15 Advanced Cuckold Humiliation Ideas for Hotwives

Advanced Cuckold Humiliation Ideas for Hotwives is an article of really humiliating Erotic Verbal Humiliation, teasing, and Sexual Denial types of humiliation for your Cuckold partner.

Advanced Cuckold Humiliation Ideas for Hotwives
Advanced Cuckold Humiliation Ideas for Hotwives

A few things to keep in mind before I dig into the various ways you can humiliate your cuckold:

  • These aren’t one size fits all – It’s best to discuss cuckold humiliation as a couple. Don’t surprise him. He’ll likely be on board with some of the ideas and find others abhorrent. It’s also possible that you’ll both warm up to the more extreme ideas as you gain experience with humiliation.
  • You don’t have to be cuckolding him – It’s possible to enjoy some of these ideas without actually sleeping with other guys. Some work as-is and others can be adjusted.
  • Aftercare is important – Please refer to Aftercare in BDSM and Cuckolding to read about aftercare and its importance in ensuring that humiliating your husband doesn’t damage him or your marriage.

1. Have Him Place Your Lover’s Cock Inside You

When you and your lover are ready to fuck, have your cuckold guide his cock inside you. Get into position, and then order the cuck to take hold of your lover’s dick and place it at the entrance to your pussy.

Adding in a “good boy” when he’s completed his task can be very effective. You can have him do it multiple times over the course of a fuck session, too. With every position switch, your cuckold can be called over to place your lover’s cock inside you.

2. Make Him Wear a Condom While Your Lover Gets to Cum Inside You

Your husband is likely accustomed to releasing his cum inside you. Let’s end that. This one is hard to do if you’re not with a lover long term, but if you get to the point where you’re letting another man cum inside you, take that pleasure away from your husband.

It’s hottest to do it right before you’re going to have sex with your cuckold (assuming you still do so). He’s between your legs, his cock is hard and dripping with precum, and just as he’s about to slide into you, pull out a condom and insist that he put it on. Inform him that from now on your lover will be the only man that gets to cum inside you.

Want to make it a little more humiliating? Try these bits of dirty talk:
“Only a man that gives me orgasms gets to cum inside me.”
“Only a real man’s cock gets to cum inside me.”
“It’s his pussy now, honey. Only he gets to cum inside me.”
“I don’t want your cum inside me anymore. I only want his.”

3. Deny Him Access to Your Pussy

Your pussy is a great source of pleasure for your husband, so why not deny him access to it? The very act of forbidding him from fucking you is delightful (especially if you’re getting all the sex you need from someone else), but you can make it so much more humiliating.

If you want to humiliate your cuckold, make it absolutely clear why he’s being denied. Ask him “Why would I let you fuck me when you can’t make me cum?” You could also try, “You don’t deserve to fuck me, cuckold. Your cock isn’t worthy of my pussy. I need a better, bigger man.” Make it clear that he’s not allowed to fuck you because he doesn’t satisfy you and you’ll put him in his place.

4. Tell a Friend about Your Husband’s Inadequate Cock

We’re treading on dangerous ground here, so I certainly don’t recommend it to everyone, but it’s unquestionably humiliating to tell a close friend about your husband’s small cock or his lack of skill in bed. Obviously, your cuckold needs to know you’ve shared this information, but you need to be sure he can handle it and not be completely destroyed by your sharing.

If he can handle that kind of humiliation, consider doing it while he’s in the room. Have him sit and listen as you tell your friend how your husband can’t please you in bed or doesn’t have a big enough cock to fill you as you desire. You can do the same thing with a lover, to be honest, and while it won’t be quite as humiliating, it can be a good place to start.

5. Have Pregnancy Risk Sex, or Fake It

I honestly can’t recommend having genuine pregnancy risk sex (that’s unprotected sex with your lover when you’re not using some form of birth control). To me, the potential consequences far outweigh the pleasure. However, there’s nothing wrong with pretending that you’re doing it. Tell your husband that you’ve gone off the pill (or pulled out the ring) and that you want your lover to get you pregnant.

The other risk here is that it’s hard to know how your husband is going to react. That’s why you should know ahead of time if your cuckold finds pregnancy play arousing while being humiliating, or if it would just make him furious. You don’t want to cross a boundary.

6. Try a Cuckold 69

If you’re not familiar, a cuckold 69 is when your husband is on the bottom, you’re on top of him, and your lover is fucking you from behind. Your cuckold gets an extreme close-up view of another man sliding into your pussy. He gets to witness your lover’s size and your wetness for him. Plus, you can make him lick your clit, lick your lover’s shaft, or suck on his balls if you so choose.

You can play with your husband’s cock if you’d like, but you’re also welcome to leave it alone entirely. It’s a little more frustrating and humiliating for him to be so close to your mouth and hands and to be denied those pleasures. Feel free to concentrate on your pleasure at that moment (and if your husband is licking your clit as you get fucked, it should be quite pleasurable).

7. Make Your Husband Eat His Cum

Many men are aroused by the idea of eating their cum, but only before they’ve had an orgasm. Once they climax, every bit of that desire goes away. You can humiliate your cuckold continually by making him eat his cum every time he has an orgasm.

You don’t need a reason other than he’s a cuckold and you’re his wife and it’s what you want. He might fight you, but eventually he’ll relent. He wants you to fuck other men. He wants you to tease him about it. He wants you to reward him with the chance to lick your pussy. Just make it clear that if he doesn’t consume his cum after every orgasm, he gets none of those things. He’ll be your little cum slut before you know it.

8. Make Your Husband Your Waiter/Servant/Slave for an Evening

Invite your lover over for the evening. Have your husband greet him at the door, take his coat, and offer him a drink. Have dinner together and make your cuckold act as your waiter. Make him see to your every need for the evening like he’s your servant.

It will be most thrilling and humiliating if you extend his service to your sexual play. Have him undress you as your lover watches. Have him prepare your pussy with his tongue. If you’ve delved into bisexual play, have him fluff your lover to get him hard for you. Treat him like a borderline slave and you’ll deepen his humiliation.

9. Give Your Cuckold Cock-Flavored Kisses

Invite your husband to join you on your knees in front of your lover. Make him watch as you give a sensual, sexy blowjob. Show him how much you love sucking your lover’s big cock. Then, pull your mouth off the thick erection and share a long, deep tongue kiss with your cuckold. Ask him “How does his cock taste, cucky?”

This is especially good for couples that have yet to delve into bisexual play (or those that will never cross that boundary). To watch you eagerly devour another man’s cock is humiliating enough, so pulling him to share kisses right after you’ve pulled your mouth off that dick doubles down on those delightful feelings. Do it over and over, and make sure that there’s plenty of dirty talks to go along with it.

10. Have a Friend Spank Him

Spanking can be so much more humiliating for your cuckold if you involve a friend. You can be upfront about it too. Tell your husband that you’ve invited your friend over because you need someone else to understand just how inadequate he is. Then, have him strip to show her his small cock before he bends over her knees and takes a spanking.

You need to make sure your friend is fully on board and understands that what you’re doing isn’t to be discussed outside of your house. There’s no need to completely destroy your husband by inviting a friend that will blab to everyone she knows about your marriage. If you have that trust, and she happens to be kinky, then ask her over to give your cuckold husband’s ass a hard spanking.

11. Make Your Cuckold Masturbate in a Condom Filled with Your Lover’s Cum

First, you get the pleasure of having sex with your lover. Feel free to take your time and make it especially arousing for your cuckold. If he can be trusted to masturbate without cumming, let him do it. This will work better if he’s really turned on by the time you offer him the condom.

After your lover has ejaculated in the condom, carefully pull it off of him and offer it to your husband. Make sure you haven’t informed him of your plans. It will be more humiliating if it’s a surprise.

Inform him that if he wants to orgasm he’ll have to put on the used condom and bathe his cock in your lover’s cum while he masturbates. Chances are good he’ll do it without hesitation.

12. Begin a Regular Cum Feeding Practice

For the purposes of this idea, Cum Feeding is the act of you literally feeding your cuckold a load of semen from your pussy. It specifically involves you sitting on his face and letting the sperm seep out of your body and into his mouth.

It’s obviously very similar to him cleaning a creampie, but this act feels more dominant. This is him submissively lying on his back while you straddle his face and feed him from your pussy. It will have a different mental impact on him, and you want that.

You don’t even have to have a lover to do this. You can feed your cuckold his own loads if you haven’t begun sleeping with anyone yet. Verbal play during the cum feeding can be very helpful. Ask him if it tastes good. Tell him that he’s a good boy for eating semen out of your body. Tell him how much you love feeding him a yummy load.

13. Bring Your Cuckold on Vacation with You and Your Lover

It’s always fun to go on a vacation with your lover, but it’s so much more humiliating for your cuckold if you bring him along. Just think of the possibilities.

You could get a room with two beds and spend the entire vacation in your lover’s bed. You could make your cuckold listen as you have sex while he’s forbidden from masturbating or joining in any way. You could have him join in and make him suck cock, clean your pussy, etc.

You absolutely should have your cuckold serve the both of you. Make him bring your bags to your room. Make him cover all the bills. Make him rub sunscreen on the both of you. It’s vacation, and anything goes. Feel free to treat him like little more than a servant. The humiliation of it will thrill him.

14. Seduce Your Husband’s Boss

There’s some obvious danger with this one that you should consider, especially in modern workplaces. You don’t want to get your husband fired, after all. Still, it can be wonderfully humiliating for him if you seduce his boss, and there are multiple ways to do it.

You could seduce his boss without sharing the knowledge that you’re a hotwife and your husband is a cuckold. You could make him think that he’s fucking a cheating wife. You could tell him that he’s incredible, that he’s so much better than your husband. Then you share it all with your cuckold and he spends the rest of his work days knowing that his boss is well aware of his sexual shortcomings.

You could also seduce his boss and share the reality of your marriage with him. You could tell him that your cuckold husband’s small cock doesn’t satisfy you, that you want a powerful, strong, sexy man to fuck you. You could fuck your husband’s boss over and over and tell him that he doesn’t need to be shy about reminding your cuckold that he’s been fucking his wife.

15. Recreate Your Wedding Night, Only with Your Lover Fucking You

Chances are good that you and your husband got into cuckolding long after you were married. Chances are also good that he’s had a fantasy about a cuckold wedding night at some point in his life. Why not make that fantasy a reality as a chance to humiliate him?

If possible, rent a room at the hotel where you spent your wedding night. If it still fits, put on your wedding dress and the lingerie you wore. Re-enact the part where you and your husband entered the hotel room (perhaps he carried you across the threshold). From that point forward, change everything.

Have your lover waiting in the room. Put your cuckold in his place immediately. Inform him that the first person to fuck your married pussy is going to be your lover because your husband’s cock is too small to satisfy you (or any reason you prefer).

From there you can use your imagination. You could make your cuckold sleep on the floor while your lover sleeps in the bed with you. You could make him orally service both of you. You could fuck him with a strapon. The possibilities are endless and they’re all humiliating for your cuckold.


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