19 Extreme Cuckold Humiliation Ideas For Hotwives

19 Extreme Cuckold Humiliation Ideas for Hotwives is an article of maximum humiliating Erotic Verbal Humiliation, teasing, and Sexual Denial types of humiliation for your Cuckold partner.

Extreme Cuckold Humiliation Ideas For Hotwives
Extreme Cuckold Humiliation Ideas For Hotwives

A few things to keep in mind before I dig into the various ways you can humiliate your cuckold:

  • These aren’t one size fits all – It’s best to discuss cuckold humiliation as a couple. Don’t surprise him. He’ll likely be on board with some of the ideas and find others abhorrent. It’s also possible that you’ll both warm up to the more extreme ideas as you gain experience with humiliation.
  • You don’t have to be cuckolding him – It’s possible to enjoy some of these ideas without actually sleeping with other guys. Some work as-is and others can be adjusted.
  • Aftercare is important – Please refer to Aftercare in BDSM and Cuckolding to read about aftercare and its importance in ensuring that humiliating your husband doesn’t damage him or your marriage.

1. Have Him Fluff Your Lover

Want to push your cuckold’s boundaries? Have him suck your lover’s cock to get him nice and hard for your pussy. Have your lover stand and order your cuckold to fall to his knees in front of the superior man. Order him to suck cock, to get that big beautiful dick hard for you.

You can deepen his humiliation with verbal encouragement/taunting:
“You’re such a good cocksucker, cuckold.”
“Do you like being a cocksucker?”
“What a nasty cock slut you are.”

If your lover is comfortable with it, having him join the verbal play can be deeply humiliating for your cuckold. Hearing another man call him a good cocksucker or a slut will put him in his place as a cuckold.

2. Have Him Suck Your Lover’s Balls

There are a couple of fun ways to do this. While you’re going down on your lover, invite your husband to join you and have him suck on those big balls. It might be a little difficult to find enough room for the both of you, but it’s worth it. If you can’t both fit in there, pull your mouth off and have your cuck suck his nuts for a bit.

To increase the humiliation, have him suck your lover’s balls while you’re getting fucked. This is easiest if your lover is sitting in a chair or on the couch and you’re on top. Have him slide his ass forward until his balls are right at the edge and then invite your cuckold to get in there and take those nuts into his mouth.

3. Have Him Rim Your Lover’s Ass

Your lover needs to be extra clean back there (he should shower right before sex, to be honest) but it’s deliciously humiliating to make your cuckold rim his asshole while you’re getting fucked. This is easiest to accomplish during doggystyle with your lover standing while you’re in the bed.

Have your cuckold get on his knees behind your lover. He should have a beautiful view of your pussy being filled. Let him watch for a little while, and then order your cuckold to eat out your lover’s asshole. As an added benefit, your lover will get to enjoy a rimjob while he’s inside you.

4. Strapon Fuck Your Husband

Strapon sex (sometimes referred to as Pegging) isn’t necessarily humiliating. Lots of couples indulge in pegging without any element of humiliation. That’s why I’m calling this a strapon fucking. Let’s think of this as something a little different. You’re savaging his asshole and making him your bitch. You’re taking away a little part of his manhood as you pound him with your strapon cock.

Extra humiliation: Either buy a dildo that’s a close facsimile to your lover’s or buy a make-your-own-dildo kit and make an exact copy of his cock and then fuck your cuckold with it. While you’re doing so, rain verbal humiliation down on him. “Do you like his cock in your ass, cuckold?” Getting fucked by your lover’s dick while you’re wielding it should be sufficiently humiliating for any cuckold.

5. Make Him Clean a Creampie

Once you’ve started having unprotected sex with your lover, it’s worth making your husband Cleanup another man’s cum. Presumably, he’s cumming inside you – why deny yourself that pleasure? – and that alone can be wonderfully humiliating for your cuckold. Take it to the next level and make him clean that creampie.

After your lover has cum inside you, invite your cuckold between your legs. Let him admire another man’s cum as it leaks out of you, and then order him to clean it up. “Clean me, cuckold. Clean his cum out of me.”

Verbal play can significantly increase the humiliation and pleasure your cuck feels. “This is your place, cuckold. Eating another man’s cum out of your wife’s pussy is your place. Now be a good boy and clean me.”

6. Make a Girlfriend Babysit Your Cuckold as You Fuck Your Lover

This is a delightful form of humiliation that requires you to have a friend that’s totally on board. You invite that friend over to babysit your husband while you’re out fucking your lover. It works best if you have a reason. The simplest is that you don’t trust him not to masturbate and your friend is there to ensure he’s a good boy all night long.

If you want to deepen the humiliation, tell your friend to engage with your cuckold. “How does it feel to know that your wife is getting fucked by a bigger, better cock right now, cuckold?” is an effective question that will put him into a place of deep cuckold humiliation, especially if he’s forced to answer. Have your friend make it clear you’ve told her all about how good your lover is in bed and how much better he is than your cuckold husband.

7. Have Your Cuckold Take a Facial from Your Lover

You’ll have to consult with your lover beforehand, but if he’s willing to give your husband a facial it will be deliciously humiliating. As long as you know your cuckold will go along with almost anything, it’s best to keep it a surprise.

Play along as if you’re going to stick to the normal routine (whatever that might be), and then as your lover is getting close to his climax, order your husband to his knees.

It should be as simple as saying, “He’s going to cum on your face.” If he’s a good hubby, he’ll wait to be covered in another man’s spunk. He’ll be anxious, aroused, excited, and humiliated before anything happens. When thick ropes of cum are sprayed across his face, he’ll unquestionably feel the humiliation. If you’re feeling naughty, call him a cum slut or tell him he looks good with another man’s cum on his face.

8. Make Hubby Drink Your Lover’s Cum from a Glass

Whenever your husband consumes your lover’s cum it’s humiliating, but there are so many delicious ways to do it that it’s worth trying them all. In this case, you’ll pour your lover’s cum out of a condom and into a drink and make your husband drink it while you both watch.

After your lover has cum, have your cuckold prepare the drink. A clear liquid works best – Vodka or Gin would be perfect – as he’ll be able to see the semen in the glass before he drinks it.

Hand your husband the condom and watch as he pours it into the drink. Then encourage him to drink it down. “Does his cum taste good, cucky?” is a nice way to humiliate him as he’s consuming another man’s seed.

9. Make Your Cuckold Clean Your Lover’s Cum of Your Engagement Ring

As your lover is about to cum, have him pull out and shoot his cum on your wedding band and engagement ring. Hold your hand on your stomach so he won’t make a massive mess with his cumshot. Once he’s finished, have your cuckold come right over and clean up the cum.

The act of licking another man’s semen off the ring he gave you to propose marriage is a beautiful form of humiliation. It will linger long after he’s done it and you can bring it up over and over again.

10. Find a Bisexual Guy to Fuck Your Husband

For a straight man, the act of being anally penetrated by another guy is deeply humiliating. That’s why you’re going to convince your cuckold to bend over for another man and take it up the ass.

This isn’t something you want to force him into. You need to convince him that he wants it, or at least convince him to submit to it for your pleasure. That should be easy enough to do, honestly. Most straight husbands will freak out at the notion that getting fucked makes them gay, but if he’s doing it for you, it has no impact on his sexuality.

Orgasm denial with lots of teasing is the best way to warm him up to the idea. While you’re slowly stroking his cock, tell him the idea of watching him get fucked turns you on. Tell him how badly you want him to take another man’s dick in his ass. Tell him how badly you want him to submit to cock for you.

This works best if you really are turned on by it. It can be that bisexual play turns you on, that your husband’s submission turns you on, or that you genuinely enjoy humiliating him. When he finally gets fucked, you should be involved. Play with his cock as he’s taking it anally, or let him lick your pussy and give you pleasure. It all works.

11. Make Your Cuckold Clean an Anal Creampie

You need to be extra clean before you do this, but once you are there’s little risk of harm coming to your cuckold when he eats another man’s cum out of your asshole. It’s that extra bit of filthiness that introduces a higher level of humiliation to this behavior.

This works even better if your lover is the only one permitted to have anal sex with you. Have your cuckold watch and remind him of that fact while you’re being taken anally. Then, urge your lover to cum inside you so your cucky can clean it up (also, play with your clit while you’re having anal sex as it will make it even better).

Have your cuckold approach you from behind while you’re on your hands and knees. There likely won’t be much cum to clean up at that point, but there should be plenty of left over moisture from the sex. Have him lick it up. If the creampie is leaking out, have him clean that too. Chances are good you’ll have to sit on his face to effectively lick your lover’s cum from your asshole. That’s even better.

12. Strapon Fuck Your Cuckold as He Blows Your Lover

Have your cuckold get on his hands and knees and take your lover’s cock into his mouth. Tell him, “That’s it, baby, suck his cock. Be a good little cocksucker for me,” while you lube his asshole to be penetrated by your strapon.

Gently push inside him as he continues to suck cock. Make sure you’re using a dildo that will fit inside him with ease. Once you’re inside your cuckold, find a rhythm with your lover and spit roast him properly. You fuck his ass and your lover fucks his mouth.

Want to up the ante? Treat him to verbal humiliation. “You’re such a slut, taking cock from both ends,” is a good place to start. You can have your lover get it on the action too, asking your cuckold if his cock tastes good, etc.

13. Have a Friend Strapon Fuck Him

We’ve talked about how taking a strapon ass fucking can humiliate your cuckold husband, but you can go deeper. Invite a friend over to do it. Humiliate him in front of another woman, and one that’s anally pounding him.

This should include lots of verbal play, so make sure your friend understands how you want to do it. You should have a sense of how much your husband can take and how harsh you want to be with him.

Because your friend will be fucking him (doggystyle, preferably) you can be more intimate with your husband. Look him in the eyes. Kiss him. Ask him, “Does her cock feel good in your ass, cuckold?” Make him answer. Tell her to spank his ass while she’s fucking him. If she’s comfortable with it, have her get verbal too. She could say things like, “Take my cock, cuck. Take my dick up your ass you little slut.” It will all be intensely humiliating.

14. Have Your Cuckold Wear Your Cum Filled Panties

This one works best if you’re having unprotected sex with your lover. Whether your cuckold is watching or not, enjoy the incredible sex you typically have with your lover.

After he cums inside you, quickly put on your panties. It’s best to choose a pair that will do a fairly good job of holding the cum in them as it leaks out of you. If it can also be a pair that your cuckold would find extra humiliating to wear, even better (maybe pink satin with frilly bows).

Wait long enough for most of your lover’s cum to leak out of your pussy and into your panties. Once it has, pull the panties off and hand them to your cuckold. Make him wear them.

The humiliation of wearing your panties will be significantly increased by having to do so while they’re full of your lover’s cum. Make him spend hours with another man’s semen soaking into his balls and resting against his small cock.

As always, a little verbal humiliation can go a long way here:

“How does it feel to have a superior man’s cum in your panties, cuck?”
“Do you like the way his warm cum feels against your worthless cock, honey?”

If you’re feeling extra naughty, make your cuckold reach into your panties and play with his cock like it’s a clit. Make him use your lover’s cum as lube as he rubs the head of his dick. Make him stop before he cums.

15. Make Your Cuckold Completely Satisfy Your Lover

We’re in full bisexual territory here, because you’re going to make your cuckold do all the work of making your lover cum. He’s going to suck cock and he’s going to get fucked. He’s going to be you for an evening. Emphasize that point, too. He’s taking your place in pleasuring your lover. He’s doing it because you can’t.

If you want, you can tell him that you’re on your period and you just don’t want to have sex. You can also just make him do it. Even hearing you demand that he satisfy your bull will be humiliating. Having to actually do it will deepen that feeling.

Help him out by coaching him through it. Tell him how good he looks with your lover’s cock in his mouth. Tell him that he’s being such a good boy by submitting to your desires and giving a gorgeous blowjob. Play with his asshole as he’s giving head and tell him that soon he’s going to get fucked by a real man.

Have your cuckold husband get on his hands and knees. Make him beg for your lover’s cock. Tell him you want to see him get fucked. Tell him you want him to fall in love with your lover’s big dick just like you have.

Have your lover fuck your cuckold until he cums. For an extra dose of humiliation, have your lover wear a condom, and when he’s done peel it off and feed the load to your cuckold. Then, make him thank your lover for fucking him.

16. Send Your Cuckold to Your Lover’s House to Suck Him Off

Take your cuckold’s cocksucking to the next level by sending him to your lover’s house to suck him off without your supervision or encouragement. This works even better if you’re doing it because you’re out of town.

The next time you go on a business trip, confer with your lover beforehand and arrange for him to welcome your cuckold to his home. Then inform your cuckold that he needs to step in for you and see to your lover’s sexual needs by sucking him off in your stead.

This is a wonderful form of bisexual cuckold humiliation. It may take a little convincing, but you’ll get him there eventually. Make sure you emphasize that your cuckold is doing it for you.

Let him know that it would make you exceptionally happy if he were to suck your lover’s cock and swallow his load when you’re not able to. If he does it once, you can make him do it again and again.

17. Feed Him a Load of Your Lover’s Cum from a Condom

Consuming another man’s cum is wonderfully humiliating for a cuckold. It works on a deep, primal level and is a great way of putting him in his place.

You can deepen his humiliation by coming up with a variety of ways to get him to consume your lover’s cum. A simple, exceptionally hot way of doing it is to have your lover cum in a condom and then feed your cuckold that cum.

You can make it more humiliating by making a little production out of it. Dip the tip of the condom in his mouth. Make him suck your juices off of it. Make him beg for the pleasure of eating your lover’s cum.

Then, put the open end in his mouth and lift the cum-filled tip. Make sure the cum slides down the condom slowly. You want your cuckold to have to live with the anticipation for a little while. Finally, make him hold the cum in his mouth before he swallows. Make him show it to you. Then give him the instruction to consume your lover’s load.

18. Make Your Cuckold Consume Your Lover’s Cum in Public

You will need to be subtle about this, but it can be deeply humiliating to make your cuckold consume your lover’s cum in public. He’ll be torn between a deep desire to submit to your naughty request and a desire to hide the fact that he’s a cum eating cuckold. It will be so sexy.

The easiest way to do it is to mix your lover’s cum into a drink. Bars and lounges are usually dark so you’ll likely be able to pour it from a condom and into the drink without anyone noticing.

Then your cuckold is free to enjoy delicious sips of a cum-flavored drink as you all hang out together. Plus, you can offer a little extra humiliation via the manner in which you extract the cum. Make him watch you fuck your lover in the car to collect the cum. Slip into the bathroom as he waits at the bar, knowing full well that his wife is fucking another man.

If you’re in the mood to be a little bolder, you could have your lover cum inside you, let it leak out into your panties, and then make your cuckold lick them clean in public. It’s best not to do something that could get you arrested, but feel free to be as imaginative as you want with this one.

19. Have Your Cuckold Give You Both Post-Workout Rimjobs

Your cuckold almost certainly loves licking asshole. It’s a little humiliating on its own and it makes him feel delightfully submissive. If you want to humiliate him a little more, amp things up by making your cuckold give you and your lover a rimjob right after you finish a workout.

The idea is that your asses will be sweaty and perhaps a little ripe. Make your cuckold clean up all that sweat, and make sure you emphasize that’s why he’s doing it. He’s using his tongue to clean you both up. Eating a sweaty, salty, potentially smelly ass is humiliating, but the fact that you’re just using him is humiliating too.

You can deepen that portion of the humiliation by engaging in a casual conversation with your lover as your cuckold cleans both your asses with his tongue. Also, you can act like he’s not even there. You can also try and make it lusty if you want. If you happen to be aroused by receiving a rimjob, then let your cuckold get you both going and fuck after he’s done.


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