Definition – What does Cuckquean mean?

Definition – What does Cuckquean mean? What is a Cuckqueanary fetish? What is the difference between cuckquean with Hotwife and Cuckold?

Definition - What does Cuckquean mean
Definition – What does Cuckquean mean

Definition – What does Cuckquean mean?

A cuckquean is the wife of an adulterous (unfaithful) husband (or partner for unmarried companions), and the gender-opposite of a Cuckold. In evolutionary biology, the term is also applied to females who are investing parental effort in offspring that are not genetically their own. Similar prying within a family is called wittoldry.

What is a Cuckqueanary fetish?

A cuckquean fetishist is aware of her partner’s activity, sometimes actively encouraging it, and derives sexual pleasure from it. Among some fetishists, the cuckquean’s Humiliation or victimization is a major element of paraphilia.

In the fetish cuckqueaning subculture, the male takes on the role of being sexually dominant, while the female takes on a submissive role. The wife usually only becomes involved with the man or his lover when he permits it—sometimes remaining altogether celibate.

Cuckqueanary and Cuckolding

Cuckqueanry (and cuckolding) is commonly depicted as a heteronormative sexual fantasy and/or activity played out between a husband and wife but can involve any number of gender and sexual orientations. When the fetish is simply androphilic or heterosexual, the wife has sex only with her husband; when it is bi-sexual, the wife has sex with both her husband and the other woman, or exclusively only with the other woman.

The fetish specifics can range wildly. Sometimes the husband and his lovers can treat the cuckquean lovingly; sometimes it involves nothing but Swinging, swapping husbands, or sharing a lover. But when it goes beyond this, the fetish can require that the cuckquean be humiliated or debased.

Sometimes this may be accidental or incidental (e.g., the parties involved are too aroused to stop). However, at other times the humiliation may be intentional, and the husband and his lovers act out a story or perform a ritual. These may include forcing the cuckquean to perform humiliating acts or entering into circumstances that debase her.

Lehmiller (2020) differentiates between fantasies about watching your partner have sex with someone else as voyeuristic cuckolding and fantasies about having sex with someone else while your partner watches as exhibitionistic cuckolding, with women more likely to fantasize about exhibitionistic cuckolding than to fantasize about voyeuristic cuckolding.

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