18 Moderate Cuckold Humiliation Ideas for Hotwives

Moderate Cuckold Humiliation Ideas for Hotwives is an article of medium but naughty Erotic Verbal Humiliation, teasing, and Sexual Denial types of humiliation for your Cuckold partner.

Moderate Cuckold Humiliation Ideas for Hotwives
Moderate Cuckold Humiliation Ideas for Hotwives

A few things to keep in mind before I dig into the various ways you can humiliate your cuckold:

  • These aren’t one size fits all – It’s best to discuss cuckold humiliation as a couple. Don’t surprise him. He’ll likely be on board with some of the ideas and find others abhorrent. It’s also possible that you’ll both warm up to the more extreme ideas as you gain experience with humiliation.
  • You don’t have to be cuckolding him – It’s possible to enjoy some of these ideas without actually sleeping with other guys. Some work as-is and others can be adjusted.
  • Aftercare is important – Please refer to Aftercare in BDSM and Cuckolding to read about aftercare and its importance in ensuring that humiliating your husband doesn’t damage him or your marriage.

1. Make Him Wear Panties

One day, when your cuckold is in the shower, pick a pair of panties for him to wear and leave them on the bed (or somewhere else he’ll see them) along with a simple note. “I’d like to see you in these,” or something similar. This works particularly well with a chastity device.

If you want to deepen the humiliation, you can explain exactly why you want him wearing panties. You can be as harsh as you think he can take. “Since you don’t have a real man’s cock, yours should be in a pair of pretty pink lace panties, don’t you think?” He’ll burn with humiliation and be overcome with lust.

2. Go Panty Shopping for Your Husband

Once he’s wearing panties, you can increase the humiliation by taking him on a shopping trip to buy a pair of his own. Victoria’s Secret is the easiest place. If he’s okay with public humiliation, make sure to comment about how good a sexy pair of panties would look on him. The sales girls will almost always go along with it too, so you can ask them to help you pick out a pair of panties for your husband.

3. Put His Cock in Chastity

For a man to lose control over his cock and his orgasms can be deeply humiliating. Buy a chastity device, lock his cock inside it, and keep the key on a chain around your neck. He’ll be constantly reminded that you have control over his orgasms, that you’re in charge, and that he needs to be a good boy if he wants a release.

If you’d like to increase the humiliation, you can constantly remind him why he’s locked up in the first place. “Your cock is too small to pleasure me, so I’ve locked it up,” is a good place to start. “If your cock can’t please me, then why should you be able to please yourself?” is another good one.

Please check out How to Have Fun with your Chastised Cuckold? to add a little extra flavor to your chastity device play.

4. Do Things with Your Lover You Won’t Do with Hubby

Believe it or not, this tends to happen organically. When you’re with a man that rocks your world in ways you haven’t experienced in years, you tend to want to go the extra mile to please him.

There are lots of options for this. If you never give your husband blowjobs, then go wild with your lover. A shocking number of hotwives have their first anal experience with a lover.

Whatever you do, the important thing is to make it clear to your husband that you’re doing it. It’s especially effective if it’s something your cuckold has always wanted. If he’s bugged you about anal sex for years, make sure you emphasize that you’re giving your lover your ass because he’s better in bed.

5. Share Pregnancy Fantasies with Him

Another man getting you pregnant is the ultimate cuckold humiliation, and while I don’t endorse actually going all the way and letting someone else knock you up (unless your husband can’t get you pregnant, in which case you could talk about it), there’s no harm in sharing pregnancy fantasies with him.

You might find that this arouses both of you, but even if it’s just a delightful humiliation for him, it’s worth doing. It’s most effective if you’re both naked and fooling around. Take hold of his cock and stroke him gently as you kiss his neck and whisper into his ear. Feel free to be as bold as you want.

“I went off the pill, honey, and you won’t be cumming in me anymore. I want to make sure he gets me pregnant.”
“I’m going to have another man’s baby.”
“Soon, my belly is going to be swollen with his seed, honey. He’s going to get me pregnant. He’s going to knock up your wife.”

6. Make Your Husband Watch without Being Able to Masturbate

If your husband is like most cuckolds, he desperately wants to watch you get fucked and he really wants to jerk off while another man’s cock is filling you. Deny him that pleasure. Let him watch, but forbid him from masturbating. If he can’t be trusted, then lock his cock in a chastity device.

Even better, tie him to a chair with a really good view of the sex. His hands will be bound and he’ll be insanely aroused but completely unable to do anything about it. To make it extra painful, get him hard after you tie him up and then leave him to join your lover in bed and have mind-blowing sex while your cuck watches.

7. Let Your Husband Listen on the Phone While You Fuck Your Lover

Go to a hotel room or your lover’s place and call your husband. Put the phone on speaker and mute him so he can listen without you hearing anything from his end. Then, enjoy an evening of pleasure with another man’s cock inside you.

You can choose to act as if your cuckold isn’t there, or you can play it up a little. The latter is the more humiliating choice. Moan a little louder. Go down on your lover a little more vigorously.

If it works for you, add in verbal play like “Your cock is so much bigger than my husband’s” or “Your cock feels so much better than my husband’s.” A little something like “I missed this cock baby. I need it inside me so badly,” is a good way to remind your cuckold why you’re with another man and he’s at home.

8. Make Your Husband Thank Your Lover for Fucking You

It can be remarkably humiliating for a cuckold husband to thank another man for fucking his wife. This is especially true if he’s made to explain exactly why he’s so grateful that another man has taken his place in the bedroom.

In most cuckold relationships, the wife is with another man because her husband can’t quite give her everything she needs sexually. If that’s the case in your relationship, then your cuckold will experience deep humiliation when he thanks your lover for giving you what he’s been unable to provide. This one is a little dangerous though, so be sure your husband can handle it before you require it of him.

9. Make Your Husband Beg Your Lover to Fuck You

Your cuckold husband will be enormously turned on whenever you’re with your lover. If he’s allowed to watch you fool around and enjoy sensual foreplay, this will be doubly true. You can use that to humiliate him. At that moment right before your lover’s cock penetrates you, make your husband beg him to fuck you.

When he gets turned on like that, the one thing in the world your husband wants is to see you have sex with another man. Make him give voice to that. Make him beg another man to fuck you. Make him do it exactly as you want. Make him repeat himself over and over. Make him say that he wants another man to fuck his wife because he’s inadequate when it comes to sex.

10. Make Your Husband Do Errands for Your Lover

Invite your lover over to fuck you, but instead of letting your husband watch, make him leave the house to do errands for your lover. If he needs his car washed, your cuckold can do it while the two of you are having sex. If he needs his dry cleaning picked up, that’s perfect. The more menial the task, the more humiliating it will be.

To add a little extra humiliation, invite your cuckold into the bedroom after you and your lover have fucked. He should walk through the door to see the two of you naked and cuddled together. In that moment, when you would typically reward him with an orgasm or the chance to lick your pussy, send him out on another errand and let him know that while he’s gone, you’ll be fucking your lover again.

11. Go on a Romantic Vacation with Your Lover

A romantic vacation would typically be reserved for you and your husband, which is precisely why going on one with your lover will be humiliating for your cuckold. I wouldn’t recommend this unless you really like your lover and can spend time with him doing something other than having sex.

Start with a weekend away. Pick a hotel that’s known for romance (a boutique hotel is always a good choice) and pack lots of lingerie and sexy clothes, making it clear to your cuckold that you’re going to spending a lot of time fucking someone else while you’re away. You can even have hubby help you pack.

While you’re there, treat it like any other vacation. Enjoy the romance and the great sex. Enjoy a new experience with a man you’re hopefully enamored with, at least sexually. If you want to increase the humiliation, be in constant contact with your cuckold. Send him texts about the great sex you just had or call him and let him listen while you fuck. You can even send him pictures of the fun you’re having.

12. Swallow Your Lover’s Cum, Not Your Husband’s

Guys love it when you swallow their cum. You can make that work for you as a naughty way to humiliate your husband. It can be as simple as swallowing your lover’s cum while your husband watches. If you happen to swallow your husband’s cum, you can inform him that you’ll no longer be doing so and that only your lover gets the pleasure of cumming in your mouth.

Perhaps you find the whole thing disgusting (you wouldn’t be alone). If that’s the case, you can still do it every once in a while just to arouse your lover and humiliate your husband. If you’ve never swallowed your cuckold’s cum, just imagine what he’ll feel when you let another man cum in your mouth so you can swallow it.

13. Spend Valentine’s Day with Your Lover

Valentine’s Day is for couples and you’d normally spend it with your husband. For a dose of cuckold humiliation, consider spending it with your lover. There’s a lot of room to have fun with this scenario.

Before V-Day, go lingerie shopping with your husband and pick out something you’re going to wear for your lover. Inform your husband that the man that makes you cum is the one that deserves to spend the year’s most romantic holiday with you. You can invite your lover to your house and make your cuckold serve you both (refill your champagne glasses, bring you chocolate, etc).

You could also go on a romantic dinner date with your lover and check in to a hotel for the evening, leaving your cuckold to stay home and imagine what you’re doing. Upending what is traditionally a holiday for couples and turning it into a holiday for you and your lover is rife with humiliating possibilities for your cuck.

14. Make Your Cuckold Find a Lover for You

It’s easier than ever to go online and find a man to fuck, which means your cuckold can do it for you. The entire experience will be blissfully humiliating. You can tell him what you’re looking for or let him make the choice. Either way, he’ll have to spend hours, maybe days, considering what kind of man would be suitable to fuck his wife and to make her cum far better than he’s ever been able to.

When he talks to the guys, have him make it clear that he’s looking for someone to fuck his wife because he’s inadequate in bed. It will make every interaction with your potential lovers humiliating. You’ll have to make sure he’s not picking a crazy person, but by the time the search is over you’ll have a new man to fuck and your cuckold will be suitably humiliated.

15. Make Your Cuckold Admit That He Has an Inadequate Cock

Take your husband to the bedroom and have him strip. Get naked with him (or wear lingerie) and turn him on. Have him lie on his back while you kiss him, grind on him, and generally drive him wild with desire.

When he’s reached a place of wild desire, press your body next to his and take his cock in your hand. Gently run your fingers around the head and feel him shudder with pleasure next to you. The goal here is to get your husband to a place where he readily admits that his cock simply isn’t good enough to satisfy you (even if that’s not entirely true).

You’re free to take whatever approach works best for you. A soft, slow, sensual approach is what I’d recommend, though. Nibble his ear lobe while you slowly stroke his cock and whisper, “Don’t you think I deserve something bigger and better than your cock?”

You can tell him about a former lover that had the size you crave. It might take a while for him to come around, but soon he’ll eagerly admit that his dick just isn’t good enough for you.

16. Do a Cock Comparison

This only works if there’s a significant size difference between your cuckold and your lover (which is not always the case). If that size difference exists, this is an exceptionally effective form of humiliation.

Get your lover hard through your preferred means (kissing, handjob, oral sex, etc). Make your cuckold watch and masturbate, though he must not cum. Once they’re both erect, have them stand close enough that the comparison is obvious.

It works best if you let both cocks rest in the palm of your hands. If you can stand being on your knees between the two of them, that will be most effective. That way, your cuckold will be forced to look down at you and your lover’s cock as you both show and tell him exactly why he has no business fucking you.

The verbal component is important here. You need to tell him exactly why his cock doesn’t get to fuck you. Don’t just show it. Talk about it. Ask your cuckold questions, too, and make him answer. “Do you understand why your cock doesn’t belong inside me, cuckold?” is a good example.

It’s also worth doing this from your knees because you can make your cuckold watch as you offer your lover oral pleasure. Take him into your mouth and run your tongue over the head of his cock. Ask your cuckold if he’s jealous. Tell him that only a man with a nice big cock deserves the pleasure of your mouth.

17. Make Your Cuckold Watch from Outside the House

The idea is fairly simple and straightforward: You send your husband out of the house while you enjoy your lover’s big cock and you give him permission to watch through the window.

This idea works on multiple levels. First, you’re denying him the pleasure of watching in person, which he no doubt enjoys. Second, you’re making him hide outside the house like a pervy voyeur and he will no doubt have to hope he doesn’t get caught, especially if he’s going to masturbate as he watches (which you should encourage him to do).

If you want to make this naughty idea even more fun, plan to do it with a man that doesn’t know you cuckold your husband. It’s even better if it’s a friend of his. Send your cuckold out in a way where his friend would expect him to be gone for quite a while. Then, use your seductive charms to convince that friend to fuck you, all while your cuckold watches from outside the house like the pervy voyeur he is.

18. Make Your Cuckold Massage You and Your Lover

Your cuckold almost certainly enjoys giving you massages (and if he doesn’t, you really should train him to do so; it’s wonderful). He probably wouldn’t enjoy giving your bull a massage, though. He’d probably find it quite humiliating, in fact.

Try a simple scenario to start out. Have your cuckold sit on the floor as you and your lover enjoy a movie. Make the cuckold massage your feet. He can start with yours, but he’ll have to rub your lover’s feet too.

If you want to make it a little more humiliating, start to make out with your lover as your cuckold is massaging you. Make it seem like his foot rub has enticed you into showing your sexual desire for the other man in your life.

If you want to graduate from different kinds of massage, go ahead. Turn your cuckold into your personal masseuse if you want. He could give you both back rubs and then watch as you fuck.


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