17 Mild Cuckold Humiliation Ideas for Hotwives

Mild Cuckold Humiliation Ideas for Hotwives is an article of soft but naughty Erotic Verbal Humiliation, teasing, and Sexual Denial types of humiliation for your Cuckold partner.

Mild Cuckold Humiliation Ideas for Hotwives
Mild Cuckold Humiliation Ideas for Hotwives

A few things to keep in mind before I dig into the various ways you can humiliate your cuckold:

  • These aren’t one size fits all – It’s best to discuss cuckold humiliation as a couple. Don’t surprise him. He’ll likely be on board with some of the ideas and find others abhorrent. It’s also possible that you’ll both warm up to the more extreme ideas as you gain experience with humiliation.
  • You don’t have to be cuckolding him – It’s possible to enjoy some of these ideas without actually sleeping with other guys. Some work as-is and others can be adjusted.
  • Aftercare is important – Please refer to Aftercare in BDSM and Cuckolding to read about aftercare and its importance in ensuring that humiliating your husband doesn’t damage him or your marriage.

1. Go Lingerie Shopping for Your Lover

It’s such a simple thing, but bringing your husband along while you buy lingerie for another man is a perfect way to humiliate him. It’s a thrilling experience for a cuckold to watch his wife try on the sexiest underwear imaginable knowing that she’s doing it to arouse someone else.

Be sure to work in plenty of verbal play along the way. Ask him “Do you think this will turn him on?” while you hold up a sexy red lace bodysuit. Confidently say “I think he’d love fucking me in this,” when you step out of the dressing room. If a dose of public humiliation works for both of you, say it loud enough for a sales girl or another customer to hear. Your cuckold’s face will burn with humiliation and his cock will throb with desire.

2. Flirt Openly While Your Husband Watches

This is the easiest to do at a bar or lounge. Have your husband find a seat across the room and eagerly flirt with other guys while he watches. It’s even better if there’s music, as you can dance with the guys you like best. If things get a little bit intimate – touching and kissing, etc – then that’s even better. Your cuckold will sit in the corner and watch as you enjoy the attention of other men.

If you dance with a guy or have a make out session, text your husband afterwards and let him know that you could feel the guy’s big cock pressing into you. Tell him you couldn’t help but think about having it inside you and how it would feel so good to finally have a big cock fill your pussy. He’ll love that.

3. Tell Your Husband His Cock Isn’t Big Enough

For most women, size matters to a degree. Generally, a bigger cock feels better than a small cock. For the purposes of this exercise, you want to play that up. If you want to humiliate your husband, tell him that his cock simply isn’t big enough to make you cum like you desire. Tell him that he just doesn’t measure up. A few suggestions:

“Your cock just isn’t big enough, baby.”
“I need a bigger man.”
“I cum harder on a big cock than I do on your little cuckold dick.”

You know your husband best, so feel free to keep the harshness to a level you know he can handle. It’s always best to start on the mild side and work your way up. You don’t want to break the man, after all.

4. Tease and Denial with Verbal Humiliation

Hopefully, you’ve embraced your power as the wife of a cuckold husband and taken some form of control over his orgasms. With any luck, tease and denial have already become part of your sex life. It’s thrilling to get your cuck all worked up and desperate for release before denying him the pleasure he craves. There’s even a bit of humiliation at that moment when he submits to you and puts his cock back into his pants without cumming.

You can make tease and denial play even more humiliating by adding in a verbal component. Ask him “Do you deserve to cum?” and inform him that he absolutely doesn’t, because his cock is worthless and can’t make you cum. If you’re denying him access to your pussy, bring it up. “Does your little cock miss my pussy, cuckold?” is a wonderfully effective way to remind him that he’s not allowed to fuck you because your lover does a much better job.

When you’ve made it clear he won’t be cumming, throw in a healthy dose of verbal humiliation. Try “You’re not going to cum today because this pathetic cock hasn’t made me cum in years.” Or “You don’t deserve an orgasm, cuckold. Only a cock that can make a woman cum deserves an orgasm and your dick certainly isn’t capable of getting me off.”

5. Fuck in the Backseat of the Car as Your Cuckold Drives

Have your cuckold drive you around town as you fool around in the backseat. It’s better if he doesn’t know what’s going to happen. Give him a destination that’s far enough away to offer ample time for sex. Wear a skirt to make it easier and then get down to business. Start with kissing and feel free to get a little louder than usual about it. Your cuckold will be stiff with desire soon enough.

Go down on your lover in the backseat. Make it a louder blowjob than usual to ensure that your husband knows exactly what’s going on back there. Then, climb on top of that big cock and sink your pussy down on it. Take your lover for a ride until you both (hopefully) climax.

Thank him for a particularly good fuck, all while your husband is driving the car. Given how turned on your cuckold will be, it’s wise to be mindful of his driving. If it seems like he’s not concentrating on the road, remind him of his responsibility to keep you safe while you’re enjoying your lover’s cock in the backseat.

6. Deny Your Cuckold the Pleasure of Watching

This only works if your husband is accustomed to being able to watch you have sex with your lover. If that’s the case, it can be helpful to mix it up every now and then by denying him the pleasure of it. It’s particularly effective to do it right as he’s walking into the bedroom to take his usual place. Simply stop him in the doorway and inform him that he won’t be watching tonight. Then shut the door before he has a chance to argue.

If you’d like to make it a little more painful, you can emphasize the fact that you want to be alone with your lover because you crave something a little more romantic. If you typically fuck, you’re going to make love with just the two of you in the room. You’ll know best if such a thing would be a humiliating delight for your cuckold.

7. Make Your Husband Sleep in the Guest Room While Your Lover is in the Master Bedroom

If you don’t have a second bedroom, the living room couch will work just fine. The idea is that your lover, the sexually superior man, is kicking your husband out of his place in the master bedroom, at least for one night.

It works best if you don’t tell your husband until after you’ve fucked your lover in the marital bed. In your post-orgasmic bliss, tell your cuckold that your lover will be spending the night.

Inform your husband that he is to spend the night in the guest bedroom, alone. If you want to make it a little more humiliating, have noisy sex in the middle of the night to remind your hubby of his place. You can do so again in the morning, too.

8. Wear Your Bridal Lingerie for Your Lover

If you still have the lingerie you wore on your wedding night and/or your honeymoon, wear it for your lover. Inform your husband that you’ll be doing so. It’s a simple, subtle thing, but it can be humiliating to associate the lingerie you wore on the first night of your marriage with another man’s cock entering you.

This works especially well if it’s the classic all-white bridal lingerie and if you only wore it on your wedding night. You can also replace your bridal lingerie with someone else precious and personal to your marriage. You could wear your husband’s favorite dress on a date with your lover, his favorite shirt, etc. You could wear the jewelry he gave you for a big anniversary. All of it can be an effective way of humiliating your cuckold.

9. Take Control of Your Cuckold’s Orgasms

As a cuckold’s wife, you have more power than you know. Exercise that power by demanding control over his orgasms. He’s not allowed to cum unless you give him permission to do so. Merely submitting to your command can be humiliating, as most men wouldn’t readily admit their wives have complete control over their orgasms.

If you’re a little bit imaginative, you can have a great deal of humiliating fun with your cuckold once you control his orgasms. Make him do something embarrassing before he’s allowed to climax. Make him clean the house naked, or suck your sweaty toes, or worship your ass. If he’s turned on enough, he’ll do damn near anything for the pleasure of an orgasm.

10. Dress Up Slutty for Your Lover

The vast majority of guys like it when a woman dresses slutty for them. They don’t necessarily want you to dress like a hooker, but getting dolled up like you’re going to a club for a night of dancing and grinding will drive any guy wild.

You’ve probably long since stopped dressing like that for your husband (if you ever did), so do it for your lover. Do it for the man that inspires wetness between your legs and fucks you to incredible orgasms. Your cuckold will feel the familiar burn of humiliation as you get tarted up to arouse another man.

Even better, take your husband shopping to buy slutty clothes for your lover. Make him pick out tight dresses and short skirts and then try them on for him. Ask him if he thinks your lover would be turned on as you model the clothes for him? Make it clear that he won’t be fucking you in them and that you only dress up like that for real men that know how to fuck you.

11. Subtly Remind Your Husband How Good Your Lover Is

Constant but subtle reminders of how much you enjoy sex with your lover are a simple, beautiful way to humiliate your husband. You’ll need to find a man that really knows how to fuck you, but once you’ve partnered with a guy that rocks your world, all you really need to do is communicate that to your cuckold.

It’s most effective if you do it when your husband isn’t expecting it. He should hear how good your lover is when he’s licking you afterwards or when your lover is inside you (if he’s allowed to watch), but he should also hear it when you’re at the movies, driving to a restaurant, or enjoying a Friday night with pizza and a movie. Whispering into his ear about your lover’s bigger cock or how hard another man made you cum is a perfect way to lightly humiliate your cuckold husband while also arousing him beyond his wildest dreams.

12. Tell Your Cuckold How Badly You Want to Be with Your Lover

This will be exceptionally easy if you’ve actually found a guy that fucks you as you deserve. You’ll be thinking about him constantly. You’ll be reliving the last time you had sex with him. To humiliate your cuckold you just need to share those thoughts.

If you get horny, make your cuckold go down on you and tell him you wish your lover was there. “I need his cock inside me so badly, baby,” is the perfect thing to say as your cuckold’s tongue is tending to your clit.

The humiliation comes in part from the fact that your husband has a hard cock between his legs and in that moment you have no interest in having it inside you. You don’t even have to say it; he’ll know it by your insistence that he go down on you instead of fucking you.

If your cuckold is particularly attentive he’ll notice when your mind has drifted off and you’re daydreaming about your lover. If he asks, tell him. “I was thinking about Tyler’s big cock, honey. I think about it all the time. I want it inside me so badly.” Those words will be enough to send a wave of beautiful humiliation through your cuckold.

13. Make Him Admit That You Deserve to Fuck Someone Else

This is most effective when you do it repeatedly. It works especially well if you insist that your husband admit that you deserve to fuck someone else right before he’s about to stick his cock inside you.

Your goal should be to refocus your husband’s attention on your pleasure. He should have to admit, over and over again, that you need someone else to fuck you so that you can achieve the orgasms you desire and deserve. You can make it a ritual that’s tied to his sexual pleasure. Before he’s allowed to orgasm, he must first admit that he’s not capable of pleasing you and that you deserve to fuck someone else.

14. Make Him Beg to be Cuckolded

If you’re reading this, it’s almost guaranteed that your husband wants to be a cuckold. He might feel guilt, shame, and jealousy, but he can’t deny that the notion of you sleeping with other men turns him on. That gives you power, and you should use it to humiliate him.

If he wants you to cuckold him, make him beg for it. Make him fall to his knees, look up at his beautiful wife, and plead with you to sleep with another man. It doesn’t matter how badly he wants it and how much being a cuckold turns him on, when he’s down there asking you to fuck someone else because he’s not good enough, he’ll feel a deep sense of humiliation.

15. Spank Your Cuckold

While spanking isn’t necessarily related to cuckolding, you can easily tie them together. Assuming he’s inadequate in bed, give him a spanking after he fails yet again to give you an orgasm. Take him over your knee and as you’re swatting his ass, remind him that it’s happening because he couldn’t please his wife, because he couldn’t accomplish the most basic of sexual feats.

16. Make Your Cuckold Pay for Your Dates with Your Lover

This act of humiliation is small, simple, and rather effective. It will play with your cuckold’s mind on a primal level. The knowledge that he’s paying for you to go on a date with another man will thrill him.

There are so many ways to do it, too. You could have him hand your lover enough cash to cover the date before you leave. You could have him hand over his credit card and watch as your lover puts it in his wallet.

If you want to be especially humiliating, you could have your cuckold husband take a different table at the restaurant where you and your lover are dining. When the waitress brings the check, simply say, “My husband will take the check,” and point to where your cuckold is sitting. The public humiliation will be so beautiful for him.

17. Go Shopping with Your Lover and Have Your Cuckold Act as Your Valet

A little bit of public humiliation for your cuckold can be exceptionally arousing and going on a shopping trip with your lover is a great way to accomplish that.

Have your cuckold drive you to your destination. Have him carry your bags. Have him pay for everything. You can determine the level of public humiliation you’d like to dole out. For instance, if you really want to humiliate him, make it perfectly clear that you’re deep in lust with your lover as you’re checking out. Then, when the salesperson gives you the total, inform her that your husband will be paying. In that moment, your cuckold will know that the pretty girl behind the register knows some very intimate details of your sex life.

You can go shopping for anything, but it will be more humiliating if you’re shopping for sexy items for you to wear for your lover. Clothing tends to work better for the purposes of this particular humiliation idea because it’s expected that you’re going to come out of the dressing room and model it for your man. In this case, your cuckold will have to witness you modeling it for your lover. Of course, doing a little lingerie shopping is always fun too.


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