, a prostitute, and a lingerie model. She will not only think it is normal to dress sluttier, but she will see how much money slutty women can make. She will pick up on their slutty tendencies subconsciously.

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